Saturday, April 29, 2006


This is Karma. She looks sweet but Karma can be good or bad! -Maureen M.


Kim said...

Karma is having a lovely, lazy stretch in the sun! She looks like a kitty with her day ahead, on her mind! Very pretty girl!!! I love the questioning eyes!

Morning all! As it turns out, I'll be around for the weekend and leaving on Monday, EARLY!!! So I can chat with you all this weekend!

What a way to start my morning! A sweet cat and a cup of coffee!!! Enjoy your day!

Rose said...

Good morning, friends!
Maureen, Karma seems the thinking-cat's cat. I'm loving her white boots!
Thanks for sharing her with us this kim said, a cup of coffee and a sweet cat-nice start to the day!

Kat1, I so love your site, there's such a familiar warmth eminating from it! That MUST be because of the KATMASTER herself...I'm very serious. I thought about not posting to any site anymore,(felt intimidated) but your site is TOO
FRIENDLY for me to feel that way-It feels like home. (Evidenced by the number of comments posted - closest competition to TDK )
Thank you for keeping us entertained with pretty "moggies" and good company!
Have a Blessed Day, everyone!

Emma's Kat said...

Rose- You better not leave us girl! I love your funny comments and conversation too much! Thanks for the compliments and I'm glad our site has become what it is too! It wouldn't be what it is w/out our Fuzz Pack and kitty lovers from all over!! And it is our site! I just put it together. I love my Fuzz Pack! :)

Emma's Kat said...

Rose, I also believe that the KatMaster has made our site what it is!! BTW, have you taken that tutorial on downloading pictures yet??!!! We have yet to see your furry babies!!

Rose said...

THANK YOU for the kind words! I have the warm-fuzzies now, and Emily's not even in my lap!
YES,YES,YES! Pictures of furbabies! I downloaded some pics of Emily, and within 2 weeks time we're adopting, so a Big Sis-God Will Choose siblng pix also will be sent. David needs to install his Photo program for me, since the freebee's expired...NO,I"M NOT MAKING EXCUSES!! We're almost there, and I'd be the proudest momma to see Emily & Co. on Kat's Cat of the day!!
Love to you and your family, and thanks again!

Rose said...

I meant you're the Katmaster of your site, and the Kittenmaster oversees TDK...sorry for the confusion. Time for my 2nd cuppa!

Emma's Kat said...

I kinda thought that's what you meant after looking over comments again. Anyway! You know we're all looking forward to seeing your babies! And congrats to adopting a new furry member! Can't wait!!

Karen C. said...

What pretty eye you have, Karma! And I love the little white paws! *Yawn* *Stretch* "Hmm...I wonder what trouble I should get into now?" Such a sweety!

Emma's Kat said...

Hey Rose!
No pressure, of course, but if you can get me a pic of Emily by Wednesday, I can fit her in. The kitty I had for next Thursday is really too much of a kitten and I can forward her on to GS and put Emily in!! So get with it! lol...

Kim said...

OK everyone, if you want to see an amazing live action shot, go to kitten picture blog. The picture is awesome. If they took this pic with a digital camera, I want to know how they timed it.

Karma, I love the stripes on her arms. She really is a very pretty cat.

donna said...

Morning everyone! Sorry I'm late. Long run Saturday and all.

Hi Karma! I love the implication...good Karma or bad Karma? Hee hee. Both!

Count me in as a major KCotD fan. I check in all day long :-) I love our friendly conversations. I always get along better with a few people (here and PdJ) than with a lot (TDK).

donna said...

OK. is pretty cute this morning too. That's how I feel many weekend (and weekday!) mornings.

I check Cute Overload every day as well but I never post there. Don't know why...

Kim said...

You're right Donna, that was the cutest little picture and EXACTLY the way I feel some mornings, too!
I don't post there either, but I like the site.

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

Karma looks like she's deciding which way she's going today--Good Karma or Bad Karma.

I just checked Cute Overload, Kitten picture and Jonty. Wow!! I loved the flying pounce--there is a mad game of Pounce Bounce going on right now. I also don't post on many sites other than here, PDJ and TDK. My mother(bless her) is so worried about internet predators, that she even made me get a new e-mail address for my profile!!

By the time I got back to my computer last night, most of y'all Back East had gone to bed, but...

I want to chime in on yesterday's conversation. I, too, feel a real sense of friendship and community here and at PDJ. I still check TDK every day, but my "fellowship time" is spent here. Part of it is our common interest in our fur children, but it is also that we can just "chat" without it always having to be cats!!

KAT--thank you for your willingness to step up and herd this group, and for encouraging(or at least allowing) us to babble on if we need to. I am also proud of all of us for being there for each other. It not only helps the ones being cared and prayed for, but it is good for those of us doing the caring and praying.

Talk about babbling on..LOL..I'll pick up my soapbox now--besides, the race is about to start, and I can't type, watch NASCAR, and knit all at once!!

Karen C. said...

For those of you who had been commenting to Kathleen on TDK about Shadow...did you see that she posted a final comment? Under Vinnie's comment section, #67. I hope she'll come and post on this site soon. I feel so sad for her.

Rose said...

Ooohhh Kat1 - Wednesday?! - I Will
Do My Very Best...need to E-mail & call David a gazillion times so he doesn't forget the software!! He IS Emily's uncle, after all...!
I have to ask if he still has a pic of Theo - Theo was a Bengal and the love of his Aunt Rose's life, until David gave him back to his breeder who ...*ahem!*...did not think me a fit mother! (Humans,
what's a feline to do??) Long story short - a personality conflict between me and the Breeder, and the Breeder was a co-worker of David's, c'est la vie...
I pics aren't digital - I hope they are workable!!

donna said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks. I'm sitting here fighting back tears for someone and a kitty I never knew. Makes me wonder how I'll ever handle when the day comes for any of my 3. (sniff).

It also makes me wonder if I could ever pull off a half-baked idea I've got in the back of my head. Bil and I saw an article about a couple who took in old dogs who had been given up by their owners. Gave them a place to live out the rest of their lives. I thought, could I do that for cats? Provide a place for old cats to live out the rest of their lives instead of in a pound or shelter, or being put down? Could I handle it emotionally? Financially? Would it be fair to our 3 babies? Is there even a need?

Anyway, enough rambling.

Rose said...

Karen C. I just went to read Kathleen's last post and my heart is aching for her...I too hope she comes to Kat's site soon...Prayers and candles for her tonight...

Karen C. said...

I wasn't able to keep the tears from coming - I've already had to steal 3 tissues from my co-worker's desk. Thank goodness hardly anybody's here at work on Saturday to see my face! I love your idea regarding the home for cats, and I know there is a need. I'd like to do it myself when I'm no longer a renter. I found a place like that here in Los Angeles. The kitties had a huge house and a completely enclosed yard - all full of everything kitties love. They were free to roam and play and had a staff to care for them at all times. People could adopt the kitties, but if they weren't adopted, they would just live there for the rest of their lives.

donna said...

Karen, I just reread my post and the way I wrote it, it could be interpreted as being sarcastic. I didn't mean that at all. The "Thanks" was for letting us know that Kathleen had posted again. The rest was just about my response to reading her post.

Luckily, Bil was sitting behind me as the tears started and didn't notice anything :-)

Cheers all!

Kim said...

Jan, your comment said everything so well. I feel the same way.

Donna, your post didn't seem at all sarcastic. And I think your idea of giving kitties that are older and no longer able to be cared for by their families, is a wonderful one. Yes, there is a need for a place like that. I've heard of them throughout the US. They're few and far between. I wish I lived close enough to give you a hand. I would love to do something like that but alas, Alan says no. He says I get too emtional when I have to take Oscar to the Vet! Good luck in whatever you decide.

Kim said...

That should read, "giving them a home".

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Maureen, Karma is so beautiful. That's clever: Karma can be good or bad. She looks like she is pondering just which to be. Look at those beautiful eyes.
Now I must go read about Kathleen on TDK. ML & MBE

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, what Kathleen wrote. My heart goes out to her also. How lucky she and Shadow were to have each other.
I'm sitting here crying and Missy jumped up on the table, rolled over and placed her little paw on my left hand (which was trying to type).
I hope Kathleen posts on KCotD and someday will share a picture of Shadow with us. ML & MBE

casper's mom said...

Looks like Karma is looking for something to eat, she is on the table. Love her white socks. Aren't all cats "good and bad??"

Kim1 Casper sends his love back at you.

I also hope Kathleen comes back either to Katscat or TDK or PDJ We all know the sorrow she bears. Having some kind of pet all my life, I do know the heart ache. Even was upset when my son's rat Herman died.Itoo think that these three sites are full of warmth.

No wonder meowmepurrs I couldn't send you an e-mail. I am also interested in NASCAR and tried to send you an e-mail asking you about your interest. Mom's right, I do understand about being careful about online predators. I vowed that I never would go on a chat room but on these three sites I just couldn't help but chime in with all the rest of you. Everyone is so caring and everyone knows just what it is like with owning any kind of pet.

Ooop's guess I'm the one to go on and on. Oh well, take care and have a great rest of the weekend.

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

CASPER'S MOM--I've reactivated my e-mail, and I promise to check it--this has to be quick because the truck race is about to start. I'm glad the worst was Smoke on his lid--and OK. If you are on Kat's or GS's email list, I am too--mine starts with jf.

Sorry for the gibberish, ladies, Casper's Mom and I have ANOTHER obsession in common.

DONNA--there are "old cat homes" out there, I used to volunteer at one of the oldest. It's called The Last Post, in NY, not too far from the City. It was founded by an old RICH radio personality named Pegeen Fitzgerald. There was a wonderful "Lodge" that started life as a summer cottage, with big screened porches. The cats were divided into "families" depending on needs and compatibility. This was 30 years ago, and they were just starting to figure out FELV, so they were building a second building, for the infected cats.

If you are serious, we need to talk more, because I want to help. You have my real e-mail address, from anything you've gotten from Kat or GS. It's the one that starts jf.

Karen said...

I see Karma has a white chin, in addition to those cute little white paws - does the white extend down her neck too? Such a pretty girl!

Hey - if anyone's going to do anything having to do with helping animals, especially cats, could you count me in? I'm also too emotional (in fact, I'm the biggest crier ever), but it motivates me into action, so I think it's a good thing.

(Donna, I don't think any of your comment sounded sarcastic at all)

momsbusy said...

maureen - karma looks as if she is deciding what she wants to do today. good or bad. she has very defined stripes like a tiger. what a beautiful cat. thanks for sharing her w/ us.

donna - love your idea of a home for cats. i read a newspaper article many years ago about a home somewhere up north. i've always wished i could do something like that too. but alas, i must work for a living. but i wouldn't mind helping someone i knew.

i read kathleens' comments on TDK. i cried too. i read everyone elses comments to her. i cried some more. her loss made me think of all my babies that are waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. our babies may be gone but they will NEVER be forgotten.

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