Sunday, June 04, 2006


This is Geoffrey, who very kindly lets Bluejay run his establishment
for him. He was just a few weeks old when he came home from the Milwaukee County Humane Society. He's about nine now. He has both contemplative and impish moods, as you can see. -Bluejay


Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! And: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE!!

Geoffrey, your color looks so dark and a rich charcoal grey! What a cutie! Is he smiling for the camera in the pic on the right?! :)

Rose - I asked my sponsor Debra a couple of days ago, in fact, and she said he's doing great and the family is thrilled w/him! So great to hear good news on my foster babies! Thanks for asking!

Did the fuzz family get their email this morning? Go check!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Rosie from all my kitties, all ten of them!

Geoffrey is beautiful, love his coloring!

This member of the fuzz family has already responded to her email from you -- kat1!

Have a great day everyone!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Geoffrey is really beautiful. Love the charcoal fur -- it looks sooooo soft. And those huge green eyes. What a pretty face. Is that a little white spot on his chest? Ohhh, you just want to snuggle up to him.

Happy Birthday to Rosie!

LOA said...

hi u hunk of kitty u ar beautiful ar u a Russian Blue ? i love a Blue my aunt had one when i was nine i loved him and So i have a soft spot for a blue he is so cute xoxoxoxo and a squeeze

Kim said...


Good Morning Fuzzies!!!!

Geoffrey so beautfil!!! I had a cat named Arthur who looked just like him. Your kitty brings back so many good memories! Your kitty look so soft and huggable! Does he have the double coat?

Kat, what email?

Kim said...

Oscar is now a proud member of the gorgous gingers! He's listed as Oscars II and is pictured right next to MANNY!

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

I would like to join the rest of the Fuzz Pack in wishing HRH Rosie, The Princess of Fuzzaduzz Many Happy Returns of the Day.::curtsy, do not stick foot through skirt::

Your most humble sisters on this side of the Pond offer 3 cheers for HRH Rosie:

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!!
Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

::humbly back from room without tripping over train::

What email?

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

OOPS--I got so carried away with the Birthday Festivities...

Geoffrey is so lovely- I can't decide whether he is Russian Blue, or an all blue British shorthair. It doesn't matter, he is a beautiful gentleman cat!

I am seriously in the doghouse(or cathouse? No, I don't think so). When Paul went down this morning, Flumpy was sitting by the door from the laundry to the garage, and there was LOUD yelling coming from the garage. BAD MUMMA shut Miss Meowmepurr herownself in the garage overnight. BIG OOPS!! She is one pissied off little cat, but OK. I need to check my car to see if she left me any "presents"!

momsbusy said...

mumma - poor kitty, left out in the cold dark garage. did you get an icy cold stare for your horrid misdeed? has she forgiven you yet?

geoffrey - you are well endowed in the fb dept. rosie will love ooooing over those beauties. what a great birthday gift for her. i am mesmerized by those eyes. what peepers!

momsbusy said...

kat, what email?

casper's mom (Monica) said...

Geoffrey, you are one fine speciman of a very handsome puddy tat. Love your color and expression in picture on my right. Bluejay so nice of Geoffrey to let you run his establishment, I'm very sure you have done a great job.

Hope you have one great day today!!!

casper's mom (Monica) said...

Got your e-mail Kat1. Amazing what has come from this site and PDJ. Sounds good to me. Prayers going up for this project.

LOA said...

Happy happy birthday to Rosy i love birthdays so how old is Rosy i hope u have good birthday

Emma's Kat said...

I guess I should've been more specific about the email. It was the email from Karen about the new NPO site. She didn't have everyone's email addresses, so I forwarded it to those that she didn't. Jan, You should've gotten it from her. And Momsbusy, did you get my forwarded email? Are we skraight, yes skkraight, now??!! OKAY, now for the most important news...Guess I should've put it first! But anyway, here is a JAKE update:

Jake, Danielle says, is in better spirits today. Yesterday, she went and bought him all different kinds of baby food and had to finger feed it to him. Today, she says, he ate very little, but did eat out of his bowl on his own a little. So, sounds like Jake is still not out of the woods yet, but doing better. Danielle says she'll see us tomorrow at the sites.

Emma's Kat said...

ML- I just read your comment below and I am so sorry! Did they actually get into a scuffle!!?? Sounds like Gracie would probably be ok sharing a home, but MBE maybe has been on her own too long. So sorry their meeting didn't go over better! Did MBE see the kittens?

katnippia said...

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Geoffrey, you are a very handsome boy. You and Shamy kinda look alike, except he's a manx.i to love blues, theirs just something about the color.

Danielle- I'm glad to hear that Jake is feeling a lil better.

casper's mom (Monica) said...

Kat1, thank you for the update on Jake. He has been on my mind today. Sure hope he gets much better. Been checking the NASCAR race online as I can't get it since I don't have a dish or cable out here, so I have been checking back here when I check the race.

ML, Goodness, I guess MBE said that isn't Casper and didn't want anything to do with Grace. Sorry about that. If MBE has been on her own for a long time, heck she might even not want Casper around in person, excuse me in body.

Bluejay said...

Happy Birthday, Rosie! And many happy returns, too.

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments. I'm sure Geoffrey appreciates them, although he isn't saying much. But then, he's never over the top about anything. Too catly for that.

To the people who asked - I'm not sure what his breed is. Several people have told me he looks like a Russian Blue, but the Humane Society took him in as a stray so they couldn't say anything about his background. He's affectionate but shy - which is supposed to be typical of Russian Blues. (He isn't much for cuddling, but he's a good lap-sitter and loves to get in bed with his human - especially when he can wake her up at 5:00 on Saturday morning!) He does have a little white spot on his chest - and a big one on his tummy. I'm not sure about the double coat, but his fur is very soft.

I'm glad to hear that Jake is better. I hope he's out of the woods soon.

Mumma, I hope you've been forgiven by now. You probably have - by the kitty anyway. Now you have to get over the bad-mama guilt trip! (I've been there - kitty in the back hall all night.)

I didn't see the e-mail either, but I'd love to. I do want to know about the NPO website.

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

So glad Jake is doing better-baby food works sometimes when nothing else does.

SO SORRY about the Gracie/MBE scuffle. I understand how you feel, ML. If no other home is found for Gracie, a s-l-o-w introduction without kittens might work. I have a dear friend who waited 5 years for her cat to be accepted by her sig. other's cats! They used a screened door between the kitchen and the rest of the house, and shuffled cats (he had 4, she had 1) back and forth.

Now I know what email--yes, I got it and have been to the new blog already.

Yes, I am out of the doghouse with Meepsie-I think Flumpy and Daddy were more upset than she was. I've gotten purrs, kisses, and only a little nibble(she always nibbles when she kisses). However, I just went to check on Flumpy on our bed; he stood up, turned around, and flumped back down with his back to me. ::sigh, what's a Mumma to do?::

I have to get back to the TV-race is on, don't 'cha know!!

Karen C. said...

Geoffrey is such a beautiful color and has an adorable round little face. He looks really soft and I like the little lighter spot on his chest. Two of my black kitties have a few little white furs grouped there too.

Sorry I'm so late getting here to post this, but I was blog-creating till 2AM Pacific time, and then sleeping a lot. Please go to and check out the info posted regarding forming a non-profit to help homeless kitties. We need feedback regarding every step of the process, starting with the name and mission statement. I'd like any ideas you have, please!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE! I'd like to second Mumma's lovely tribute!

Mary Lynn - read the overly long thing I posted in the comment section below, please.

Constant love, prayers and purrrrs to Jake and Danielle.

Karen C. said...

Kat - thanks for the link! I just noticed it. And, thanks for keeping us updated on Jake. I'm glad he has Danielle - she's a very loving kitty mommy.

Karen C. said...

Oscar II - I just saw your handsome photo next to the famous Manny - congratulations!

Karen S. said...

I haven't posted here or the daily kitten for weeks. I used to check out the sites while at work. My workload has increased so that is no longer possible. Trying to catch up on the weekends.

Geoffrey is a very handsome cat!

I will definitely check out the new blog.

Kim said...

Hi Karen, glad you're back!

Claire said...

Geoffrey is a very handsome guy.

riquel said...

I didn't get a chance to look at the pictures over the weekend, Geoffrey is beautiful! He looks blue grey, like my Indigo. He is very pretty.

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