Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is my lovely Princess. The first pic is when I took her in 9 months ago and she was pregnant. She showed up where I work and I just couldn't resist her. Everyone thought I was crazy to bring home another cat when I already had 6! I set up my basement as a 'kitty apartment' and kept her seperated from the others. 5 days after arriving, she gave birth to 4 beautiful babies... 2 girls and 2 boys. I didn't plan on keeping everyone at first, but it turns out I did! After a few months of living on different floors, I introduced everyone and it went amazingly well. Now the whole household lives together rather peacefully. The second pic is what Princess looks like now. My vet thinks she's about 2 yrs. old. She is beautiful and sweet and loving to people, but she doesn't always like her kids anymore! She was an excellent mommy and nursed them for almost 4 months! But now, she'd rather not be cuddling with them, although I do catch her hanging out with them on occasion. By the way, everyone is spayed and neutered and we will not be adding anymore to our large household! I love this site and look forward to checking out everyone's kitties everyday! meow~Jessica >^..^<


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

YAY! I get to be the first! Princess is a beauty. Thank you for taking her in and giving her a home....and you kept the kittens! I have five cats too! I would love to see pictures of the kittens. I'm sure they are as beautiful as Princess. Thank you for sharing!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Wow--just realized that I can't add -- you have 11 cats. Well, you outnumber me! It sounds like your household is fun!

Ha Ha -- 2nd post too LOL

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! I love the white wishbone marking on Princess' face! She is so beautiful! Jessica, You have a housefull! How do you do it!? It's so great you took them all in and sounds like everyone gets along fine! Ahem...we would like to see some more of your kitty family! So...more pictures, please! :)

loa said...

jessica your baby is bautifull i have 7 cat it nothing in the late 80 i we i had 14 lol and all found on the st or they gat dropd of so your littel girl is blest u found he

loa said...


Kim said...

Good Morning Princess! Good Morning Jessica! It's good to meet you both! First, Princess is so beautiful. Her fur looks so SOFT! I can see why you took her in. I really like her coloring too. She's very pretty and a bit different looking. She really is gorgeous! And to echo what Deb said, WOW, 11 cats!!! I hope we'll be seeing more of you and your feline family. Welcome to the Pack!

Good Morning Fuzzy Friends! ML, are you feeling any better? Jake, glad you scarfed down the baby food. It's a start! All fiends and their felines and canines, I hope all is well with you too! Rose, where are you?! Deb, how's the migraine?

Sean comes home TOMORROW!!!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Had to post one more time! Migraine is better, thank you kim!

By the way, just gave Bari a lesson in blogging, she is the lovely lady who has the torti family that needs a home, so look for her to "blog"!

Karen S. said...

Princess is beautiful. You are so lucky they all get along so well. The most I ever had at one time was 4, and that was about 1 too many. Every time you add a new cat it changes the social dynamics--the pecking order shakes up. I ended up with 1 queen 1 bully and 2 "fraidy cats" who stopped using their boxes. I think from now on 2 pets is my limit.

Kat--Sammy is a boy. I did send 2 pictures of him to PDJ last night. I sent one of him with his fluffy hair do and one with him shaved.

ML--regarding the Fuzz Family Tree, I need to change my email address to The other address you might have is for work. It probably doesn't matter, but I don't want to take any chances and get myself in trouble. Thanks.

Got to get to work. I'll check back later on my lunch.

Riquel said...

Good morning Fuzz Pack!
Princess is a beauty. I like the markings on her face, they give her attitude. 11 cats, wow. As my mom was saying earlier, we once upon a time had 17 cats. Then my dad was like enough is enough, it's them or me. After thinking about it for awhile, we chose him, and found homes for about 14 or 15 of them, I think we kept 3, but I can't remember.

By the way, I told Simba all about Rosie the Rose yesterday, and he seemed very interested in her. I didn't get a chance to show him her picture yet, but you should have seen him when I was telling him about her. I asked him if he would like for her to be his sweetheart and he meowed. And he NEVER meows, so I think that was a good sign

Claire said...

Jessica, Princess is very beautiful and I must commend you for the size of your fuzz family. The most I've had at one time were three and only have two now-although if it weren't for my asthma I would like a few more. Bless you for giving Princess and her babies a home. I'm sure they will give lots of love in return.

momsbusy said...

jessica, princess has the prettiest markings. especially her facial markings. so pretty and unusual. i can imagine there is never a dull moment in your house w/ 11 kitties. when i was growing up (and still living at home) we had 11 (or was it 13) cats and 2 dogs and fish. i was responsible for caring for all of them. i hope you have help w/ your fuzz family! you must also have a spouse(?) with a really big heart to agree to keep all those babies. i am only allowed 2 animals now. i had 5 and am down to 3. no new babies for me. sigh. i think we all wish we could keep all the ones we find.

Riquel said...

also in addition to the 17 cats, we had 2 dogs, and a tank full of fish! We had a rabbit too, but I can't remember if he was around before or after all the cats. His name was Bun Bun....LOL

Mannyed said...

Wow...a kitty apartment! Manny would be jealous if he heard!

Kat: I'm here! A new entry has been added =^..^=

Kim said...

Hooray for Manny!!! I've been eagerly awaiting his lastest comment. His human did a great job in his place! I am going to buy Oscar and Simon a water dispenser, I can't ignore all the positive comments about them any longer!

Princess, I love looking at your pretty picture!

Gheeri's Servant said...

Morning everyone! ;) Just wanted to drop in and tell you all that I'm not dead, contrary to popular belief! LOL

Wow.... 11 kitties! How do you find time for them all! OMIGOSH, when I had 4 I thought my arm was going to fall off from all the petting everytime I came home! Right now, my two are enough! Toby is one of the neediest cats I've ever had! LOL ONE of (my dear Nacho, RIP, was indeed THE neediest!) First thing in the morning, as soon as he realizes I'm awake (I find myself "sneaking off to the bathroom in the morning just so they don't know I'm awake! LOL. He still hasn't made the connection with the alarm clock, haha! Toby's a little..... dumb. Sorry, Tobathia [<--Bryan's nickname for him], but I still love you!) he's there, asking for his food. Mrrrrrow? What? Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooow. Oh, you're hungry? Mrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooow. OK, OK, I'll get you your food.... Mrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooowww. Yes, that's how it sounds in the morning. Gheeri used to hear the alarm, watch me get up, then join me a few minutes later while I'm dressing, then silently sit in front of her dish to tell me it's breakfast time. Now, she waits for Toby to get it for them, then waits for him to finish while asking for attention, then she eats while I'm going out the door, which, sometimes she races me to, in her effort to let me know she wants grass. They are VERY predictable cats. But, they don't sleep with us anymore, because the bed isn't as big as the one we had. Although I DID catch Gheeri by my feet this morning :) But Toby never sleeps on the bed anymore, unless Bry isn't there. Typical man-wants all the bed to himself, LOL.

Wow, this became long. Anyhow, I was telling Kat, that when I get my "kitty comics" up (the series is called 'Alley Catz'), I'll invite you guys to come see.... but then you all have to leave immediatly! LOL. You'd all laugh if you see the things I'm really interested in (hey,I'm younger than most of you!). So yeah- look, then leave! haha.

Kim - glad Sean is coming home, starting to think you were going crazy without him!

Riquel- sounds like you've got a love connection

Everyone : I miss you all! I'm going away on Saturday-we're going to Marco Island for the 4th... I'll be back HERE either Wed or Thurs. (MI is on the West coast of FLA, it's BEAUTIFUL there, look it up if you get a chance!) I'll be around tomorrow though!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Good Morning, Fuzz Family!
I'm feeling much better today.

Princess is a beautiful cat, see why you took her in. She is a very pretty girl. Eleven cats! Wow. Glad to hear they all get along. Must see pictures of every cat you mention -- thems tha rules here at Kat's! Can't wait to see the kittens, can't wait to see your original brood.

Kim, we'd almost think you actually missed Sean!

Karen S -- I'll make that change so you don't get in trouble at work!

When I get the FFT (Fuzz Family Tree) finished, I will send a draft copy to everyone to make any final corrections, etc.

Riquel -- could we possibly have another FOR ("Feline Online Romance")???? Wow, Simba and Rosie the Rose!

Deb -- Glad to hear the migraine is better, probably the low humidity here in Houston -- also glad to hear hubby is home.

Danielle -- hope Jake is feeling well this a.m., glad to hear he enjoyed your decision to switch back to baby food.

I'm feeling good today, but gonna rest a bit. Finish the FFT, that's about it.

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family !!!!!

Princess, you are a very beautiful kitty. i just love your color and markings to, but don't tell Sia i said that. Jessica, you are a wonderful person for taking her in and then keeping her and her kittens.

I hope everyone is doing fine. Sorry I didn't post was a lil busy yesterday morning.

danielle said...

Good morning Fuzz Family. I havw to say what a cute fuzzy butt! Princess is adorable. Yay for keeping the babies I would love to have more animals but as you know the mom says no. I am off to post on my sites. No pictures though. They are all at work.

danielle said...

I can't make posts from my moms computer!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!! I might try to hook up mine. Well we will see.

Emma's Kat said...

Awww..Danielle! I hope you get your's hooked up! We wanna know the answer to the Stupid Trivia! How's Jakey this morning?

ML - Glad you're feeling better! And you too Deb!

Hi GS! lol:)

Valinda said...

Hi all,
I think Princess is beautiful. Don't know how you have the energy to look after that many cats.

I stumbled across this video this morning. I hope the following address can get you to it. It's a series of cats and kittens playing and it's accompanied by a song sung by Japanese children. It's cute and funny.,493f60a0-5e02-4aaa-bf17-c5df1e83eccb,78bb126e-aea5-451b-8c0e-99a5b6f0c889,de793872-503b-46ef-af6b-323536d18555&t=c1724&f=06/64&p=>1=8211

Valinda said...

I just checked out the link and it's right, but you have to sit through an advertisement and a short video of a cat getting loose at a cat show. It's worth the wait, in my opinion. Hope you think so, too.

Riquel said...

I am sure Simba would love it...however we haven't heard from Rosie or from Rosie's mom...will Simba be left out in the cold? LOL

Emma's Kat said...

Valinda- The video was too funny...and cute! I love the, what you think are, mirror kitties. I was way!

Kathleen & Rose!! Okay, I'm gonna pull a Rosie, so everyone cover your ears! :P

Kathleen & Rose...Where the hell are you!!!

For real though, hope all is well!

Kirkland Cat Lady said...

Kudos to you, Jessica, for having all your cats spayed and neutered! To me, it shows you really, really love them! And bless you for rescuing Princess. She's quite lovely! I especially like the white chevrons on her cheeks :-)

Karen C. said...

Another extra fluffy tail! What a pretty girl you are Princess! Are her babies all orange and white too? I'd love to have so many kitties. I can imagine how many litter boxes and food and water bowls there are too - yikes!

ML - glad you're recovering! Do you have all my info for the tree?

Valinda - I loved the video! One of my favorite parts was where the 5 little kittens were climbing the tapestry - so cute!

Isn't there lots of bad weather in Rose's area? Maybe that's what's keeping her from kitten updates. I hope all is well with her and Kathleen. Kathleen had mentioned that she had developed pneumonia when she was sick recently. I know that can linger for a long time, though I hope that's not the case.

Kim said...

Hi Kirkland Cat Lady! So nice to hear from you! Welcome to the site!

You know, I never thought about Rose being so close to all the weather, maybe that's the problem! OH, I hope she's OK!!!

Kat, I thought you were farther from the flooding, I didn't realize you were so close! OK, everyone in the rain zone, you can come to my house, I have a guest room and a house full of crazy kids and cats!!! So I will gladly foster any displaced Fuzz Family Member!

Emma's Kat said...

Lol! Thanks Kim! I'm starting to worry about Rose too. I hadn't thought of the bad weather that came her way!

Deb - Have you talked to Rose??

Cecilia said...

Princess you are a very pretty kat and very lucky that you found a good home for you and your babies. I'm jealous of your big family! I wish I could have more kitties, but I live in a small apartment. There are many stray cats around here and I wish I could keep them all.

After Hurricane Katrina (I live in Baton Rouge)I volunteered at the shelter they set up on the LSU campus for all the rescued animals. It was heartbreaking. I just wanted to take them all home! But since there were more than 400, I obviousely could not.

For now I have to stick to 2 kitties, but hopefully when I move to a bigger place I can add to my family.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Just got up and checked this, Rose has been on my mind -- or what's left of it lately. Has anybody talked to her or heard from her???
Please let me know ASAP. Deb may have left for New Braunfels.

Karen C. said...

I have phone numbers for both Rose and Kathleen, but neither one said "call me any time", so I hate to bother them. What do you think?

Kim said...

Karen, I think you should call Rose for sure! We are all worried about her and I think this is one of those times when you should call. Besides, I bet she'd be thrilled to know that we all are thinking about her.

momsbusy said...

karen c., i think they would appreciate the call. knowing someone cares is always a good feeling.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Karen, if you don't call, I will, okay. I have her number.

Kim said...

Cecilia, I'm from New Orleans! My parents still live there. Actually, we/they live just up the river in St Charles Parish. They evacuated and took their kitties with them. There was no real damage to their home with the exception of some fallen trees.
My Sis went to LSU for her first three years of college. She then went to LSU Nursing School in downtown New Orleans. Anyway, I know that what you saw and dealt with was pretty traumatic! I've heard the stories first hand. That is one of the reasons my parents left when told to, they wanted to make sure their kitties were going to be ok. You're a wonderful person, Cecilia!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hey Fuzz Pack,
I just called Rose and got an answering machine. Left a message telling her that we were concerned from the rain and that she hadn't been posting today. Told her to either post a message ASAP or call one of us and let us know she's okay.
If anyone hears from her, please post immediately.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

She's fine and getting ready to post. Just called me back. She's got a good Brutus story to tell, she of the mega-lengthy posts -- see, Rose, we miss 'em.

Karen C. said...

I sent Rose an IM, and she responded. Bet she never neglects us again! Okay Rose, we're ready for a story!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Amen to that Karen C, and let that be a lesson to all you Fuzz Pack regulars!

Karen C. said...

I'm afraid I confused GS with all my pictures and my ramblings. Sorry GS! So, I posted a correction on her site regarding Midnight, for those of you who already saw him.

danielle said...

Hello I neglected all the things I was going to do this afternoon. I am going to go now and try my other computer. It is too humid to do much of anything. I will see you all in a bit. I am glad Rose finally checked in with someone. Yes where is Kathleen?

Oh Riquel you were right on yesterdays trivia. 9 days.

danielle said...

Well I just found acouple problems with my computer. I do not have a wire to connect it to the phone line. Also that I do not have a keyboard. I think my brother has that in his room. I will have to talk with him about that.

Since I can't go on my site to post I am going to get it out here today. The lady at work is really riding my a** about computer use. She says I am spending too much time there, and she keeps coming down to check up on me. I can't stand it. I have a busy night tonight I am taking my friends son home about 5. I then have to come home and make dinner. Then we are going swimming right after that we are going to a meeting. I won't get home until about 9:20 or so. On the good side I believe I have a four day weekend this weekend. I am going to have to hook up my computer or maybe I can post a bunch of trivia tomorrow for the time I won't be able to access my site. Well my kids are bitching at me right now so I at to go, I will be back. One kid is hurt.

Rose said...

Hello, My Fuzz Family, and Dear Friends!!!

I'm sorry I caused you such concern. I'm not in the path of the flooding-it's the western part of the state, the Delaware River,and the NORTH branch of the Raritan River, (I DO live about 1/4 mile from the main body of the river...the NE is due for a trop. storm or a hurricane they say...) It's so sad, one of my favorite places when I had a car, was to drive to Lambertville NJ and New Hope, Pa. ... They're both under's awful where it has flooded, and in certain areas they say it's just about crested now...
Well, I'm going to think good thoughts for those affected, it is an act of Nature...perhaps helped along by needless mass development.

I have 3 cameras now, and am taking FuZZ Pics like a madwoman (how else would I take them?). Today, when my Aide came in, Brutus started climbing her pantleg, (like he's been climbing mine! It's the quickest way to get a biped to pick him up, he's found!!) I snapped a pic of that, I have a cute one of Marigold and Emily on top of the fridge (I put Marigold on top!) Emily is warming up to Marigold, nicely. She's still not huggy-kissy yet with either, but I'm confident in her own time, she'll give in. I mean, who could resist such cuteness and talent?! I'm sure you all have experienced the inquisitive kitty that has wondered what the refridgerator was all about. Mommy goes in to this cold box and brings out FOOD!!
Emily learned on her first excursion to 'ware door-I didn't see her and closed the door when she was half in, and I got so scared I crushed her teeny ribs, I called David over, who had to stay until my histerics subsided!'WELLL,
Sir Brutus is not to be outdone in the curiosity department, apart from being REALLY fast. He quickly taught Marigold how to jump in (my fridge is relatively empty at this time of month, anyway....)and I would check the bottom shelf before closing the fridge. Well, last night, I took my night meds, and decided to bring a bottle of water in with me. About 20 minutes later, my wisdom tooth started kicking up again (I have to have it removed next month...DRUGS!!!DRUGS AND GENERAL ANESTHESIA, STAT!!!) I got up to get a couple of aspirin, and notice Marigold at the door to the fridge. Now mind, I already had water, and no reason to open the 'fridge door again, except that it puzzled me why Marigold wasn't under the sofa cushion, asleep with Brutus...heard a soft "meeww" and opened the door.
Brutus had scrambled to the top shelf of the fridge, and was just laying there in the dark!( I guess-has anyone really discovered if the light stays on or not?!) I felt SUCH remorse! I took hold of him and his poor paws were, well, ice cold! He complained a bit, but quietly for him, so I took him to bed and put him under the covers while I kept rubbing him down...he fell soon fell asleep, and stayed there until I had to get up a few hours later...then he stretched, and went looking for his sister. SO FAR, neither have tried to get in again...! The relations between Emily and Brutus are still well, 'diplomatic', I think she senses he's a force to be reckoned (sp?!) with, but, again, all it's gonna take is time! Night before last, they were swatting toys toward her, and she would go to swat it, and one of them would slide in and take it from her, leaving her with her paw suspended in air, and a "what was that?" look on her puss!
For our Rosie - I snapped a pic of Brutus finding his way under my nightdress...persistant little , well, "Brut"!!

So, how's everybody? I want to thank Karen C and ML for checking in on me! In all seriousness, it means So Much to me to know that people are own brothers aren't. When David contacted my brother John (the one I used to be close with) to inform him about my being in the Transitional Housing Program, etc, he told David he was in no way responsible for me, and that David need not "keep him posted". There's this very deep sound of contempt in David's voice whenever he speaks of my brother, and that is very infrequently.

Jake! So you popped a stitch! Yeah, your vet has a point about it being okay, letting the would drain...just don't go licking it too much! It's yucky, right?! KEEP UP THE BABY FOOD NOSHING!!
Tho dude, you shouldn't have fought mumma too much about the liquid med...;)

Princess, you look like you KNOW you chose the best biped out there!
The pic on the right says "yep, yep, yep, I know she'd have to keep us, how could she not?!" Jessica, you're a loving soul to have all that room in your heart for your FuZZ Family of 11!!

I need a shower...(keep it to yourselves, this isn't smellocyberspace!! Sheesh!)

Kat, I'm so sorry for not posting on your 100th post anniversary! I don't know where my head was at...have a prob with one of David's former co-worker...I have to wait until next Friday to resolve it...Hey Youse Guys!! Don't let me stew in it, ok?! I HATE when I do that!
BTW...anyone who has my phone number has every right to call me!! I just missed ML's call my minutes!

A promise is a promise - I promise to make up for yeaterday with another quick post today! ;P

chat later!!

Riquel said...

Yeah! I got the roach question right! LOL. Do I win the imaginary batch of cookies, or does only Rita give those away...he he.

Kim said...

Hi Rose,
Glad to hear that you're OK! Your stories brighten my day! Brutus is a real ham! Oscar did the fridge thing when he was a kitten. He was in there for a few minutes but too me, and him, it was forever! The trouble our animals get into!!!!

9 DAYS! YUCK!!! AND, the can withstand a nuclear explosion!!! OK, why do they exist again?!

Karen C. said...

Remember Oreo, the kitty with the great bloggie? I was just at his site and read about a kitten rescued after being hit by a car. Oreo has a link in today's blog. Oreo's site is

Riquel said...

back to the roaches again, I read something that they are basically around to clean up after other creatures, they called them the custodians of nature or some junk like that, I just call them nasty, and thankfully knock on wood I don't have any...why I was reading about roaches...I don't know

Ella's Mom said...

Princess really is a princess! The look on her face shows she knows it too! I love her color.

Well hopefully I'll be taking smokey in to the humane society today so that he can get neutered and checked out. Hopefully he'll be fine and I can go ahead and adopt him. I posted on Ella's blog earlier today about her little run in this morning with smokey. I have never seen Ella so mad! She is not at all happy about the possibility of this kitty invading her space. I'm hoping she'll come around in time.

Kim said...

Hi Ella's Mom! You know, I read your site but I don't post. I don't know why I don't, I should. I think it's because I know I can talk to you here. Anyway, I need to leave Miss Ella her own messages shouldn't I?! Let her know that I will in the future! Also, let her know that she will always be the queen, the ruler of her roost, and that she has a very nice and loving Mommy. Even though the family dynamics is about to change, there will still be plenty of love for all!

Karen C. said...

Kim - My kitties don't have their own blog, so I let them post to Ella on her blog. Maybe Oscar and Simon would like to do that too. It's fun, but my kids think I'm strange.

alohahelper said...

Hello, Princess! She's such a pretty girl and reminds me so much of Pumpkin with her peaches and cream coloring and fluffy tail. Wow, 11 cats! The most we've ever had at one time is 7. We already had 4 cats, and acquired 3 more when my sister moved in with her boyfried (soon to be husband #2) who was highly allergic to them. We're down to 4 cats now, but that's enough.

Rose, thanks for letting us know you're ok and the funny stories of the kitten activities. They get into so much mischief when they're young. Pumpkin at 8 1/2 months is a jumping fiend. He RUNS down the hallway and jumps UP at the wall, runs some more and jumps UP again. Don't know what he's trying to catch because there's nothing there but he gets really high up. Bad boy tore the curtains in the bathroom 2 days ago. Didn't see him do it but I think he was attracted by the curtains moving in the breeze and jumped up, caught hold of it, and made a big rip in it. Gotta buy new curtains now.


Emma's Kat said...

Rose - Glad everythings "A" okay! Alrighty then! Ummmm...oh, yeh! I forgot what I was gonna say there for a minute.

Danielle - How come your mom's computer won't let you post??

Gheeri's Servant said...

Danielle sounds very... >_<

Riquel, yes, 'tis I who goves away the Imaginary Cookies of Choice (c)... But you can have one if you want. Todays' Cookie of the day is.... *drumroll please*.....

Double Fudgey Chocolate-Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Syrup.

No, I'm not trying to kill anyone, I just have been on a chocolate binge lately (stress???)

So, still want one, Riquel?! LOL

Karen C. said...

I sent this link to all the e-mail addresses I have, but if I didn't have yours, here it is
Check out the organization this lady has set up to help people with vet bills, etc. It's great!

rosie(verbose) said...

......ahem....Princess is ky sort of cat...great FB's...fuzz poking out betwixt her puffy toe pads..letting her fecund belly show whilst flashing one singular nipple for the whole of cyberspace to see..MEOWZA!!!!!.......schnoort..

Karen C. said...

I just kept worrying about Kathleen, so I broke down and called. She's been sick again and hasn't been on the computer. Rosie and Cairo are doing well, but I'll let her tell about them. She says she'll try to get on the computer tonight. Get well Kathleen! Purrs from Grr, Midnight and Cocoa!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Missy sends teeny nose kisses and a possible hiss (if you get too close to her tummy) to Kathleen.

She's also helping me get well, this is the second day in row she has come in and snuggled up beside me in bed!!! Something so comforting about having a cat next to you. She has never really purred, don't know why, but have noticed a slight "vibration". Maybe she'll learn???? Her kittenhood must have been pretty traumatic.

Rose said...

Hi Guys,
ML, I think that "vibration" from Missy IS her purr! I read somewhere once that some older cats lose the audible purr, but they still produce the physical sensation for purrs. I had a cat that was a vibrator when I was in my teens! (Too bad Rosie's in bed by now... :D)
ML, I'm so dense, I didn't even think to ask how you were feeling! I'm sorry.
I hope Kathleen's looking after herself. I had "walking pneumonia" that they had to eventually aspirate most of what was left to avoid scarring. Nothing to mess with! Take care, Kathleen! You have your FuZZy girls to look after!

I have brochures from Big Cedar Lodge, and I'm trying to sort out what town would be the town I would use as a destination from NYC, Branson or Springfield...any ideas?

Just when I thought it was safe to open the fridge, in hops Brutus...
come to think of it, Emily still likes to poke her head in from time to time...odd...

Okay, everyone can breathe easier, I've had my shower!!

I've been putting off commenting on the poem this week...but it hits home...

The kittens were really quick to learn that box with the stuff in it was Emily's toy box. They have virtually every toy out, and Marigold was in there an hour ago looking for something new! I have to round all the toys up so they can "rediscover" them!

I'll catch ya's later!

Emma's Kat said...

ML - Yes, Rose is right! I'll betcha she is purring! You just can't hear it. I was emailing w/Debra(not Deb T.) about how my Emma does that. If she's purring really loud, you can just hear it. But most times I have to put my ear to her to hear it and feel the vibration! How sweet is that MBE! Purring at your momma!

Kathleen - Stay rested girl! Get better!

Karen - And everyone! I checked out the site IS great! I read Magic's biography and almost broke into a sob(not pretty)! I had to stop and get myself together and then continue reading! What a great site!

Rose - Give those fuzzbabies a kiss from me! Miss having Mini-B and Catalina for my kitten fix! I'm sure the next fosters will be kittens. Zebby might have someone interested in him. Cross your fingers, everyone! They want to adopt an older cat. They just lost their cat that they adopted when it was 10 years old! So, they from all the my sponsor has told me, sound like a great family. And they're coming all the way from Maryland!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, I can't believe it might be a purr. Can't believe she got anywhere near me. She is about 4 years old now, as far as I can figure. She had her first and only litter before she was 6 months old.

Missy jumps on Charley's chest, usually when he is in a "dead sleep", kneads on him, kisses his nose, and makes the loudest purring noises you ever heard. It woke me up once. But, hey, I'll take what I can get.

Rose, I cracked up at your "vibrator" kitty comment, Rosie missed it, didn't she.

And I sure enjoyed talking to you today, sorry to be a bother but I get worried!

What is Big Cedar Lodge? Is this the place for the Reunion?????

Kim said...

Kat, that would be just wonderful! Zebby is such a love kitty and he deserves a good family! I really hope that they'll adopt him!

Rose, Big Cedar is closer to Branson. It's south of Branson where as Springfield is north. Now for people flying, there are a few options. Springfield would be the closest airport, Tulsa is 3 hours away, Kansas City is 3.5 hours away. So there are places to fly in and out of. Someone, I think GS, had suggested a huge caravan or carpool for those of you who live on the East Coast. LETS PICK A TIME FOLKS! 2007? 2008? It's a big trip, lets do it up right. If we need two years to plan, then so be it. I am game for whatever everyone wants to do. I know it's unfair, but I live close to Big Cedar. That's the perk of living in the middle of the country I guess.

Kathleen, I really am starting to worry about you. Have you been to the Doctor lately? What does he/she say? Please get plenty of rest. Do you have anyone to help with your day to day stuff? Get well soon!

ML, that goes for you too! I know you're feeling better but please take it easy anyway! MBE knows that you're sick, that's why she's staying with you so much! Cats are like that, don't you just love it?!

Kim said...

ML, Big Cedar is the site of the "Reunion!" I was thinking, everyone could come to my house fsr a BBQ on one of the days! I live about 30 minutes from Table Rock Lake, lacation of Bid Cedar Lodge.

Rose, girl, I can't stop laughing! A "vibrator" kitty! You know, I'm pretty open minded but that's just one I can't seem to wrap my mind around!!!! LOL!!! ROFL!!!! You're right, good think Rosie is asleep!!!

Rose said...

I THOUGHT it was Big Cedar Lodge...Because when we started to DISCUSS a FuZZ Family Reunion, I can't remember who or where I got the idea about Big Cedar...that day, I went to their website and requested brochures.
I've even got websites to choose from for the T-Shirts!! And ML, YOU WERE NOT bothering me, my gosh!
I enjoyed speaking with you, too!

Kat, consider the kittysmooching done!! Soon as I can catch the little buggers again... PlayTime!!

I went to see the IMOM is BRILLIANT! I haven't read any of the stories yet, but there is such a need for services like that.

I was thinking of what to put into a FuZZ evacuation kit, if I'm told I needed to leave...all this talk of flooding is making me think...I think Dee from Tampa posted something a few weeks ago,(on TDK) but I don't know if it was for humans or pets...gotta make a list...

check in with everyone later!

Rose said...

OH KIM!! She of the Perky, oh never mind...Big Cedar Lodge is your discovery! Ok, so Springfield is the closest a/p, but maybe I could get a bus for Branson...there is a number on the brochure to call and they's help with travel modes and price quotes, but I agree with Kim, we need to pick a time - or at least a SEASON that would be nice, then the year maybe can fall into place out of that...I'd like to meet everyone ASAP!
I have new neighbors I'm pretty sure I can tap for FuZZSitters!
Then there's always Uncle Davy, who had the nerve to e-mail me from Ocean City this afternoon...I might have to kick his butt for rubbing that in!!
But AFTER the Reunion!! ::heh-heh::

Kat, Marigold just got your smooch-she was sitting in my lap...Brutus is probably back in the trash can...I'll find him! He'll get your smooch momentarily!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

the IMOM site is so good, just read the story of Magic. Took a couple tissues, very touching story.

BTW, if you haven't signed the petition Rita emailed to us, please consider doing so. It is to send a message to our Senators to support the PETS bill, which will protect animals during times of disaster. The goal is 75,000 signatures, they are at 25,670 right this minute. The URL is and you can read the bill there, plus other info.

You enter your name, address and email address and can choose to be displayed as Anonymous, if you wish. All that shows on the screen is either name or Anon. plus the state. No other info is shown. You can also make a direct comment which will be displayed.

danielle said...

Good evening fuzzies! I am going to bed soon but I wanted to comment first. My mom has an IMAC and it stinks. It is pretty old also. I am going to check that site tomorrow. Thanks for that info.
I got the estimated total on Jake's bill (if we don't have to go back) is up to 1,818.50. He is sure lucky I love him. Well I will see you all in the am. Have a wonderful night.
Oh by the way I was laughing my A** off with the story Rose. It wouldn't be funny if I were him though. Glad he's ok.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Saw the two cats on GS's site and the story about the horrible man who mistreated them. Was so glad Karen C rescued them. Also, thank goodness there are guys around like Malcolm, to restore our faith. He has taken in a tiny broken kitten he rescued from traffic (see Great story. Karen C and Kat both referred me there. There is also a link on Oreo's page. I just went back to find his server is getting so many hits, it's having errors. Yeah Malcolm!!!!

Gail said...

Finally a picture of one of my grandkitties. About time Jess. They are all beautiful, course I'm prejudice.

Jess said...

hey everyone, thanks so much for the sweet comments about Princess. she says "meow" to you all. she doesn't purr, but seems very happy here. my sister had a cat that didn't purr for years then one day out of the blue, he purred and never stopped. LOL. so i'm holding out hope for my girl.
ironically, i didn't get to check the site yesterday so i'm just noticing now that you chose my girl for cat of the day! although i usually check everyday, life has been too busy and crazy lately.

she is a great cat! i love her and all my fur-babies dearly. it takes a lot of love and patience to have such a busy house. and it's just me doing all the work! (and believe me, it's a ton of work, but i wouldn't have it any other way!) i had a hubby when i had the original gang of six (actually, we had combined our boys and girls!) but since he's been gone, i got to keep everyone, and then i added Princess in. since there was no one to tell me "no", i did what i wanted and took her in. they have all been a blessing and a joy. they have helped me thru some rough times this past year. the babies are 9 months now. i'll submit pix of everyone else too...eventually. right now, i don't have a lot of free time...

thanks for reading and commenting!

Jess said...

i forgot to tell you that Princess has thumbs on her front paws too, and lots of fuzz in between her toes...LOL!

Anonymous said...

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