Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July !! Hope everyone has a "grand" time on this 4th of July, 2006!! Have fun at your cookouts, watching the fireworks or whatever your plans are!! Most importantly...Be Careful! And don't get too tipsy! I, obviously, am not posting a kitty today, as every will be busy having a great 4th of July. Plus, it's a holiday! See ya tomorrow, with a normal posting!


Emma's Kat said...

Good mornings all! Thought I'd just post some silly pictures, since I knew not many would be visiting Kat's Cat today!

Happy 4th of July!! Be safe and have a great one!

Kim said...

Hi Kat, Hi Fuzz Family! What a gianormous cat!!! He's cute but talk about a pain in the back! I would have backache after holding him! The decription kept flashing up next to the pics then would disappear so I have no idea who this first picture is of. The second pic made me smile. Have a great 4th at Mt. T!

I hope everyone has fun and is safe!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Fuzz Pack,
Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.

And hope all the fuzz babies are not disturbed by the fireworks. Give them a bit of extra time and hugs -- like that's hard to do, right :)

We're planning to watch the shuttle launch this afternoon, then gather for a community fireworks display after dark. Bear will be attending, initially at least. Usually have to take her home when the firecrackers start.

PS: Missy slept on top of me last night! do you believe that cat?

Emma's Kat said...

We had neighbors letting some off fireworks last night and the night before, and all my kitties didn't seem to mind. Mt. Trashmore is far enough away, that they won't even hear those.

ML - That so cool that Missy slept on you last night! I miss that! Emma and Benji neither sleep w/me! Zebby will...::sigh::. My Danny Boy used to sleep w/me every night! And he would sleep on my chest or w/his chin rested on my head. He slept w/me everynight like this, always giving me kisses, bathing me basically and then falling asleep. I sooooo miss that! Danny Boy would've been 10 years old last month. Ok! Let me stop! :)

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...


ML: It sounds like Missy is now an "official" lap/hug/purr kitty!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!

danielle said...

HAPPY 4TH FUZZ FAMILY!!!!! I am going to two parties today. Both sober. But I have to comment on the big baby ohhhh I would love to hold him or her. Sooooooo cute. The second pic is great to. Everyone be safe and have fun.

Rose said...

Hi Fuzz Family!
Everyone's plans sound like fun! Have a relaxing 4th of July!

ML, that is fantastic about MBE change of cattatude! I haven't have a FuZZ sleep with me since my ZuZu...she'd be near 18 now! The Princess Marigold, and Prince Brutus MIGHT connect that the same body they fall asleep on in the living room is the same body that goes to bed at night...HM The Queen doesn't want to spoil me, so she'll come in and lay next to my feet until she's bored. There's a difference when I'm ill...she lays closer to my knees and will stay with me until I show signs of life again. The kittens have been coming onto the bed 4:30-5:00 AM to play! When they play, they EXTREME play and it's an hour-90 minute long rompabout!
I camera Deb sent up is ready for pick up! I'll do that today and try to get pics out to y'all
today. ML, you may find an e-mail today, if you check, with subject "HELP!".
Blogger isn't showing any comments with today's picture, but I can not believe that cat! I WANT HIM, TO!! A cat big enough to squishhug!! Gosh, if he doesn't look as big as Baggins was!

Kim, I rather liked when you referred to me as the Queen Mother!

I'm gonna be checking in from time to time...have no plans...

Have a Blessed day, everyone!

Emma's Kat said...

Rose and Kim - I'll try changing the picture arrangement around. That's the only thing different and I haven't had any blogger problems, so. Let's see if that works. My paragraph is red and blue also, but I don't think that would affect anything. BRB...

casper's mom (Monica) said...

HAPPY 4th everyone. If Frank feels O.K. later on today, we may go over to our Son's house for dinner. If he doesn't we will have a quiet day at home. There are no fireworks allowed here where we live because of fire danger so I don't have to worry about the cats and dog being scared.

ML, so glad Missy slept with you last night. When I let Casper in this morning he crawled over to me and gave me kisses and love. So we are O.K. with each other now. Made me feel so much better of course. I usually don't let the cats sleep in my room at night as it is easier on me with my allergies, but Casper does get to sleep with me now and then.

Emma's Kat said...

There! Can everyone see the comments ok now? It was doing it to me also. ML - Do you have any idea why it makes them invisible like that? Sometimes if you move the whole window the sites in they will magically appear or if you make Neko the kitty chase you over where the words would be they will appear. I noticed Cecelia's site does that to me sometimes too. ML, educate us! What's going on here?

Karen C. said...

Hello! Rose - do you want to talk to me? I have no plans either. Well, maybe a little vacuuming and I might clean something. Plus I have to take care of FFCA matters. My block is being closed down due to the fact that one of the neighbors got it into their head that having a block party would be a good idea. I don't like parties, strangers, crowds, or crowds of strangers at parties. I suppose my neighbors shouldn't be strangers, but I'm really not home much during normal waking hours, and I prefer to spend my time with my kids and my kitties. Yes, I'm destined to be The Crazy Cat Lady.

ML - Congratulations on your practically cuddly kitty! Just remember, you'll never be comfortable again, but you'll be okay with that. Like last night - I really wanted to turn over, but Cocoa and Midnight were both on me and I wouldn't dream of disturbing them. I'm actually planning to sleep in my daughter Kelly's bed one night soon, in hopes that Grr will mistake me for Kelly and sleep on me. That would be a dream come true!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi again,
I'm back.
Seems Missy created quite the stir here, but let me tell you. She slept ON me, on my chest. This is no tiny Marigold, either! Big, furry, fluffy WARM cat. I kept sweating, feeling like I couldn't breath, finally she jumped up and scampered off. Relief. I could breath. I could feel the ceiling fan. Wish she'd get up beside me. Bear, the little poodle does that, she's a snuggle bunny.

I like the way Danny boy sounded, that's perfect.

I'm not sure what does that with these blog pages. I've noticed when I resize the pictures smaller, there are less problems. Right now, Missy's latest entry is doing that. It's like the text and photos are competing for the space. Which maybe exactly what it is. They have some discussion on this in the advanced programming thread, I've read about it. Didn't seem to be any clear answer. I have started to use only "small" pictures, then you can click and get the detail. I tried limiting the number of posts per page, that didn't really help. I'll keep checking, someday someone will figure it out. Might even be me???

Rose, I'll be happy to assist any way I can with getting pictures of Emily (at last) and the two tiny royals.

I like to take film/cameras to Walmart for developing. If you request digital, you can access them on line days before the hard copies or discs are ready. plus it's really easy to email them.

Cannot wait to see those pictures, I know we all feel the same about that.

This is the third day I haven't seen Yellow Cat. I am so depressed. Charley keeps saying someone has taken him in for the holiday (wish he'd shut up!). J/K.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Casper's mom: I am so glad that your hubbie is feeling better!

Rose: Love the pictures of Emily. She is beautiful!

ML: Just sent you an email asking about Yellow Cat. I think Charley is trying to reassure you. If you want, we can go out looking for Yellow Cat.

Karen C: I've had a couple of ideas about the FFCA. Tomorrow when I don't have this @@$#%!! migraine, I'll send them to you.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Rose: Wish you were here or I was there, it is easy to disable all those protection programs that often get in the way. It's just hard to write someone how to do it.
It is, at least to me, easier to just go to the drive with the pictures (CD) and copy them (drag and drop) to My Photos. Course, you still have to disable all the helpful programs first.

Emily is another tuxedo beauty.

Deb: Well, I now have the sinus congestion that won't quit. I'm going to take some medication and go to bed. With the rain out, don't think I'll miss any fireworks.

Hopefully YC will show up tomoorrow.

Casper's Mom: Glad to hear Cas-purrrrr came around and forgave you.

Deb: Can't wait to hear your ideas as well.

Karen C: Williamsport!!!!

Kim said...

Hello Ladies! Casper the Love Cat is back! Missy the Le Cuddlekins has finally arrived! Better late than never! What a great day!

Monica, how was Frank feeling today? I hope it was a nice relaxing 4th for the two of you, I hope you got to see your son.

ML, I'm sorry to hear that Yellow Cat hasn't been around. I agree with Deb, he sounds like he's doing the good husband thing, he's trying to reassure you.

Karen, I'd like to chat with you sometime. I'm having some real issues with my ADHD son and I could really use your advice.

Rose, your highness, the Queen Mother! You're in trouble when the twins realize that they can sleep on you!!! LOL!!!

GUESS WHAT?! We drove by the entrance to BIG CEDAR LODGE today! I am so excited at the idea that we all might actually meet!!!

Karen C. said...

Kim - Chat away! Any time.

ML - Williamsport here we come!

Kathleen said...

Hi all,
Sorry it's been so long, been down again. Just an update-Cairo is a love (though may change her name, it just doesn't fit). She desperately wants to be friends with Rosie, but Rosie isn't so sure. Only a couple of hisses and swats, nothing serious. Staying home tonight in case the noise bothers them. Will send photos as soon as I get them.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Kathleen,
Been wondering where you were.
Was just looking at the photos of Cairo from the shelter (I saved them if you didn't). She is a beauty.
Guess it takes time for them to get used to each other.

Emma's Kat said...

Hi Kathleen! Hope your doing better?! Can't wait to see new pix! Cairo is on my list to be posted. Should be Tuesday! If you see this, I'll email you as well, I can do her write up for her post, or if you want to in your own words...that would be great! Take care and continue to rest and get better!