Monday, July 17, 2006


Nearly two years ago some kindly person dropped off 3 cats near our house. Thankfully they came right up to our home and began meowing woefully. My husband and I had never had pets before and honestly didn't know what to do. Naturally I started feeding them and began wondering what in the world had happened. We tried to find out if anyone was missing 3 cats and when no one claimed them, well they became ours. So Boo, Jinx and Ping joined our family. -Debra


Kim said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family! I absolutely LOVE Ping! The picture on the left is just so sweet and the pic on the right is so hilarious! He's saying "hello" to all his admirer's here on Kat's Cat! What a beautiful Ginger Boy! He looks just like Oscar, only more in shape! LOL!!!

Kim said...

OOOHH, is that Boo in the background of the pic on the right?

Riquel said...

Awww, he is too cute. I like the one on the right where he is talking to you. I probably won't be on much today, I am down to one typing hand.

Claire said...

What a lovely fuzzy family to have all at once. Ping is certainly a very handsome cat, as are Boo and Jinx, I'm sure. Love Pings face and such beautiful eyes. Bless you for adopting these angels and giving them a wonderful home.

Emma's Kat said...

Riquel - Whatever happened to you other hand??!

Good morning all! I too love these Ping pix! I actually had a few more and it was really hard to decide which ones to post!! He's so cute!

ML - Got the new "live" list! It's great! Gotta go save it somewhere I'll be able to find it.

Hmm hum hum hum...

Emma's Kat said...

Btw, Kim - I think that's Abby in the background. But, I'm sure I'm wrong! I always think I know whose who (Abby & Boo) and I get it wrong.

Debra - Please tell us who is in the background w/Ping and his funny face! Did I guess right?!

Emma's Kat said...

Ok, I know, I know...My name is Kat and I too have MPD! I also have some secrets! Muahahahaha!

danielle said...

Good morning Fuzzies!!

Ping is absolutely adorable. I love that talking expression. He also looks like he is saying "do you mind I'm playing" How cute.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Okay, stop that humming this minute!!!

Ping is beautiful, love that expressive face and those huge eyes. He has the longest whiskers I've ever seen!

Debra, you just got an instant cat family. How neat of you to take them in and then adopt them all.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Yes, Kat, that picture on SOMC confirms it. And guess what, I know the little kittens name. Deb & I named her this morning. So I've got a secret now, too.

Hint: It's named in honor of Karen.

Deb just called -- good news.
She is awesome!!!
There are so many awesome people on here!!!!

debscats5 said...

Debra: You have a beautiful kitty! Thank you for adopting all of the kitties! Great job!

KAREN C: relly need your phone number.

ROSE: GREAT NEWS: THE HOME DEPOT IN PARAMUS, NJ is DONATING...THAT'S RIGHT DONATING.. an A/C FOR Here Kitty, Kitty. I've tried to call ;Michelle Williams -- the owner, but haven't been ablt to get in touch with her yet. I'll email her. HOW EXCITING!!!!!

Ahhh....too much fun......hummming now!!!!!!!!!!!!

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!!!

Ping - You are a very handsome boy. I am very glad that you found your furr ever home.
You guys have to many secrets yah now. Just reading that you have a secret is TT&T, even if its not you.

Riquel said...


This is for those of you involved with the NPO...check out the site of you haven't done so today.

Ladies, if I could get all of you to send me your names, email addresses, and home addresses, I will get a list running. Thanks
Also, please give me what your position is going to be. Thanks.

Riquel said...





ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Deb, are you going to tell them the new kitty's name????

Deb, is that you? Debscats5? You may need to change that in about, hmmm, a week???? How about TaylorCatHouse? You must name your blog that!!!!

Karen C, we need pictures and a phone number. ASAP.

Riquel, quit humming...or laughing...or whatever it is.

Rose: Isn't Deb just awesome. She got that air conditioner just like that. Free. Gratis. Five minutes, tops.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi! I don't know...ML, should we TRIPLE T them for a bit about the name? Karen C. WHERE ARE YOU!!! Hopefully you are arranging transportation for....get ready for it baby "K.C.". Mary Lynn and I decided it was a great name for the new baby. Hmmm....wonder where we got our inspiration?

Yippee for the new A/C unit for the Here Kitty Kitty Shelter -- KUDOS TO HOME DEPOT -- IN PASSAIC, NJ.

I'm having a great morning! Humming.........:)

Emma's Kat said...

You guys, er...gals, are great!! I love K.C. as the kitties name! And that is great about the a/c too!! So, Deb. You keeping or fostering this baba kitta??

Secret, many of us have them?!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Well, I think I will foster because I am moving. But, Mary Lynn has a great interest in adopting! So...this weekend should be fun!

Emma's Kat said...

That's right, Deb!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, hopefully Missy will react motherly toward a wee kitten, don't you think????

Kat, wasn't that just too much about the kitten on SOMC.

Somewhere on the HERE KITTY KITTY sit it said they were in dire need of litter and food, as well.

So Rose, I donated some $$$$$ -- via PayPal --in your honor.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

ML: Just talked to Karen C. she is so excited & loves the new name for the baby. She was on her way to work.

I better get going to the torture doctor. Yikes!

ML: In about a week, your Triple T from me will be with thee!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...



katnippia said...

Question - can someone email me on how to add links to a blog site.
If so I would truely be very happy for it.

You ladies are Fantastic, did you know that. Well if not now you do.

momsbusy said...

does anyone here get any sleep?!?! posting in the wee hours of the morning is not condusive to good work habits. gotta earn a living to pay those bills AND feed them kitties. i go to sleep and find that there are 20 more posts. geez guys, i spend so much time catching up it takes me forever to get to post my own comment. LOL

ping is oozing of personality in the pic on the right. so cute, is he asking for some lovin' or treats? love the little white tips on his front paws.

i'm glad things are going well for all these kitties. what was up about the air conditioner at a shelter?

riquel, where's your mom been?

ceramic cats? need a hint here.

who's healthy and who's not? i can't keep up anymore. (hands up in air) i'm just gonna put everyone in the fuzz pack on my prayer list.

karen c, how's the car issue??? have you buried the old one yet? LOL

i'm not sure who i am suppose to be teasing either. :$ i am sooooo confused. please help!

jess said...

Ping is such a cute kitty! he looks happy and playful and i love the open mouth pic! he looks like he's having a conversation. too funny!

Emma's Kat said...

ML - I think she will be okay w/a kitten. She may hiss a little at first, she may not. Being that she's had kittens and it is a kitten. They know and act accordinly. Like Benj and Emma, when I showed them the little 9wk old foster kitten we have now, they never hissed once. And Benji wanted to play right away and Emma was sniffing and wanting to clean him. They knew he was a baby.

ML - I erased that comment cause I didn't think anyone would understand and they would be like huh? I know the kitten was more of a calico, but it had tortie colors and it's name...Rocky! I'm glad you understood what I was getting at!

Riquel said...

Good question...I was thinking earlier she hadn't been here in a while. I will email her and tell her she is missed......

Cecilia said...

Ping, you are a real cutie. I love tha "talking" piture too. You look like a sweet kat, aparently with something important to say!

danielle said...

I have a secret!!!! ;) ;)

Did you get the answers you need?

caspersmom said...

Hey Ping, good morning to you too! And good morning to all the fuzz pack, but back there it's going on noon. Ping you look like a cuddly cat. Debra, great that you took them in and gave having animals own you a try.

Goodness so much information this morning. Takes a bit to get it all straightened out. Sounds like HERE KITTY KITTY is making out in a great way. What a blessing.

Well got to get the cats inside and get ready to take Amber to get groomed. I DO NOT look forward to being out in this day with it going up to 108. You can feel the heat building already. Will check with you all later!!! Have a great day fuzz pack.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I emailed Katnippia the official Blogger instructions for adding a link. My step by step version will be ready later this week, there's a lot of screens to document, takes a while. Wish I could just show you, only takes a few minutes!

Kat, I got the kitten-Rocky thing instantly, Deb got it even quicker. She was on the phone, looking for it and we were talking, suddenly I hear "I don't believe this..." or something to that effect. Hey, it WAS a sign. End of discussion.

Deb is at the torture-doctor for about the next hour. She asked me (!!!) to explain. I'll try.

***** List of Fuzz Pack Secrets *****
I have a semi-secret with Rose (catnip)
I have a semi-secret with Karen (more catnip)
Deb has a secret with Rose (TOP SECRET)
Deb has a secret with ML (not one hint, either)
Someone has a secret with Deb
And Danielle apparently has a secret
Kat is the "next" victim

That's about all I know. It's getting out of control, but I like it! Well, except for the triple t's aimed at me.

***** Here Kitty Kitty Shelter *****
Here is their email to Rose (I think):
Here Kitty Kitty, Inc. is in desperate need of a Small Window Air
Conditioner for their cattery. Unfortunately our finances are at an "all time" low and
the AC that we have is on its last leg. I'm so afraid with all of this hot weather it could go anytime now making very uncomfortable for the 22
cats/kittens currently in our foster care. We do have a ceiling fan and one
oscillating fan that circulate the air very nicely but we really NEED an AC to make it comfortable for them.

Also we are in need of "Scoop-Away"
litter too.

Deb got them the air conditioner and I sent $50 for litter and whatever.

***** Brandi's Mom Need $$$$ ******
Go to Oreo's blog, they are collecting money for Brandi's mom who is out of a job and completely broke. Here is her website, but the collection is a secret:
Donations only made via Oreo!

***** Green Wall Shelter Kitties *****

Per Karen C: check out the Green Wall Shelter Kitties at
That's the blog of Hot(M)BC - House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. It's such a fun thing because so many of the cat bloggers have one of the ceramic cats. You can read the whole story at:
Also, check out Missy's blog for the adoption results, complete with photos. Of course, we will have all kinds of photos once the Green Wall Kitties arrive.

WHOA, I hope that's all. Please, help me out with this. This is so much comment I can't even proof back.

Karen C. said...

Wow - nice summing up!

Hello Ping! I love little white tipped paws - you're a gorgeous kitty! What are you saying in the picture on the right? How great that you all found such a purrfect home!

I've updated the NPO site (finally). Sorry for the delay.

Yay for Deb! She wants to help the poor little tortie girl - THANK YOU! See yesterday's posts for the story. Gotta go get some work done now...

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

BTW, Fuzz Pack, I got an email this a.m. about the Blogs of Summer. Haven't had time to read about it yet (ahem), but I want to nominate Kat's. What do you all say????

Okay, I'm gonna go rest my fingers, they are numb.

mannyed said...

BRAVO, Debra! Good for you!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi efurryone! You been busy beans! Hi Ping, nice to see ya. Hey, if anyone wants to see more of Ping's famly, their blog is Manx Mews. I lurve Ping's fev-ver boa. I could gif that a really good groomin.
Psst... if you don't know the Green Wall Garden Aminal Shelter, it's a bean store all ofur the country where Mom goes to get pills an stuff. She calls it Wall Greens, but that's a silly name.
We has a window A/C we don't use. I'm gonna ask my mom if we can gif it to an area shelter... along wif sum old towels. Great idear!

Emma's Kat said...

Why thanks ML! I got the email too and have put the graphic and links up for it. Someone let me know what happens to you when you click on the Bloggin' Outload link on my site. I get an error, something about runtime and I get booted offline!! I emailed Lynn about it, so, hopefully she'll get back to me about it. Just wondering if it's just my computer doing this.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Yes, Victor, it took me a LONG TIME to figure out what Green Wall Shelter Kitties were. Duh. And if it weren't for Karen C., I probably still wouldn't know. So there.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Kat, it works fine for me, I just go to the site, looks like a feed playing.

Is there a yellow bar up under the stack of menu bars et al at the top? Sometimes you'll get a message there saying you need such and such file, click and it will magically be installed???

Rose said...

Good Afternoon FuZZ Family!

Gee, what an eventful morning for our movers and shakers! And then there's me, the sloth...

When Deb called me to share her endorphins with me about the a/c donation, I was SO much in AWE of how Our Creator works through those especially gifted like ML, Deb and Karen C...I first saw Leslee Dimonds e-mail Sunday around noon, and in less than 24 hours her and her rescue FuZZes problem is, "K.C." getting Deb for a foster mom...everything falls into place when your plans are His plans too, doesn't it??

I finally updated my blog at noon today...I can't figure out, though, why PST is showing on it
(probably shoulda kept my mouth shut, maybe y'all would of thought I was an enterprising early riser!)

It's hot as Houston here in NJ too all this week...right now, it's 99F with a heat index of 108F. I asked Deb if the heat was my "DLS" and she swore she wouldn't wish Houston heat on anyone! But it's country wide, alot of you are affected, huh? Well, that's what summer's for, I guess...My Health Aide just called me and told me she won't be here tomorrow. I was counting on her to be here. I have no car, and The Royals are running low on food...sent a prayer up for a solution, and expect a reply soon! Never fails!

NOW, FOR KAT'S CAT of the DAY!!!
Ping, I know you know this already, I can see it in your eyes...but you are one sexy dude, dude! Bedroom Eyes in the left picture, with a little TT&T feather, you sly one, you. I love how you tilt your head ever so slightly to the right when you are conversating as I know you are in the picture on the right. Very, VERY nicely endowed in the whisker pouch department...much to be admired! You along with Boo and Jinx have enormously high IQ's, and GOOD RADAR to choose Debra's home to be your home, too! Quality attracts quality!!

I need to give my neck a bit of a rest...I'll be checkin' in later.

Kat, you know, you have one of the prettiest looking blogs out there!!! So much to look at!! I have a far, far ways to go, but an excellent role model!! Thanks for what you do!!

chat later...

Kim said...

Good Grief!!! Now I'm lost! Blogs of Summern? I'm falling way behind. I just don't have time to visit all these new sites and all these new friends! Make sure those who are out there to let everyone know about the FFGT in 2008! I don't know what we're nominating for but I second the nomination for Kat!!!

OF COURSE I LIKE THE NAME KC!!! Duh, KC/Casey?!! AND, KC is a wonderful person!!! So only good comes from a name like that!!!

Kathleen said...

Hi all,
Good on you Debra for accepting the new family. They are all gorgeous. No new seizures but on 7 different meds-makes for some loopiness.
This morning poor Rosie was trying to have breakfast but Cairo was on the scratching post perch staring at her. Rosie went in to slow (and I mean slow) motion until she got to her food. Then she kept turning around to see if Cairo was coming after her. I finally had to stand behind Rosie to ensure her it was safe. It is such a shame that Rosie is not more dominant, I think that would change everything but she became submissive the minute Cairo arrived. Cairo is especially fond of my boyfriend. I think I'll call my vet and see if he has any other suggestions (no, didn't get the spray this weekend).
What's NPO?

Emma's Kat said...

Rose - Thanks!!

Kim - I wouldn't of known about it had it not been for the Bloggin' Outload email and an email from Oreo's mom!

ML - I don't see any updates to install. But, if I click on the graphic which links to the post about Summer Blogs, it's fine. It's just when I click on the link to go to the current page of SB that I get the error and booted! Weird! I don't get it. Gonna try and go to the link w/the graphic and get to her current post page. See what happens!

Hmmm, hum hum hum hum...Can't get that catchy tune off my mind!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we think you is quite handsome Ping! we haf a fev-ver thing like that too but after too much nip Midnight pulled it right off the stick an you can see what's left of it on our bloggie fur yesterday but really you gotta check out our bloggie today cause Midnight wrote a really long thing that's furry important (an she says I talk too much!)

DEBRA said...

HI efurrybody!

Ping is our playful boy! He is really a very elegant cat. He is quite slim (he is only 10 pounds and his brother, Jinx is 15)and for a long time I worried about that, but the vet said he is quite healthy. He is just ACTIVE! He is also a talker, he talk talk talks all day long. He has such charisma and is so friendly to everyone. But we believe the reason Boo, Jinx and Ping lost their first home was because of Ping. We have called him our "special needs kitty" because he was SO insecure when he first came to us, now he is so far removed from that skittish fearful kitty he once was.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Quiet, Kat, quit that humming.

Kathleen, NPO is Non-Profit Organization, our FFCA (Fuzz Family Cat Assistance). Check out the blog at or find it in Kat's list of links on the left.

Same here about the Blogs of Summer. Got a couple of emails about it, read enough to find out you nominate and vote for the best websites. I immediately thought of Kat's and PDJ.

And you know the Secret Paws -- it's like Secret Santa but with cats and not at Christmas. Anyway, guess who got the motherlode???

Me! I got 12 cats, 3 humans and 1 dog. If this works the way I think it does -- $7 per gift - I will be accepting donations shortly. J/K. I think the limit is actually $7 per gift, but what can I buy for that amount that will make 16 beings happy?????

A family that takes in twelve cats must be very special (and easy), so I am very interested in their story and pictures.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Back from torture doctor. I have a huge swollen bruise on my neck, very attractive with my now blacker eye cause I was having a lot of back & neck pain this morning. I think I hit the world record -- about 40 shots. OUCHIE

Sympathy requested please! Going to bed for a little while. Don't tell any dirty little secrets without me. ML's from me should arrive in about a week. Who wants to know???? Besides ML!!

Love You Guys!!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

And I really love Ping, Debra. He is just so expressive. Looks like he has big paws, too. Can't get over those whiskers.

He's kinda a character, good at posing and photogenic, like Hank.

Emma's Kat said...

I thought they meant $7 per family. They can't possible expect you to buy a gift for each cat. Especially for 12 cats and a dog and 3 beans!!!! No way! I got one kitty. And, yeah, it's a girl kitty, who likes pink and furry mice.

ML - It's okay! You can hum with me! ;P

Karen C. said...

I got a fountain for my kitties over the weekend. They were a little scared of it at first, because the water was moving and they didn't trust it, but when they realized it wasn't going to spray out at them, they started drinking from it. I was very pleased till this morning. I caught Grr splashing in it with her paw. She wasn't just poking at the water, she was really splashing - having a great time and making puddles on the floor. sigh

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Karen C, you MUST get some pictures of the adorable Grr. Bet that is too cute.

Karen C. said...

I wish I had the camera when I walked up and caught her. She was standing in a puddle next to the fountain with a paw raised above the water, ready for it's next SPLAT. She looked at me, lowered the paw, and then acted like she was drinking.

momsbusy said...

karen c. that is too funny! she knows how to give that sweet innocent look. i can hear her now. "who me? what mess? i dinit made a mess. it was . . . someone else. i m sure mommy. purrs & kisses. i luvs you mommy."

we never have a camera handy when we need it. sigh

Karen C. said...

Yes, that was the look. In fact, I got the same look from Midnight at 2AM when I plucked her off the top of a wooden 3 shelf thing designed to hold small ornaments and only attached to the wall by 2 nails. We had thunder and lightning and maybe she decided she was safer very near to the ceiling, I don't know.

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

Who me, Lady? The dog did it, honest! I guess it doesn't matter that you don't have a dog.

DEB T.--when you wake up, you poor baby, I want to know what ML's secret is!! I'm beginning to work on a few myself, so...

RIQUEL-could you pass around the snail-mail list when it's finished? Meepsie and I have started making "things" for our buddies, both four and two footed! Meepsie is in charge of Testing & Quality Control. She is VERY strict with me.

Hooray for KC and Karen and Here Kitty Kitty and Deb!! You ladies are the best!!

So much going on today, I think I need a nap before continuing!

Ella's Mom said...

Ok I'm lost. What's with all the secrets? I feel so left out :-(
Ping is a real cutie. I love the expression on his face. Bet he's a real character.

Emma's Kat said...

Hey Lisa! Ok, for the down low on all that's been going on; scroll up and find ML's summary. She pretty much summed up everything a few comments back. How's Fitz doing w/Ella and vice versa, today?

Zeus said...

Ping looks absolutely wonderful in those photos! You're a special person, Miss Debra, for taking all of them in!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

OMG...just got the cutest picture of K.C. I shared with everyone I had an email address for. If you didn't get it, just sent me your email address at

Kim: I thought you would like her name! K.C. -- Casey

Ahhhh....such beauty!

"speaking of beauty" aren't the photos of me right after the doc horrible. I promise that I clean up better than that!


rosie(flustered) said...


Sultan of Ping!

(where's Linda-Kiara these days?)

rosie(sexually confused!) said...

......I have a dirty little Liptits gay?..................

Emma's Kat said...

Rosie - Don't know about Linda-K! I emailed her not long ago and told her to come visit Kat's Cat, but haven't heard from her personally. Have received everyday, forwarding type emails from her, but that's it. I've seen her every once in awhile commenting at TDK, but that's it! As for, I'm assuming you're talking about Captain Liptit's...Monicaaaa!

Emma's Kat said...

Oooops, I repeated, but that's it. What a dummy! lol

Ella's Mom said...

Thanks Kat. Well just when I had some hope that Ella and Fitz could learn to live peacefully, they had their first blow up last night. They got along so good all day yesterday. Since I was home most of the day I let Fitz out so he and Ella could get used to each other some more. Most of the day they sat together peacefully though Ella would growl a little when Fitz invaded her space. Since they seemed like they were getting along, I thought I would try letting Fitz and Ella stay together with the door open last night. Well all was fine until my mom got me up at about 5:00 am cause they were in her room about to fight. Then this morning I let Fitz out again while I got ready for work. Next thing I know, him and Ella are chasing each other around the house, growling and swatting at each other. Noone was hurt, but it was kinda upsetting to watch. I had to separate them again until they can get along a little better. My parents think that cause Fitz is a boy and Ella's a girl, they can't learn to get along. I still think they can though.

Karen C. said...

Lisa - I don't know the extent of the growling and swatting, but that getting ready for work time first thing in the morning is the time my 3 decide to chase each other around the house every day. There's often some wrestling and swatting that happens during the chasing sessions. Sometimes it's just a way of playing, though yours probably have issues mixed in with the playing.

Kim said...

Hi Lisa! Their sex shouldn't be an issue. It's good that Ella is being assertive(SP?). Fitz needs to know that she's not about to be pushed around. It will help him to learn his place. Once that is established, it should be easier for him to realize that there's no competition because she's a female.
Good luck and don't worry, it will happen. They're still feeling each other out.

Hi Mumma, Rosie.

Deb, the pic didn't come through!!! Can you try sending it again? How are you feeling?

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi everyone! Kim: did you finally get the picture of K.C. Isn't she just the most adorable kitty!

Karen C: Just got off the phone with the shelter. I have to call back tomorrow when I supervisor is there. I told them that I would make a donation to the shelter and waive their offer of spaying -- I'll pay for it my self. I'm hoping to 'sweet talk" the supervisor. I'll let you know.

I'm feeling kinda yucky right now, did ya'll like my "poor little me" pics?

I also talked to Leslie Diamond who owns and operates the "Here KItty Kitty Shelter" in New Jersey. She picked up her new a/c unit and is exstatic. THANK YOU TO HOME DEPOT FOR DONATING IT! I have invited her to join the Fuzz Family. She could use some $$ contributions: her story & site are:


Snail Mail: Leslie Diamond
327 E.42nd Street
Paterson, NJ 07504

So...check her out. She is an amazing lady who love THE FUZZ FAMILY now that she knows who we are.

Kudos to Rose for bringing her plight to our attention. ML: thank you for sending her a contribution!!

Okay, tomorrow is "D" day for Rose -- her package should arrive tomorrow afternoon. will have to wait about a week for mine. Who wants to know my dirty little secret for ML? Humming................MUA-HA-HA-HA

Ella's Mom said...

Thanks for the advice. So I guess a little chasing is normal. You'll have to forgive me if I ask a lot of questions but I'm new to all this and trying to learn. You'll be happy to know Ella and Fitz are in the dining room now sitting peacefully for the moment. I think I'll just have to keep them separated at night and when I'm not at home for now. I'm sure things will work themselves out.

Rhett and Rico Loco (Rafe too) said...

We are big Ping fans from way back!
Orange Rules!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Fuzz Pack, I've been napping for a few hours, the codeine finally took over. Got summer bronchitis, keep losing my voice. Oh, don't need a voice to post here, do I?

What is that noise? Humming???? Laughing????

Riquel, now that you are in charge of the list, will be happy to send what I have if you want.

Good thing I read this, was going to send out the lists with a request for address info tonight. I'll forward it to you if you want.

This list is in HTML format and has emails and blogs for each member. You just click on them. As HTML, you save it in your Favorites and access just like a web page.

I was getting ready to add the address/phone info and cats/pets info.

Anyway, Mumma, hold on a bit longer. What on earth are you up to??? Sounds neat. Did I ever mention how many extraordinary, talented, wonderful people meet here each and every day? Wow.

What is that humming noise?????

caspersmom said...

Boy is it hot. It's 108 right now and when I got home from town it was 112 here. The news had a map of the United States and the whole country is having 90, 100 or over 110. I have never seen it like this before. It's hot hot as all of you know

Now why do you ask if Captain Casper is gay or not? Of course not. Why does he groom two female kitties and let them cuddle around him. He doesn't even touch Gizmo (male) unless he is tormenting him. Rosie, why would think that? LOL. Good to see you around again, even if you are asking a crazy question. Hehe.

My Amber has all her fuzz shaved off finally. She isn't panting near as much now. She had so much fur on her.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I know a secret, Rose!!!!

And I'm humming another, older song...
[ you want to know a you promise not to tell....oh oh oh...]

Mumma, I went ahead and sent you a copy of the list...

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Captain Casper, gay. Shhhh, Missy would be heartbroken.

But good to see Rosie back again, she's got a lot of cool cats to check out. You want to see lips, check out Cairo. Beauty.

I still hear humming and it's not me...!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

ML: the humming you are hearing is coming from Missy & Bear. They know the DLS that involves you. Don't they hum purrrrty!

Going to bed with an ice pack.

Goodnight all!

caspersmom said...

Yeah, see Rosie. The Captain even has Missy for a paramour!!

katnippia said...

Thanks ML I will I'm sure that your directions will help.

Riquel - thanks i think I'm caught up as to who has what DLS on someone.

Ping, your still a very handsome boy.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Katnippia, does that mean you want a copy of the step by step?

BTW, there is apparently some add on program, called something like Blog Rolling, that lets you insert one piece of code into the HTML template. From then on, you maintain a links list online and it automatically updates inside your template. You don't have to manually edit the links list each time there is a change. I'll check it out...let me know if any of you are using it.

Hope you feel better, Deb. She should be bouncing off the walls tomorrow.

Kathleen, how are you feeling these days? Anything we can do????

Rose said...

Hi Guys...
I am such a douchebag...I submitted a picture of who I THOUGHT was Marigold to it turns out, it's actually BRUTUS! That concussion I got when I was 13 and thrown into a fence by a horse is taking an awful long time to go away...

I think I remember once someone wondering where Rosie volunteered at? She e-mailed me the link, let me see if I can paste it here,

yeah, it worked! I came across Pets Protection way back when I was searching for cat rescues for BS's feral litter. There are 4 branches, including North London.
The British really KNOW how to treat homeless animals!
Oh, to be in England...

I really like looking at Ping. If you visited Here Kitty Kitty's site
you'll see a line that reads something like "how can there not be a soul behind those luminous eyes?" So true!

I think I'll medicate myself and try to sleep tonight...I'm expecting a guy to drop by wearing brown shorts...
'night all!!

I want in on the next DLS!!!

katnippia said...

Yes please ML- I need editing links for dum-dums please. I just don't have the know how on doing it myself. I can do alot of stuff, but computer stuff, ha.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Rose, did you get the catnip I sent you yet?????

It should arrive tomorrow...oh, now I get it, that's why you are waiting for a guy in brown shorts. It's the catnip you are waiting for. Now I understand.

Not. Hee-hee-hee-hee!
[low humming begins.........]