Saturday, July 01, 2006


Zeblin is actually my 45th foster kitty! He was turned in to our local Animal Control when his family became homeless and couldn't care for him and their other fuzzez anymore. His time had run out at AC and luckily my sponsor Deborah(yes another Deb) was there to scoop him and the others up and out of there! He went up to PetsMart right away and was acting down in the dumps, so Deborah decided to place him in foster care w/me! He is such a sweet and loving kitty! He is well adjusted, making good friends w/Benji. He is getting along great w/everyone else as well! Hopefully he will find his forever home soon! I love you Zebby! -Kat

**Check out Bari's foster family at ! She is in the Texas area and Mama Tortie and her kits are in need of forever homes!! If interested you can find her email address at her site!**


Kim said...

There's sweet Zeblin! Hello precious angel! He is so sweet and I love him so much! What a handsome boy!

Good morning all! I hope this is the start of a wonderful weekend for everyone! How is everyone feeling? ML? Deb? Kitties and Doggies?

Welcome again to new members!!!

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! Just though you guys would like to see my Zebby boy! I wanted to stick him in and post him before he finds his forever home! No word on the family that was looking for an older kitty. Maybe they were interested in another kitty. Anyway, he's such the sweet boy and I wish we had the room and money to adopt him, but...we have enough critters for now. I am thankful for the time I have with him fostering him!

How's everyone doing this morning! Everyone prepared for the 4th of July? We have a place (I mentioned once before) called Mount Trashmore, that's about 1minute away from my mom. And they do a fireworks show every year. So we're eating at my moms and then walking to Mt. T to watch the fireworks. It's a tradition we do every year!

danielle said...

jake is on my lap. He just wants love. He keeps walking on the keyboard and rubbing my hand. He deleted the begining of this post. I was saying good morning (on a Saturday) Fuzz Family also that I am pretty busy today and will try to hook up my puter.

I also said Zeblin is so cute. He looks like he is right where he belongs. Too bad you can't keep him. How much does he weigh? The pic on the left he looks a little bigger. Well I have to make my kids breakfast. Is Sean home?

Kim said...

Hi Kat, Hi Danni! Yes, Sean is home now! He had a great time! Thanks so much for asking!

Kat, I got your email and will write back in a little while. I got up with the kids this morning and when Alan wakes up, I'm going back to bed!!! LOL! Yes, I'm feeling a bit lazy this morning!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Good Morning, Fuzz Pack.

Zeblin is too cute. How old is he? I am in love! What a pretty boy.

Danielle, so glad to hear Jake is helping you this a.m.

Got a question -- there is a cute little stray kitty outside right now. He is about 2 years old, I've seen him around since he was a kitten (feral). Over the years, several families here have adopted him, and then abandoned him.
It has been mid-90's every day, hot hot sun, high humidity. I'm worried about him being outside during the day.
HOWEVER, he has a cough and I am scared to bring him indoors. Several neighbors have told me since Missy's shots are all current, it is okay. Being the hesitant worry-wart that I am, I'm still cautious.
What does the Fuzz Pack think about this?

Emma's Kat said...

ML - I would not bring him in around MBE!! If he has a cough, it could be upper respiratory: could be something else! I don't know honestly what the symptoms for leukemia or kitty AIDS are, but I would not let him in w/out knowing he's healthy. If it's a "he" and he's ferral, he's liable to spray your house anyway too! I would just make sure he has plenty of water (kept in shade) and/or you could freeze a 2liter of water and set it in the shade for him to lay next to. My dad used to do that for his outside bunnies in the summertime.

Emma's Kat said...

Does anyone claim him now? Will he let you pet him? Not to sound like an overbearing mother, but if you do pet him, make sure you wash hands. My vet said upper respiratory infections/colds can be that contagious. Leukemia and kitty AIDS are contagious thru blood, saliva and bodily fluids.

Cecilia said...

Hi Zeblin. You are such a cutie. I hope you get a forever home soon. Enjoy your stay with you current mommy, I sure she spoils you very much.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I also think Zeblin (Zeb ???) should stay put. He looks like he just fits right in there.

Yellow Cat used to let me really pet him, in the past week he has become wary of me. I do pet him, but ALWAYS wash my hands immediately when I get back in the house. Also, *** THIS IS GROSS ALERT ****, he coughs and drips and drools. His partner, Midnight (from the same litter), "disappeared" last week. He was the runt of the litter and was very ill. Yellow Cat has lost a lot of weight and has a cough.
Again, it worries me just walking outside on the places where he has drooled, whatever and then tracking in the house. Charley's nurse goes over everything in the house with a bleach solution anyway, but you know me -- The Worry Wart.
LOVE the idea about the ice outside. Kat, thanks so much.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

BTW, is that Benji on the couch by Zeblin? Looks like Zebby is being a "copy cat" in his pose, doesn't he.

Emma's Kat said...

Yes, ML, that's my Benji boo! You should see the other pic! I'll email it to you! This picture and the other that I'll email you, were taken w/in about 15 mins. of each other! Too funny! Zebby's been trying to wrestle w/Benji, but it scares Benji and he hisses. He's still not that comfortable w/Zeb, I guess. They chase each other and lay together, but Benji's not quite ready for ruff housing yet!
Btw, poor outsie kitties. The yellow kitty sounds really sick!! Such a shame!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Has Benji-boo been featured yet? He is a cutie. Did a search and couldn't find him. Can't wait to get the picture.

Thanks for the help about Yellow Cat. Truthfully, I've been scared to take him in to a vet for fear of what they would find.

I'm going out and wash the porch down with a bleach solution to clean it.

Emma's Kat said...

ML - Your welcome! Catching him would probably be a job! But if you could take him in to the vet, that would probably be best and if he is too least they could end his suffering. With him being ferral it would be close to impossible to treat him. You'd have to put him somewhere separate from MBE and getting meds in a ferral cat!?? Yeah right! It could be done, but it would be a chore! Benji is over at PDJ. He was posted in June, I think?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Found it! June 12th 2006. The before and after shots. He is a doll, knew I had seen him before. Love orange kitties. Imagine, 3 orange females. That is unusual.

See how much kitty knowledge I have gained, just hanging around here with the Fuzz Pack!

danielle said...

You got some good advise from the others regarding yellow cat.

I just got home I went to donate blood. And Benjamn has a mix of poision ivy and possible exzema. Its all over both arms and chest/stomach.
I have to go get the meds I forgot. I will try my puter in a while.

Emma's Kat said...

Okay everyone! I've been putting this off for some time now, because there are so many new blogs! But, I couldn't stand it anymore, and have wanted to share pix of my fuzzez and foster fuzzes, Sammie, etc.! So, if and when you get a chance, check out: A Blog for Emma! You can get there under my links section.

Jess said...

awwww they're both so cute! i wish i could foster, and actually give them to good homes, but as you know, i end up keeping most of them which is why i have such a large household! LOL! i have resuced several that went to good homes over the years and i'm definately at my maximum number of cats now, which is eleven... LOL.

so thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! and to answer a few questions for now, Gail who posts here occasionally, is my stepmom so that would make Squentin my brother...LOL!

i'm 36 and newly single again so it's just me and the cats! moving out of state in August is the plan now so i have lots of stuff to do.

i will send pix of my other cats soon.

have a great weekend everyone!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Welcome aboard, Jess. Eleven cats, Wow. Look forward to meeting all eleven of them online.

Kat, I love Emma's blog. I wish everyone had a blog for their kitties. Make it easier to keep up with them.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hello Fuzz Family! I'm back in town. My husband is in town for a few days, he and Tatum leave again on Monday. We went to visit his 86 year old mom (LOVE HER) in New Braunfels. While there, my sister-in-law (Tammy -- lives 1 mile from her mom) invited us over. I'm there for one minute and see a stray grey cat & a stray white cat out under her deck. So...of course I'm under the deck making new friends. Not feral because they came right to me. Sweet babies! So, Tammy now has two "outdoor" cats. I have equipped her with all the necessities (ie. food, water bowl, warm place to cuddle up) for the kitties. I had a great time under the deck (probably looked like a crazy lady -- crazy cat lady!) Talked to Tammy after getting back to Houston, she has made "friends" with them (I take credit for telling the kitties all was well, because, of course, I speak kitty well)! Been catching up. LOVED the kitty yesterday -- beautiful. Zeblin is beautiful as well. Great pictures!Another Deb to the rescue -- good for her :)! Bari --glad you are with us! How are things going with Torti & babies?
Jess: Welcome! 11 cats -- you have me beat -- I only have 5. Sorry about the long post -- can you tell I missed all of you? :)

rosie(guest) said...

....Kat1...I love your looks so comfy...can Princess Fuzz-a-Duzz come and stay on your couch?.....

Emma's Kat said...

Sure Rosie! Did you visit Emma's Blog? You'll like tomorrow's posting! Emma's not a tabby, but she will be acting like a louche tuxedo kitty on tomorrow's post! How is your volunteering for the kitties going? What is the group's name? DISCUSS. DETAILED PLEASE!!

Kim said...

Hello Deb! What a trip. You found two kitties and brought them together with you SIL. That's too cool!!! Glad you had a good time. BTW, we missed you too!

Rosie, if you're planning a trip to this side of the pond, you have to make the rounds! We all want to see you! Are you going to try and make the trip for our Fuzz Family Reunion?! You better, I think Rose would probably swim over there and get you! LOL! Hell, we would probably help her!

Karen C. said...

Awww - cute! Zeblin reminds me of Cairo. What a gorgeous boy he is! I was at the shelter all day doing my volunteer thing. I got home a little bit ago and thought I'd throw in a load of laundry and check out the kitties. Seems my washer just broke though, because it won't drain. I just replaced the pump a few months ago when it started leaking and everything has been fine. Now I've got to take it apart again and see what's up, but first I have to get all that sudsy water out. Grr - good thing I have tools. No more kitty sites for work to do. :(

momsbusy said...

i shouldn't wait so late to post. seems everyone was busy today.

ml, please be careful w/ the kitty. if he is sick you don't want missy to get it. you would never forgive yourself. we just can't have a guilt trip going.

danni, glad to hear jake is wanting some loving. take care of benjamin, i feel for him. double dose of the itchies.

jess, where are you moving to? and how are you going to move 11 kitties?????

deb, good job getting tammy to become an adoptee. LOL

rosie, come over for the fuzz family reunion. who knows you may like it so much you'll stay!

everyone else, hope this weekend finds you in good health and good spirits. if not, a special prayer will go up for those in need whether it be physical, mental or financial.

zebby is a handsome boy. someone is going to get a very special cat when he goes to his forever home. it is so sad his family had to give him up. great job of bringing him back to health and happiness kat. hope he gets his forever home soon.

whew! i think i got everthing.

Emma's Kat said...

Hey Deb - Sorry I didn't comment to you earlier! I clicked on comment and saw Rosie's, commented to her and failed to scroll up to check if there were any more comments! Shame on me! Glad your trip was a good one! Enjoy your time w/the hubby and daughter before they leave! I know you will!

Karen C.- Good luck w/the washer! Good thing you got tools...and skills! lol

Emma's Kat said...

I'm seeing if my post name changed. I went ahead and changed it to Emma's Kat. Everyone can still call me Kat though. Ok, I know everyone will sleep bette tonight knowing that! lol...I'm just commenting though to see the change, and I'm bored! :(

Karen C. said...

Washer is fixed! Well, kind of... Last time I took it all apart and replaced a part like a real repair-person would. This time I can't get the part in time and I had to make a little device with a piece of pencil, a rubberband and two twist ties. When the parts store is open I'll get a real part and do it right. At least it works now!

ML - I sent you an e-mail full of my opinions.

Kat - Look up the description of Turkish Van (what Cairo is). I think Zeblin is at least a Turkish Van mix, if not all.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Karen C: I'm impressed! Great job with the "rigging"! I replaced the handle & pump on my toilet & was very proud of myself! Women Power!

ML: Hope you got my emails!

I actually had a Turkish Van. Our first cat was "Electra". She was/is a Turkish Van. To our great distress she managed to escape on Halloween, five years ago. Still makes me cry. I searched for her all that night. Then I spent the next 3 months posting flyers in a fifteen mile radius & walking 8 miles every morning & 8 every afternoon -- different areas -- searching for her. I committed every act of trespassing there is -- climbed over fences, under fences, under decks, etc. Knocked on so many doors that I could probably have gotten elected mayor--everyone knew me! She just disappeared. I choose to believe that she was taken by someone who was/has/is still loving her. I even contacted the famous pet physic.

Zeblin may be a mix, I can't see his tail. Is his tail white or color -- Van's always have a tail color like their markings. He certainly has some of the Van markings. Very handsome!!

Emma's Kat said...

Going to go look up Turkish Van kitties right now! He does have a black tail like his patches.

Deb - Sorry to hear about Electra. Great name she had!

Karen C. - You go girl! Girls got skills! :)

Karen C. said...

Deb - Enlarge picture on the right. That big dark fluffy thing is the gorgeous tail - hard to see, but it's there. It's the same color as what he's got on his head and back.

Cairo - Online boyfriend alert! Come check this handsome guy out!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi all,
Don't know if you are still up, it's 12:30 here, Central time. I've been glued to a book on Access database programming. I was a database programmer for years, mostly in dBase. Before Windows. Probably before you were even born! Since Windows, a lot changed. Programming changed. Windows tried to "simplify" programming by having you work with objects rather than sitting and typing a lot of pages of code. It's different. Kinda fun, like putting a puzzle together.

And why am I doing this???? For the list for the Fuzz Pack -- regulars and un-regulars (???).

Anyways....thanks for all your help about Yellow Cat. He seems to be doing better tonight. But I knew, way inside, better than to bring him indoors with Missy (and Bear).

Deb, as a now legendary "cat whisperer", may take you up on your kind offer to help crate him. But he is only "available" from about 7 p.m. until about 8:00 a.m. Do not know where he goes the rest of the time. I've asked, a few people feed him, but no one claims him.

I just learned tonight that his other littermate, a gorgeous light siamese mix, was run over a few weeks ago. There was a fourth kitten, a twin to the siamese, but he was adopted and taken when the guy moved.

Know I am the dullest person around, spending Saturday night with a programming book and being happy about it!

And way to go Karen C, wow, I'm impressed. Love it.

Hope I haven't left anything out, certain I have. Missy is sleeping on the desk beside me. She has been by my side a lot lately. This morning she started coming up to me and "mewing" (not a meow). Her nickname is Mew (or Mew-Mew). She's started talking!!! Yes!!!

Karen C. said...

I'm still awake. It's only 11 something here. I'm just waiting for my laundry to finish and petting cats. I'm more boring than anyone!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I liked the name, Mister Golden Eyes. He's sitting outside, just had to get up and walk Bear (again).
There's another stray out there now, one I hadn't seen before. He is more fluffy, white and orange. He's not near as friendly, of course, he hasn't been around as long, either. Tell you, it really gets to me seeing so many strays.
Okay, maybe Bear will let me sleep now.

BariD said...

Hello all...sorry - a long and busy weekend and I didn't make it out to check messages...I loved meeting Zeblin - what a sweetheart - best of luck on a loving, furrever home SOON!

We haven't had any calls or emails regarding Torti and the kits, but are hopeful that the right people will see them and contact us. They are 13 weeks old now and just purrrrecious! Purrfect age for an easy move to a new home. Thanks to anyone (especially Deb and Kat) for sharing their story.

Purrs to all