Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Six months after Boo, Jinx and Ping joined our family, another stray named Button followed me home. She was mistrustful of any animal and quite shy around people. She wouldn't not accept the other 3 and didn't want to live inside our house. So she adopted my husband's workshop where she lived for 6 months. Button had been had her pelvis broken (before she came to us) so she walked funny. The Vet told us that it was a had healed well and really there wasn't anything she felt that we should do further with it. But, Button had issues, and honestly with what I feel she had to endure, I would have had issues too. One day I came home and called to her like I always did and she didn't come out of my husband's workshop. Naturally I went looking for her when she didn't appear, but she was no where to be found. To this day we don't have any idea what happened to her. She just never came home. Sadly I think she knew she was sick and she just wandered into the woods and found a nice place and went to the Rainbow Bridge.
We felt like we had to look for her and we scavanged the woods, posted signs and finally broke down and went to the ACC. THAT was a nightmare. Not that they seemed to mistreat the animals but there were so many and they only kept them for 3 days. I left(we didn't find Button) with such a heavy heart and I cried all the way home. There were so many beautiful animals there and it was all so senseless.
The only good thing that came out of that visit was we got our Gracie. She was outside their front door and they had not taken her in because they knew what her fate would be. So we asked to take her and they said SURE! They didn't even require us to pay the adoption fee. So at least I saved one kitty. She has such a sparkling personality too, and she has been the best thing for our boy Ping. He needed to have someone with as much spark as he did to run off the extra energy he has. -Debra @ Manx MNews

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Claire said...

Debra, please don't feel badly about Button, you made her comfortable and gave her love. I think you are probably right in that she knew and wanted to be alone. Gracie is just so beautiful and you are wonderful for adding her to your fuzz family.

I want to let everyone know that Charlotte is now part of our family but while we were there at PetSmart, my husband-who really didn't even want to add Charlotte to the family, fell in love with a another little rascal and when we picked up Charlotte we also added him to our family so now we have 3 black cats and a 4 month old black kitten, which we named Dickens. I promise, Kat, that I will get pictures to you off all our babies ASAP-have photos now on our camera, just have to put on computer and get to you.

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! Gracie is so sweet and pretty! I love her broken up tabby stripes! How old is Gracie now, Debra?

Claire - Congratulations!!! So, two new additions, Charlotte & Dickens! You're gonna have so much fun with a kitten! Can't wait to see pictures of all your babies!

danielle said...

Gracie is beautiful! Good for her to help out with Ping.

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must see pics.

Good morning fuzzies!

Buttons came into your life to give you Gracie. sorry to hear about the loss of Buttons though. I'm sure you help was appreciated.

Riquel said...

Gracie is beautiful. Sorry about Buttons, we can only hope that she is now in a better place.

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!!!!

Debra- I am sorry that you never found Buttons. I am sure that she is in a better place watching over you. Gracie is a very beautiful girl. I'm sure Buttons wanted you to find Gracie.

DEBRA said...

Hello Efurryone!

Oh my how wonderful to see my little Gracie! She is so sweet and loving and she has been a savior for our boy Ping. Gracie has the softest tiniest little meow which is not total contrast to her "bark" when she is angry. She can actually sound like a mountain lion when she wants to. Kat, Gracie is a little over a year old now. She is still more kitten than grown cat though. But, I love that about her. She is a real cutie.

Kim said...

Good Morning my Fuzz Friends!

Gracie is so pretty! I love her stripes too! It's so sad about Buttons but you're right, she probably went off to go home to the Rainbow Bridge. Saving Gracie was so wonderful and it sounds like you got a wonderful kitty is the bargain!

Congrats Claire! Not one, but two kittens! Isn't it funny about non-cat people?!

How is everyone? I miss you all and will probably be back on Sunday or Monday. I'm going out tonight! Yah! I'm going to dinner and a movie with friends that I went to high school with, 19 years ago!!! I'm so excited because I don't know anyone where I live now.

ML, are you STILL sick? honey, I'm going to have to come and take care of you!!! Take care!

Ella's Mom said...

Morning everyone,
Gracie is so cute. Those eyes make her look like she is wise beyond her years. I'm sorry about buttons, but like the other said maybe it was meant to be so that you'd find Gracie.

Claire thats great! So you got 2 new additions. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about them.

I'm happy to report that my Fitz is back to himself and destroying the house again. He got up on the stand next to our TV during the night and knocked over all my moms pictures. She is not too happy with him right now. He got back up there this morning and when I got him down, he'd jump right back up. He is so funny.

jess said...

awww sorry about Buttons too :( but i think he came into your life for a reason, and that was to bring you and beautiful Gracie together. she is quite the elegant lady! and how wonderful that she bonded with Ping.

katnippia said...

Claire congrats on the two new kitty baby additions to your family. can't wait to see there pics.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Gracie, nice to see you! Such lovely tabby coloring... not too much white, like some tabbies I could swat... I mean name. Button knew what was coming and made sure you'd be found. We cats are so much smarter than beans realize. So your job is to keep Ping busy and out of Abby's hair, right? Keep it up, sister!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

First of all, where have I read the story of Buttons and Gracie before? Can't remember, but it is a neat story. I also believe Buttons led you to Gracie.

Second, can't wait to see the pictures of the new kitties, Claire. Funny about your hubby. The same thing happened with me when we went with Deb to the airport to pick up KC. Charley stubbornly refused to even consider adopting a second cat. All KC had to do was put her tiny head on his shoulder and look up at him with those sea green eyes. He never had a chance.

And, yes, Kim, it is funny about non-cat people. Like myself, for instance, now with a grown cat and a [sigh] very active kitten. And I love it!!!!

BTW, I am feeling better. Just something about this Houston air, I keep getting mild bronchitis and try to ignore it. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm still finishing up the new article Meredith requested, an introduction to blogging. Whew, so far it's 1100+ words. Once I finish that, I'll do the step-by-step to adding links. Promise!

Pumpkin said...

Debra, I'm sorry you never found Buttons but like everybody else said, losing her led you to find Gracie. The shelter only holds animals for 3 days? That's terrible! It hardly gives them a chance find forever homes! Especially the ones who get there at the beginning of the week since weekends, when people are off work or out of school, come to visit.

Gracie looks a little like my Tiger but without all the white. He's a pretty quiet kitty too and the only time I really hear from him is when Pumpkin is chewing on his head trying to get him to play and he's protesting the treatment. Funny story: late last night when I was at the computer and the rest of the room was dark, I hear little meows. They kept getting closer and closer and when I turned around to see who it was, here come Tiger carrying one of those crinkly mylar balls in his mouth walking towards me and meowing to it. So funny! I've NEVER seen him do this before. Even Bebe and Pumpkin woke up and came over to see what was going on!


caspersmom said...

Hi Gracie. I like your pose to my left. You look like a demur little girl posed there. So cute. So lucky to have your new Mom and Dad find you the way they did. I also think Button led them there cause it might have been her time and she knew they needed another to love and it was you.

ML Do you have a lot of humidity where you are?? You might need to get away from it if you do. Oh, also found the pictures of Sugarfoot that looks so much like Bear. Will e-mail them to you soon.

Claire, really like your story about picking up Charlotte and oh ah Dickens. These men really are pushovers but they don't want to show it. LOL

caspersmom said...

Oh by the way. The US humane society is willing to give China $100,000.00 for Rabies shots so they won't have to club the dogs to death. The article was on when I came on line. It's my home page.

Claire said...

Kim, ML and Caspersmom, He was a pushover for Dickens (who was named Dweezil at the time). He couldn't stop looking at this little face. The rescue group said he is 4 months old but he is very, very tiny and loves running up and down our stairs, Emma, Alex and Charlotte are all staying out of his way. I wanted to name him Dickens for Charles Dickens but my husband said it was because he is a little dickens and is quickly ruling the house.

Emma's Kat said...

C.'s mom - That's so great about the HS helping the woofies in China! Yea!

BariD said...

Hello all...sorry I've not been around much - it has been hectic here. Debra, thanks for sharing Buttons' sorry you never knew what happened to her.

Kim, I laughed at your naming your little one Dickens. We did the same with our Charlie Dickens (Charles was too stuffy - LOL). Today he weighs in at about 22 lbs of teddy bear love!!!

Purrs to all...

Bari and all at Cat Happy

rosie(flaps) said...

...ahem...everyone...check out TDK.
another one for the 'Flaps' flick far it's:
1. Spats
2. Emily
3. Cleo
4. Missy
5. Liptits (The Captain)
6. Oliver

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Rosie, I was just thinking about you.

Check out Derby's (the Sassy Cat) blog:

Scroll down to the entry titled WHISKER HUMPS.

Apparently a cat named Kismet ( commented that Derby has very large Whisker Humps!

Hmmm, wonder if WH's are anything like FB's???? Rosie, comments please.

Anonymous said...

BTW, are flaps the same as FB's?

Emma's Kat said...

Deb - I need Spats' tummy shot. Thought I'd saved all pictures from you, but apparently not! Rosie, I have all other pix plus a few more saved and will put together a Flickr box asap! What are we gonna call it?? Can't be to racey sounding, this is a family site after all....right? ;)

Emma's Kat said...

Anyone who has kitties in boxes, send in pix as well and I'm going to put together a flickr box for that too. So far, I just have Cocoa, Midnight, Casper and I think Cleo.

Emma's Kat said...

Anyone who has kitties in boxes, send in pix as well and I'm going to put together a flickr box for that too. So far, I just have Cocoa, Midnight, Casper & I think Cleo.

Also for the tum tums, I have my Emma, Benji and an awesome one of Zebby! You can check them out on today's post at Emma's blog!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

iu y67 <---- KC typed that!

Are we going to have a Tummy Tuesday???

I want to get a tummy shot of KC, she has started sleeping on her back.

Here is the [same ol'] tummy photo of Missy Blue Eyes, who loves to sleep with her ample tummy showing. Tempting as that tum looks, you can look but you had better not touch.

Photo location:

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

LOOK OUT FUZZ FAMILY --- I'M BACK!!! Whew, talk about internet or left eye is still twitching! LOL

Debra: Thank you for sharing Button's story....I've lost a cat as well, Electra, our first kitty...she just disappeared on Halloween 5 years ago. I searched for her everywhere...three months..posters, reward...etc. Never found her :( . So I know how you feel about Button. I hope she and Electra are at Rainbow Bridge basking in the sun. Gracie is beautiful!

ML: Wow, KC can type now? Such an accomplished kitty!

Claire: Wow, two kittens! Congratulations! Love their names!

KAT: Spats tummy picture ... on its way! is nice to be back!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Somebody, what do you think of the WHISKER HUMPS? See my post above.

Do you all think it is the same as an FB?

Hi Deb, good to see you back.

I've got to get a photo of KC on her back and in a box. Whew, she won't stay still that long.

Karen C. said...

Hello pretty Gracie! You were waiting for your new family by the door of the shelter? How sweet of dear Button to direct them there to you! I bet she's smiling about how successful her plan was.

Claire - congratulations!! Two birthday kitties! And are all 4 completely black? I saw Charlotte on the adoption page - looking forward to a bigger picture!

Kat - Do you have a picture of my Midnight in a box? I don't remember having one of her (well, except for the 2 paws attacking Cocoa while he was in the box). I have another cute kitty in a box picture I'll send you (without a name because I'm going to use it in the contest). I have tummys too, if you want them.

We still need to find a permanent home for Jade. Norma has her eating, enjoying petting, and even purring! However, Norma's other cat has become jealous and aggressive. Norma says that Jade sleeps all day, then wakes up when the sun goes down to eat and socialize. Do we have anyone with a quiet household who could give her a home?

Rascal said...

Button's story is sad like Junior's. At least we know there will be lots of good kitties waiting to welcome us at the Rainbow Bridge when our turn to cross it comes too.

Karen S. said...

Gracie is a pretty kitty. My sister has 2 tabby cats named Abigail and Sybil. I need to email pictures of them. It is sad about Buttons, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Thank goodness you were there to rescue Gracie!

I haven't been around much because I've been working overtime for the past 2 weeks. I've just been visiting the blogs and skimming the posts without reading them all, just trying to keep up with everyone. I'm taking a long weekend to spend with my daughter before school starts next week. I hope to be able to squeeze in some internet "fuzz time".

Tigersan said...

Button sounds like an independent cat... wherever she goes :)

Emma's Kat said...

Hi tigersan! One of my fave dog blog stars!

Wow, I haven't checked in for awhile, so here goes:

ML - I have MBE's tum picture already saved and ready for the Flickr box. Definately would love to have box and tum tum pix of KC too! Btw, I had the notion that whisker humps were definately the same thing as FB's! Did you get a look see at Kismet's FB's!!?? Wow!

KarenC - Have the pic you spoke of above, with Midnight(?) pawing Cocoa in the box, but also need a tummy pic from you.

Deb - Welcome back! Will be looking for Spats tummy pose to add to the Flickr box.

KarenS - Glad to hear from you. Missed your comments, but understand overtime! Can you believe school is right around the corner!?

Hopefully everyone will check back and read these as I'm posting this pretty late! ;)

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Kat, Just one request about Missy's Tummy Flickr Box photo. If you want, I can reduce it so it will show ALL of her, i.e., the complete Missy. In the other box, I could proudly point and say, that TORSO is my Missy! Ha-ha. When it was reduced within the Flickr, all you saw was an ample midsection.

I'm going to get to work on a KC tummy shot. Can't believe I got the shot of her SITTING in the kitty grass (see Missy & KC's blog). KC has a beautiful tummy and the most gorgeous shocking pink paw pads you ever saw!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

BTW, don't mean to sound too dumb, but are FLAPS the same as FB's???????

Emma's Kat said...

ML - Rosie(flaps) said...
...can we have a Flickbox called: "Cats Spread Their Flaps"? could be starring...Spats!.......and co-starring Cleo who can't even close her legs when she's sleeping and also co-starring Emily who is getting more decadent by the day.............

The Flickr box idea for tummy exposed pix came from that, just don't think I'll call it that! Lol! Sorry Rosie! Maybe I'll call it Tummies Exposed! What'dya think?!

Emma's Kat said...

Well, I'm off to bed! Gotta get a few Zzzz's!! It's 1:30am here! Yikes! Good night!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Ohmigosh, whoa! Okay, I like Tummies Exposed. Okay. Whew.
Yes, I had heard about Cleo and knew firsthand about Queen Emily... well, rest assured the tiny pure sweet KC WILL NOT be posing for that.
...I dunno, though, KC has this pose, posture...she's got these big rabbit back feet, she lies on her back and puts these huge feets behind her... someway...looks fiercely decadent and obscene even for such a young kitten. Gonna get some sleep too... too tired to think about it.

Anonymous said...

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