Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I adopted Lemieux shortly after losing both in laws and my Momma cat Cheyenne, and two months before I lost my Dad. She has brought me unbelievable joy. She follows me everywhere [even up ladders], cries when she can't find me, sleeps with me at night, and gets into everything possible. Thanks. -Ann M., FL


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

She is beautiful. How do you pronounce her name? Like "la-mew"? What a special companion you found, and just when you really needed her.

How did you find her?

Lots of questions, huh.

She reminds me so much of little KC and she looks so soft and fluffy.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

BTW, everybody, please check the Pet Prayer and Praise blog for info about another kitten missing in the woods. Mommy Heather and little Rajjah need your good thoughts and prayers. There are links there to Heather's blogs and more information.

Kim said...

Lemieux is so sweet and like ML said, she came into your life when you needed her most. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they know! Animals know the right person and for whatever reason, the choose us. She's a doll and does look soft and fluffy, and yes, she reminds me of KC too!

momsbusy said...

such a sweet little face. surely she was heaven sent to you when you needed her most. i love happy endings. *sigh*

i probably won't be posting comments much the rest of the week. my big project has just come in and i will be concentrating on it. when i get a break i will check in but i probably won't comment. take care all!

Linda T. said...

Lemieux sounds like she has really helped your heart to heal from some very difficult times...Blessings to both of you always!

jess said...

awwww you're story made me teary!! i think animals absolutely know what we need and give it to us with endless love and joy.
you have been sent a kitty angel :)

Lemieux is precious. such beautiful soft looking fur and i love her little white mitts and black paw pads.

Claire said...

She is a beautiful girl and I'm so glad she has brought you comfort. Cats have that special ability to know when we need them the most.

Anonymous said...

Awww she's beautiful.Cats enrich ourlives in many ways. I always say life is better with a cat.

Ann M said...

Yes, her name is pronounced 'La-mew". It means 'the best'. I adopted her from an organization at my local Petsmart. I volunteer with them now, because I am eternally grateful and hope I give the kittes comfort in tough times.

Her fur is different from any I have ever felt - like satin.

rosie(needy) said...

Co-Dependent Fuzz.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Aha, I found a Lemieux blog. Looks like it is just getting started! We can add it to our lists and watch for more photos and stories about Lemieux and her Mom.

She looks more like Cocoa in the photo on the blog, those beautiful huge green eyes. And you can tell how healthy she is, look at all that glossy fur.

Kim is absolutely correct, cats KNOW. They are so intuitive. From picking you out on to interacting with you day to day, they know.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Another thing you MUST see is the video Karen C posted called Grr Loves the Blonde Girl.

Sigh, I wish Grr loved me! Grr kneads and snuggles and loves and kisses on Kelly. And hey, it's no big deal, if you are Grr's favorite!

Karen C and I emailed back back and forth about how jealous we are.

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

Lemieux is a beautiful girl with a lovely story(tissues, please!). I agree that cats Know when and where they are needed.

Good Morning, all my Fuzz Sisters!

Flumpy was the kitten when he was needed. He arrived, unannounced, unexpected, and uninvited(at least by me), just a year after my father died. I was still in bad shape over Dad and needed someone/something. Flumpy picked me up at the mailbox on a wet, rainy night, climbed my pant leg, and settled on my chest and in my heart in about 30 seconds flat! He stayed "my kitten" for about 2 years, then moved on to being "Paul's cat" when Paul was facing some severe health issues and HE needed a buddy. He's still Paul's cat...

DEBRA said...

Hello efurryone!

Lemieux what a lovely name for a purrty girl! What a great story for such a wonderful kitty.

Karen C. said...

Ohhhhh - fluff! What a pretty kitty! She reminds me of that ice-cream with the chocolate, carmel & marshmallow all mixed together. And, as I have mentioned way too much, I LOVE dark faces with white whiskers!

...and regarding the Grr/Kelly relationship - yes, I admit to being envious. Grr ONLY does that with Kelly (the Blonde Girl). Kelly was at a sleepover a couple weeks ago and I slept in her bed, hoping that Grr would come and cuddle just out of habit. However, Midnight and Cocoa found me first so Grr refused to join in.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Mumma, that's such a sweet story about Flumpy. That's amazing.

Did anyone else have to use the link to YouTube to view Grr's video debut? Or could you see it in place on the blog, like on Emma's blog? I could see the video on Kat's -- Emma's Blog -- just fine, but for Karen's, I had to use the link and go to YouTube.

Speaking of Emma, love the video of Zebby, just lying on his back while Emma & Buttons play around & over him. He could care less. Did you all see that Zebby probably has a forever home????

And I noticed Calico MomToni posted one last time before her surgery today, at Pet Prayer & Praise, for sweet little Rajjah. Kat & I have Toni's address if anyone wants to send her a get well card.

Danielle emailed, said it took her almost two hours to do that one email. She was so worried about the missing kitties, Luna and now Rajjah.

I posted some of her email on the PP&P blog under Rajjah post. Part of it concerned how long cats can stay gone before they return, sounds pretty hopeful. She said to say hi to everyone and she hopes to have her computer working soon. She's got modem-connection problems.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

And one thing more, promise I'll "shut up"...I went to the new House of [mostly] Black Cats new WEBSITE. There is a list of the new CATIZENS and then it says Fluffi-zens (even a woofie).

I looked at the list of new Catizens and was very happy to see my little KC (peanut) and Missy (mew-mew) listed -- I had emailed and asked for them to join.

Then, I went to check out the "Fluffizens". And the "even a woofie" is Bear. My Bear.

I started crying. Don't know why, except Bear is so old and I've ignored her with the cats -- even tho Bear doesn't know she isn't a cat. I didn't even send her name in. Don't know where Mom Robyn got her picture. But it was a really sweet thing to do and it made my day. Probably my week.

Emma's Kat said...

Afternoon everyone! Yes, ML and Karen! I too am jealous of Grr's relationship w/your daughter, Karen! How sweet it is! My Danny Boy and I had that kind of relationship! I so miss him! Now, I love Emma and we have a bond...for sure! BUT! It's just not the same as my bond and relationship was w/my Danny Boy. :(
And yes, I noticed Ann, Lemeiux's blog! Can't wait to see it updated and I will link to it too!

Dante & Buttons update: A lady by the name of Heather has put an application on them and is considering adopting them both!!! She is going to talk to her husband and get back to Deborah! Yeah! I left a message a w/Darcy asking her how Zebby was getting along w/her kitties. I'm so crossing my fingers that all goes well and she is able to adopt Zeb!! I miss him though! Off to PP&PB!

Emma's Kat said...

Just spoke with Darcy and Zebby seems to be doing great! She said her cats are still hissing/growling, which is normal, but that Zebby just kinda ignores it! She thinks that if an incedent (fight, squabble, etc.) was going to happen it probably would already have happened. She doesn't forsee him going anywhere so long as her husband is okay w/it! She is giving his tum tum a rub and a kiss on his sweet head for me and will email pictures asap for us all! No more word on Dante and Buttons really. Deborah is doing background checks, waiting to hear from the vet, so fingers crossed everyone! Darcy feels this would be a great home for the two boys, as she spoke with the lady extensivly! Yeah!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

YAY! purrs fur the boys ta get a good home! an more purrs fur Zebby!

ML - Eric & Flynn's mum needs tek-nikkle 'sistance. are you 'vailable?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Karen, I've already been helping them since Grr first made me aware of their problem. Go talk to Grr, okay!

I've got severe computer problems right now, but got 'em backed up and copied to a secure drive. They are fine, just a few pieces of blogger code apparently got mangled somewhere along the way.

I may be off line for a while. Tell Grr she done good. She's welcome to come thank me by waking me up any morning!