Friday, October 27, 2006

Kat's Korner >^..^<

Kitten (n.)--1. a small furry friend with boundless energy and love; 2. a cute creature that you can't refuse; 3. the best pet in the whole wide world. (kitten shown: Mickey from TDK)

~Please don't forget to visit the foster's in need of furrever homes @ !


Emma's Kat said...

Good morning fuzz pack! Is this not the cutest kitten picture you've seen in awhile!? Hope all is well for everyone! And have a great weekend! I plan to. I'm going out with the girls tonight! Fun fun!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Mickey is adorable. Isn't that cute. And love the definition, too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

The weather in Houston is finally nice. Temps will only get in the upper 70's...finally.

Emma's Kat said...

Weather's wonderful here in VA too! High today is supposed to be 66 degrees! Yesterday the temp got to almost 80! I'm ready for it to stay cool. Sweatshirt and jeans weather.

Emma's Kat said...

Here is part of an email from Darcy, updating her latest adventure with Zebby:

I have to tell you what happened last night. Loud snoring woke me up last night. It was so loud I was concerned that something was wrong with my husband (he rarely snores). Then I noticed Zeb laying between us, on his back, with his legs straight up in the air. And, the snoring was coming from HIM!!! It was a hoot. I couldn't believe it. I made sure I was wide awake and then could hardly control myself from laughing aloud. He was so adorable. I couldn't believe it was from a cat!!!

Zeb doesn't sleep with us every night. He comes and goes. Sometimes Cosmo sleeps with us, sometimes Halle does and sometimes Zebby does. They kinda take turns and it depends on where they were sleeping when we go to bed.

Take care,

donna said...

Good morning all. It seems so peaceful and quiet this morning that I thought I'd say Hi.

I think I may have mentioned that last August I was laid off when the company I worked for ran out of funding. I was a software QA/tester working with computers. I have had no luck finding a similar job here in Bellingham. Then, through a set of conversations, the owner of a local running shoe store (and on-line store at whom we know, said he thought he could use me and my computer skills and perhaps I would be willing to work for them, part-time to start?

My first thought was that as much as I loved running, I didn't want to be a "shoe clerk". But I spoke with him and found out that he wanted me mostly to help with the back-end part of the business and the on-line part. This was more intriguing. So ~3 weeks ago, I started working there part-time. And the more I started to learn, the more I liked it. And it looks like I'll be going full time in December. The salary will likely be 50-60% of what I was making in the tech field, but I have the feeling my job satisfaction will be 50-60% higher! And they generously provide other perks related to shoes, clothing, and race entry fees :-)

Many times when at work at my computer jobs I wished I could find a job that used a computer as a tool, but wasn't the job itself. I was now looking at just such an opportunity and I was dismayed to discover that my ego was having problems dealing with the possibility that my income would drop so much. My dear neighbor put it well: "Money can be addicting." Of course, with the shoe store salary plus Bil's salary we would still be better off than a large section of the population.

So, it's looking like a career change for me. I'm going to learn as much as I can about running a small business including an on-line one. And it will be fun since it's a business about something I truly love and enjoy.

I saw the kitty-in-a-bowl on TDK and thought it most adorable. And every kitty appearing on Kat's Cat is simply gorgeous and I love the stories.

I'm glad Zebby has found his forever home. I really was beginning to think he'd stay with you Kat.

Sorry about the babbling. Take care everyone. :-)

Emma's Kat said...

Donna - Babble on girl! So happy you found this new career adventure! Sounds like it could maybe lead to other things? Your own business? That would be fun!

Well, gotta run! I'm off to go out with the girls tonight! Yea! When everyone gets a second, stop over to Emma's and see her blog's new look!

Gattina said...

I can only say : Bon appetit !

What a cute picture !

casper's mom said...

So true, so true. That's exactly what a kitten is. But I sure wish they wouldn't grow so fast.

Donna, congratulations on your new job. Liking it is most of the battle to being happy.