Friday, November 10, 2006

Kat's Korner >^..^<

A kitten is a little lion, with a purr as loud as a roar and fur as fluffy as a mane! -Unknown

~Please don't forget to visit the foster's in need of furrever homes @ Cat Happy !

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Emma's Kat said...

Good weekend morning! So glad it's Saturday! And guess what (ML)!? I went to bed at 9:30ish and slept until 6:30 this morning!! Maybe I'm getting sick? I know, I know, you all will sleep so much better tonight, just knowing this about me! Lol! Well, this is yet another picture I love, and have been saving for just the right quote, saying or poem to come along. And along it came! Have a great and safe weekend all my fuzz sisters!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi there, love the picture and the quote.

I'm hoping now that Casper's Mom is back and posting, she'll have a Saturday Scripture for us, with one of her great photographs. I missed that.

And Robyn is working on the Cat Blogosphere Calendar with Sanjee, so KC will be doing the noos all weekend.

Don't forget about the big November Purrthday/Gotcha Day Celly-bration (as KC would say) -- that's TODAY! 11 a.m. eastern time at Smeagol & Strider's bloggie. Be there or be square.

BariD said...

Thanks so much for continuing to share our fosterkits page

Not sure why placing them is taking so long - I know the shelters are full, so that contributes. They are both such sweet cats and need their own loving homes. I appreciate all you do!

Purrrrs from Cat Happy

Emma's Kat said...

You so welcome Barid! I just hope they find furrever homes soon! My foster kitty Dante too! He's so sweet, but so far hasn't had any luck in finding that purrfect home. He will though!