Friday, February 02, 2007

Kat's Korner >^..^<

*Kittens being fostered by Margaret L., mom to Mugs, & Emlee.*

Kittens are the original stealth bombers. You can't see them coming, and you never know when or where they'll strike. -Unknown

~Check out the new Kat's Cat of the Day badge and the new PP&PB badege in the sidebar!! Both were created by Robyn of HOT(M)BC! Anyone who would like are welcome to borrow them!

~A sweet kitty named Bo, who's had a rough start in life, desperately needs our help in finding a furrever home! If you know of someone or you yourself are interested in adopting, please click here to visit his Catster page for more info!

~Don't forget to visit the Seventh Heaven kitties! They are in the Houston, TX are and in need of furrever homes!

~Also, don't forget to visit the foster's in need of furrever homes @ Cat Happy!

~And visit the new and improved Cat Blogosphere for the latest "noos" (as lil' KC puts it) in the cat blogging community!

~Have a prayer request for a pet? Stop by the Pet Prayer & Praise Blog!


Anonymous said...

What adorable kittens and the quote is fantastic.

Emma's Kat said...

ML, it has changed your comment to anonymous. I remember someone, maybe it was at the CB, saying new blogger was doing that to old blogger users. Going to check the CB now.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Those kittens are just so precious. Look at how cute they all look together. Oh, I bet they are so much fun.
I love that quote too. It is so definitely true.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I'm trying to think if I left the comment BEFORE the traumatic switch from old blogger to new blogger. It's all a big blur now.

I've heard that is happening all around, just more DP Blogger stuff.

Apparently Kimo & Sabi had problems with the switch and the Calico Girls.

If anyone else is having problems, just leave word here, I'm kinda curious. Guess yesterday was Switch Day... just in case you had other plans for the weekend!

Cat with Hat said...

These kittens are so lovely!
By the way, their name are Eenie, Menie, Miney & Mo :)