Friday, March 02, 2007

Kat's Korner >^..^<

This is Extra and you can plainly see why! Click here to read more and hear Extra's story.

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Emma's Kat said...

Good morning all! Isn't this kitty adorable! All her "extra" toes are pretty amazing! Thanks ML for sending this story to me! Well, gonna try an get some projects finished and others started today. Fun, fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

rosie(galore) said...

........PTP's galore...........

Anonymous said...

I believe that polydactylism in cats is an evolutionary attempt to form an opposable thumb.

The evolutionary advantage would be clear: no more begging humans to open the tuna cans.

Cheysuli said...

Another kitten! Licks top of head. How cute!!!

caspersmom said...

What an interesting story and such a pretty cat on top of it. She certainly doesn't mind being held.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Isn't Extra beautiful.

A little extra work on the mani and the pedi.

Marilynn said...

My late kitty, Indy, was polydactyl on her front paws, and she was a superb hunter. For ten years, in our last house in California, she cleaned out the neighborhood for about a radius of 3 or 4 houses in all directions! She was the neighborhood exterminator!! I wonder what all those neighbors think, now that she doesn't live there any more!!

Kim said...

What a neat story, truly amazing. And cute to boot!

Hope your respective weekends have gone well.

Emma's Kat said...

Stupid blogger just ate my comment! So what's new, huh.


How are you feeling? Better I hope! Well, I'm off to watch LOTR, the first one.

Hope everyone's weekend went well!

Luna said...

Hope your respective weekends have gone well.
¸. ಌ´ ¸.ಌ*´¨)
(¸.ಌ´*(¸.ಌ´ Lunita)*/