Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oscar (#?)

This is Oscar...better known as the love of my life! He is about a year and a half old now. He is the first and only foster kitten I've ever kept - and I've fostered over 75 kittens/cats for the local humane society. Some people think I was wrong to adopt since I'm a college student, but what do they know! Oscar is spoiled rotten, and he will come with me wherever I go in life. He wakes me up every morning at 6:00 am because he wants food. He knows I won't get up then, so he lays on my chest purring until we get up together. He loves playing with Janey, my roommate's dog. They chase each other all over and then collapse in a heap on the bed. Oscar is the purrfect surrogate dad to other foster kittens that I take in. He gets along with everyone...humane, feline or canine. -Amy


Kim said...

I'm in love with Oscar! There are just so many great things about this little guy, where do you start? Besides the obvious, he beautiful, he sounds like the perfect, all around cat!

Good Morning Fuzz!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Kim. I'm in love with Oscar, too. He is absolutely gorgeous, and he does sound like the perfect kitty. He has the sweetest face and just looks like a little angel.

jess said...

awww Oscar sounds like a really great cat! he has an important job being foster daddy to all those that you take in. i admire you for fostering! it is not an easy job.
Oscar sure is a very handsome guy with beautiful eyes and lovely fur :)

and i think it's cool that he gets along with your roomie's dog too. don't listen to all those that told you not to keep him! in your heart, you know it was the right thing :)

Ann M said...

What a cutie. Don't listen to the naysayers, Amy. My daughter has a cat at college. She has had so called friends let her down, but never her "Baby Boy".

momsbusy said...

if you have enough love in your heart to foster then why shouldn't you have your own little bundle of love?!

oscar is a handsome boy with such a cute face. he looks absolutely snuggable! and to think he is a responsible young man helping you foster and keeping the room mates woofie out of trouble.

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!

Oscar is definetly a very handsome kitty. I really like his xpression in the picture on the right.He does seem like the purrfect kitty, but all kitties are purrfect in there own ways.
Phewwie to those who told you that you shouldn't have him because your in college. Besides, he will always be there for you. I have had my cat Taps since my freshman year of high school.

Rosie(who else?) said...

........ahem.......Oscar....if your a good boy you just might be a 'guest star' on MY new blog......HYAK!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Wow, Oscar is a great cat. He looks soft and fluffy, too.

So he was the one out of some 75+. He looks like a wonderful companion.

Tara said...

What a sweetie! I could cuddle with him! Tara