Monday, August 20, 2007

Butterscotch (RIP)

This is Butterscotch. He was a rescue kitty from the MSPCA . I got him in 1996, He was a moody boy but he was mine. He would follow me around and come when I called him. He ate anything and everything he could get his hands ons. He loved doughnuts. Alas he went to the
bridge last October, he had kidney issues. He was a misunderstood cat, but very loved. -Karen M.

*Visit Pixel, his sister he never got to meet at Pixel the Kitty!


Pixel said...

Thank you so much. you made mommy teary eyed

Pixel said...

I didn't add That I am Butterscotch new sister he never met.

Jess said...

awwww what a sweetheart! Butterscotch is so handsome and i'm glad you gave him such a good life :)
so sorry for your loss though.

becky said...

AWWWW! Butterscotch and Pixel you are so sweet! (Pixel we need to see you as COTD too!hint hint! ;)

Karen, I am so sorry for your loss. Butterscotch sounds like a sweetheart even if he was misunderstood. I am glad you took the time to get to know him and give him a great life!

Samantha & Tigger said...

Oh Butterscotch was a cutie and such a wonderful story so sorry Pixel never got to meet him!