Monday, September 10, 2007

Maggy & Zoey

I, Maggy (left), am a sweet torti-point Himalayan and am 3-years old; adopted when I was young by my family in Cocoa, Florida. I am a
talker and can be cuddled on my terms, tho am often aloof. Mom says I'm "the queen".

I, Zoey (right), am a cute and fun-loving 18-month old blue-point Himalayan. The humans took me in when I was jut 5-months old and they laugh at me (and with me) hourly as I can-and-will get into anything & everything. Mom says I'm the "court jester" to Maggy's queen.

We two tolerate one another... rarely we'll take part in a nose-tap; but we tend to be a bit jealous of one another. Fun time is our parents bedtime when we take great joy in tearing about the house chasing one another (never do that in daytime hours or they wouldn't pay attention). Great Grandma lives with us and we have to watch out for her wheelchair & her walker -- but they are so much fun to ride upon. Sometimes Daughter comes to visit and brings a cute dog; but he chases us under the bed. And sometimes little grandies come to visit and they love to chase us, too! But, all in all... it's a good life, in the tropical sunshine of Florida. -Thank You.-- The Girls of Zoolatry (You can also visit the girls at Portraits of Himalayans)


Samantha & Tigger said...

ConCatulations Maggy and Zoey for being KCOTD!! You two are very cute and we love the pictures on your blogs! So nice to learn more about you.
Your FL furiends,

becky said...

Oh no double trouble! You two sure are cute! Sounds like you are quite the pair, even sharing your special KCOTD honors! Congrats to both of you Maggy & Zoey!!

Jess said...

nice to meet you both! you are both beautiful girls and sounds like you are living the good life in sunny florida! i like your! congrats on being cotd purrty ladies :)

Maggy & Zoey said...

From Maggy and Zoey... and all of their family... a great big purrfectly warm thank you!

jane said...

Oooh you lovely, regal bundles of fluff! :)