Tuesday, February 28, 2006


  1. AFD - away from desk
  2. ahem - excuse me!
  4. atro-so-kitty - similar to atrocity (ie. It started with the unfortunate Jr Man, who is probably headless (and eyeless) due to excessive squeezing. There is photographic proof of this atro-so-kitty on this very blog.)
  5. Bean - what some kitties call their human
  6. BRB - be right back
  7. BTW - by the way
  8. CO - Cute Overload
  9. DLS - dirty little secret.
  10. DOF UK - director of fuzz-a-duzza U.K. a.k.a. Rosie (for FFCA)
  11. DPB - dread pirate blogger. Used when Blogger is behaving badly!
  12. FB - facial bosom a.k.a. whisker pouches
  13. FFCA - Fuzz Family Cat Assistance (The Fuzz Packs non-profit organization. See links (disabled) for more info.)
  14. FFT - fuzz family tree
  15. FPM - fuzz pack member
  16. Fuzz - An affectionate term for a kitty. Copyright protected by Rosie(who else?)
  17. Ghost Poo - packing peanuts
  18. GS - Gheeri's Servant a.k.a. Rita from PDJ
  19. HCH - Houston Cat Hospital
  20. HM - her majesty
  21. Hoo-ha-ectomy - neuter operation for boy/male kitty
  22. HRH - her royal highness
  23. Hyak - spitting out a furrball, or showing disgust or disdain for a person/place/thing.
  24. IBS - inner bad-ass (thought of by Parker from 2007 cattitude calendar)
  25. IMHO - in my humble opinion
  26. ITS - Irritable Tail Syndrome. It's when a kitty get's hissy, say like Missy, and puffs their tail out. (see Bonnie. Bonnie gets "booshy" tail so easily! I have a pair of slippers that make a noise when I walk, that's like instant booshy tail. -Jen, mombean to Bonnie & Victor)
  27. KC - ML's new kitten as of 7/22/06. Named after her angel rescuer Karen Chavez (Visit http://www.missyblueeyes.blogspot.com/ )
  28. KCotD - Kat's Cat of the Day
  29. Lady Garden removal or Lady Garden-ectomy - spay operation for a girl/female kitty
  30. LOL - laugh out loud
  31. LOLSTC - laughing out loud scaring the cat
  32. LOL-STC - laughing out loud - scared the cat
  33. Louche (lōōsh) adj. Of questionable taste or morality; decadent.
  34. LT - lip tit a.k.a. huge whisker pouches (FYI: Only Rosie can determine LT's from FB's!!)
  35. MBE - Missy Blue Eyes
  36. ML - Mary Lynn
  37. MOL - Meow Out Loud (thanks Eva!)
  38. MPD - multiple posting disorder (Jan & Rose are seriously affected by this disorder)
  39. NOMS - Not Of My Species
  40. OCCD - obsessive compulsive commenting disorder
  41. PDJ - Pet Du Jour (GS's site)
  42. PP&PB - Pet Prayer and Praise Blog
  43. PPorR - prayer, praise or remembrances
  44. Ptooey - spitting out an old piece of dried food, or a pill that has been stupidly hidden in soft food or showing disgust or disdain for a person/place/thing.
  45. PTU - Prisoner Transport Unit a.k.a. the dreaded Carrier (from Rascal's World)
  46. Queen Mum - Rose, The Royals momma
  47. ROFLMBO - rolling on the floor, laughing my butt off (polite version)
  48. ROFLMAO - rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off
  49. Royals, The - What Rose referrs to her cat family as...The Royals.
  50. RtR - Rosie the Rose (Kathleen's fuzz baby)
  51. Schnoort - noise one makes when being woken suddenly, or showing disgust or disdain for a person/place/thing.
  52. SOMC - Stuff on My Cat
  53. Stinky Goodness - soft canned cat food
  54. TDK - The Daily Kitten
  55. TGIF - Thank God I'm Feline (from Bonnie & Victor)
  56. The Triple Threat - Grr, Midnight & Cocoa (KarenS belongs to them)
  57. TTFN - ta ta for now
  58. TTT - Tease, Torture, Torment or Triple T's *See DLS
  59. Woofie - Affectionate term for a dog


Anonymous said...

LOVE KATSPEAK -- GREAT JOB! I'm running a copy off so that I can have it right next to the computer!

Thanks Kat!!!


danielle said...

That is awesome Kat. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Meowmepurr's Mumma said...

Rose came up with a good one:
GHOST POOP- styrofoam worm packing material

Anonymous said...

We have one that we have borrowed from the kits at catster MOL Meow Out Loud

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for displaying the Peace Globe in your sidebar. It is a lovely sight to behold. I have placed a permanent link to your peace post on my sight. I can't wait until the next one!

Unknown said...

I am honored to be on you list.
There is another one I like also
courtesy of catster
WTM (What the Meow?) You can fill in the human version mentally, right?