Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mrs. B

Mrs. B came to me after my cat, Kalahari died. A colleague of mine rescued her, but unfortunately she did not get along with their other cats. They felt that she was not very adoptable because she had a tendency to bite people. They called her Bobbi, but the boyfriend started calling her Mrs. B and it stuck. I’m not sure how old she is, the vet says about 8 or 9, but I think older. Her favorite things are sleeping, eating and watching Animal Planet (yes, really). She does not like to be bothered much and has the cattitude of about 10 cats. If you bug her too much, don’t be surprised if she bites your ankle next time you walk past her! She is actually very sweet, but she does not like to be picked up and her tummy is definitely a forbidden zone. She gets along well with Bubbles, but he sometimes irritates her, b'cause he will just jump on top of her while she is sleeping (and he wants to play). Then she gives him a smack or two just to keep him in his place. She is really just a sweet elderly lady and I love her to death, but she does not take nonsense from anybody, not even me! - Cecilia


Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! And hi Mrs. B! She is such a beautiful tuxedo lady. Cecelia - I like how you call her a sweet elderly lady! And it's so great that you took her in even w/her issues. You know the true her though, right?

Emma's Kat said...

Oh, btw! Rose, so glad to hear about the kits and that they seem to be making themselves comfortable! I can't wait to hear the stories you will have to tell us in the upcoming days!

And Kathleen too! How are Rosie the Rose and Cairo doing on day two?

How is the rest of the fuzz pack?!

Kim said...

Good Morning Fuzzy Lovelies! And very good morning too you Mrs. B! This elderly lady has been quiet able to maintain her good looks! I'm with Kat, even with her issues, you made her a part of your family. I know she loves you and it's obvious that you love her!

Rose, Kathleen? I can't wait to here what you have to say today.
Karen, how are you?

Well I probably won't post again today, and if I do, it won't be until late tonight. I hope each of you has a wonderful day!!!

LOA said...

Ilove this cat she is beautifull and she has my Personality lol this is y no one wanted her i had a cat like this ones name Lilly give her a kiss for me and hug

Deb said...

Mrs. B -- Good morning to you! I love "cattitude"! I love the picture of you curled up with your "stuffie"!

I last talked to Rose around 9:30 last night. Lord Brutus & Lady Marigold seem to have made themselves right at home! Lady Emily is a little hesitant, but I know she will grow to love them both. How could she resist!

Well, today's my daughter's 19th birthday, so we are off to do the museums of Houston, her favorite thing!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Good morning, Fuzz Pack.
Mrs. B. is certainly beautiful and definitely doesn't show her age. Love the photo of her in the green bed, really makes her big eyes pop.

Debra, enjoy your day and happy birthday to your daughter (is it Tatum that's the oldest?).

Hope to hear from Karen C. about her trip. And maybe Kathleen will let us know how Rosie the Rose and sweet Cairo are getting along. And want to hear from Rose and Emily as to how the Kitten Royalty is doing after their first night. Can't wait to see pictures!

rosie (bon jour) said...

...I, too would like to know what is going on in the 'den of depravity' known as Emilyrose's house!

Menage e' Trois Fuzz.

casper's mom (Monica) said...

Good morning Mrs. B and the rest of the fuzz pack. Mrs. B you probably would fit in with our group as three of our cats are senior citizens............but you already have a momma that loves you. Cecilia, it was great of you to take her in and love her even with her cattitude, but the sweet elderly lady deserves a little cattitude.

Well, it's 10:45 AM and I'm trying to get all the work done with the washer, dryer and dishwasher as it's suppose to be 113 today and later I don't want anything else running except the air conditioner. Had to go dump the trash, out here in the boonies we don't have trash pickup. Doggone, I'm tired and I haven't even started what I really wanted to do today, vacuum my house. Oh well, if it gets done, it gets done.

Hope after all the excitement of yesterday has everyone calmer today and the kitties getting to know their families.

momsbusy said...

cecilia, mrs. b has the most beautiful green eyes. i do so love the pic of her in her little bed. imagine finding furnishings that match your eyes!

Rose said...

Good Afternoon Fuzz Family!

My, what a quiet day! No Air Traffic Control or California Traffic Reports goin' on here today...*yawn*...

Day 2 in the den of depravity, uuhh, I meant The House of Myres.
Emily no longer "has her back up" as she follows the kittens around, and she HAS established herself as the Head of Household, so now the babies approach her with all due respect for her station in life.
Caught a funny moment last night! Emily's favorite snooze zone is on top of the 'fridge. I was chatting with her, and she decided to come down for a nosh. The babies were roughhousing in the hallway, and when they saw Emily, they ran OPPOSITE directions...a second or two later, Marigold, who took a left into the living room noticed her Brother and Protector wasn't with her, and I saw this little flash of FuZZ dash across the hallway into what has been known as Emily's room. It's now the Royal Family's Apartment. Maybe Brutus is right-pawed and Marigold is left-pawed. I read somewhere most cats are left-pawed? That statement might make GS laugh herself silly, but she would know if it's true!
I've already finished the exposures on the camera Deb sent up! It's like every moment is a Kodak moment! I thought about walking up to the Rite Aid to drop the camera off and get another this morning, but it started to rain, so I took a seat on my TV Chair, put my legs up per Dr's orders (yeah, really-it's a bummer in the heat because I have to wear these heavy compression garments year 'round; But especially in hot weather, since heat could contribute to edema.) Brutus has decided he likes to lay between my legs (easy Rosie, I meant Lower Legs, near my ankle and feet!) and Marigold prefers my lap, proper. I snoozed off and when I woke up about an hour and a half later, it had stopped raining, but it was quite humid and warmer. I put the A/C on which scared Marigold! (She's ok now). I'm going to go early tomorrow AM. it's a 1 hr walk, round trip for me (short legs!)

Deb, Marigold seems to prefer the Hills cat food David's neighbor gave to me instead of Iam's kitten food. Doesn't faze Emily any, she likes the "Baby food" it just because it's something different, or were they on Hills Science? I was about to buy Emily her bag of lamb and rice adult formula, but since she's been nibbling on the baby food, I wonder if I should just buy a bigger bag of the Baby food? I wonder what that would do to Emily...I need to go to Iam's website and find out..

Lord and Lady Taylor-Myres are again sleeping-on top and behind the back cushion of my TV chair! Ihey shept onthe chair last night, I couldn't get them to settle down in the bed. :(. But I can tell we've bonded already, they both meow to me, especially Brutus-both look me straight in the eye!!

I hope the adjustment period is coming along okay for RtheR and Cairo. I think Rosie has to see that Cairo isn't interested in taking over the house, just in getting plenty of lovin' and there's always plenty of that to go around!

On another topic, has anyone seen the summer tv series about the group of people who win a huge lottery? I thinkit's called "Windfall"? I've been getting into that. Last night (at 1:00am, after SNL-@@@ WIDE AWAKE w/FuZZes in my lap) I saw Kiefer Southerland's series "24". Like that very much...
A brief summary of TV offerings for your viewing pleasure.....

I should probably start something for know, I forgot to eat yesterday until about 8:30p!
I'm not going to let Brutus make this a habit, but I had a glass of Iced Tea, and I let him poke his nose into the glass, thinking he was just being nosey. Then I hear "slurp, slurp"...Nooo, kitty no need caffiene!! The bit of 12 grain bread I had left over, the both of them Loved, especially Brutus!
Spoiled? My cats? pshah!! but of course, I'm well trained...

I'll chat later!

Rose said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!!

Mrs. B!

Yes, you ARE the pretty kitty today! I love the green bed to match her eyes, too. Hey, so she's a dominant puursonality!
That's doubt she earned it somewhere along the line before she found you, Cecilia!

I do love Seniors...they're usually past caring WHAT you think about them!!

Deb said...

Rose: Sounds like the Royals have made themselves right at home. Both kittens were eating Iams kitten, but I would just feed them what they wanted. The kitty food won't hurt Emily, my adults like to eat it occasionally. Hmmm...Brutus on caffeine...could be a problem :)! As for the bread, all my cats like to nibble on bread. Seaborne loves to eat Black Diamond Cheddar Cheese, just little pieces. Spoiled, but of course!

Kathleen said...

Hi all,
Talked to Karen this morning-she is on her way home and all is well with she and her daughter. Rosie the Rose has definately asserted her dominance, which is amazing b/c she is about 1/2 as big as Cairo. Cairo spent most of the night in the closet but is now snuggled in bed-don't know if she has anything to eat or drink but we are getting her meds down just fine.

Anonymous said...

awww...mrs.b is a beauty! bless you and your friend for rescuing her and having the patience for her. she's totally giving the cattitude in these pix but she is so cute.

Kim said...

Hello again! I'm home earlier than expected. What a quiet day, it must be nice everywhere and everyone is out! I hope so anyway.

Rose, I love your lust for life! Your enthusium is catching. I love reading about your adventures with your feline family! I so happy that the twins are with you, you needed them and they needed you! And Emily, she's going to be the Queen of all her household! I really hope to meet you one day, like maybe at our Fuzz Family Reunion!!! I hope to meet everyone!

Kathleen, It's usually the small but mighty who rule the roost! I bet Cairo is just so happy to have a family to love and Rosie is going to have a kitty that is going to lovingly look up to her!

Monica, try and stay cool! My goodness, hot weather where you are, no doubts there!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Fuzz Pack,
So good to hear the stories of the new babies in their homes. Didn't realize Cairo was a larger cat. And the tiny Royalty, how cute. I can just picture them dashing around. Don't know what Emily looks like...hint hint hint. Hopefully, we'll be getting lots of photos soon.

And I think Rose might have even broken her own record with this last post! But I was happy to see it.

Thank you so much for the photos of Captain Casper (that's Cas-purrrrrr) and Cleo. Cleo is stunning, isn't she. And the picture of Casper's behind is just too funny. Where do you live that it gets so hot??? I thought Houston was hot, but you've got us beat!

Thinking about compiling Fuzz Pack info. You know, getting all of our locations, emails, maybe even cat photos organized in one file. Let me know what everyone thinks. I have a very rough, handwritten version so I can tell who is who and who is whose, but thinking about taking it another step. Anyone interested?

BTW, my Missy still likes to eat kitten food, hate to let her have it, is it good for them? I got a slicker brush for Missy and brushed her today, she was intent on "capturing" the brush and killing it. Kinda made a game and she let me remove about a laundry bag full of fluff.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Yes, Kim, I agree, want a Fuzz Family Renunion...can't wait to meet everyone in person.

Emma's Kat said...

ML, I too was thinking of better compiling everyone's info. I have every email address of everyone who's sent pix in and which cat belongs to who as well, kind chicken scratched down. So, I'm definately interested.

Kim said...

I'm interested so count me in! AND, I want to see Captain Casper in his invisible butt!!! SEND ME PICTURES RIGHT AWAY OR I'LL START TALKING ABOUT MY PERKY BOOBS AGAIN!!! LOL!!!!

Rose said...

Hi everybody!

I just tried to post ia "nitecap" and Blogger ate it!

Emily is confusing herself...she's still low-pitch growl/occastional hiss with the babies, and they respect her for that...but her body posture is giving her away...she wants to PLAY with them in the WORST WAY!!!
STOP THE PRESSES! Brutus just fell in the trash can trying to hide from Marigold!! Oh, ok, he jumped out...!
Back to a confused Emily. Yeah so her ears are pointed forward in interest, and the tail is just gently swishing, like she's waiting for one of them to chase her, not twitching with pinned ears like she was going to nosh on their ears...I keep encouraging her (or taunting, matter of opinion...) "Emily, aren't they playing nice? They're having SOOOOOO much fun!! Don't you wanna play???" Of course she does. She needs a session with Dr Phil...

Kim, thanks for the compliment! I love writing for an audience that I love, and I love all of you guys! I have a brochure from Big Cedar Lodge. It looks SOOO pretty, and the rates seem really reasonable! I'd LOVE to meet everybody! Yeah, we'd "trash" the joint!!!

ML, I love the Fuzz Family Directory idea...what do we do next?

Ok...finished up my nitecap. Everyone's safe and sound after quite a bustling weekend, Thank Goodness...will see y'all tommorrow
here on KCotD!

ThreeCatRose :D

donna said...

Not a nightcap out here on the west coast yet. And we are having a "hot" spell. It's 7 pm and it's still 81F outside. Now, don't laugh! For Bellingham, where the normal June high temperature is maybe 70, this is hot! They don't build houses with AC here.

Sooo, that means we have three melting blobs of kitties sprawled out on the floor trying their best to stay cool. It's ~86 inside the house. Uggghhh. Once the sun gets lower and it cools off a bit more, I'll take them each out for "walkies".

Hi Mrs. B! I bet actually stands for Mrs. Beautiful, doesn't it?

momsbusy said...

yes we definetely need a directory to be able to know who has which cats/kittens and their contact info. i recently got a email forwarded to me and it had pics. well, my earthlink acct didn't have the pics attached.

so glad to hear all the new kitties are adjusting tot heir new homes and the current kitties are determining what they should do with their new family members. eventually everyone will snuggle up and purrrr.

rose, what are you gonna do when B&M are all grown up and everyone decides to sleep on you while you watch tv??? when i take a nap in my recliner, kimiko and yuki both sleep on me. kimi on my lap and yuki on my chest. i dare not disturb my sleeping beauties as they will give me the "glare". LOL when cheebie was alive he would get at the top of the recliner and rest against my head. i felt like i was strapped down! LOL hope you get to feel that much love soon.

casper's mom (Monica) said...

I have to say yes to Cleo being stunning. As she grows older she is a real good and sweet cat. Of course she still has her kitteness about her, but yet she is so good.

It is so cute hearing the stories of the kittens and Emily trying to get acquainted.

Redding and Red Bluff California hit 117 today. It ended up 114 here at our place. It's finally starting to come down. We live twenty miles outside of Red Bluff. We are headed for Sacramento tomorrow for my husband's tests and stress test. He has to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours so I probably won't be posting for two days.

Hope Karen C got home safely and Cairo will become better acquainted with her family. I am very sure she will. Just takes a little time.

Cecilia said...

I would also be interested in a Fuzz Family Directory. Since I'm kinda new, I'm very confused about which people belong to which cats. Not to mention that kitties get moved around, so just when I thought I new what was going on, I'm even more confused!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Well, just checking -- no talk of perky boobs, kim must have gotten the pictures.

About the FP directory, let me think about it. May start with it in an HTML format, like a web page. You could just bring up in your browser, all the emails and blogsites would be live links (just click to access). We could even get fancy and have the addresses clickable to where you could see a map of the area (but that's next week). It's all pretty easy to do. Just takes time to enter the data in.

I certainly don't mind doing it, either.

momsbusy said...

ml, shouldn't we be careful about making our email addresses public knowledge? i get so much spam now my poor suspect/spam filter has been working overtime. it seems all it takes is to subscribe to one newsletter and boom! you've got 10 new "friends". i know most places let youopt out of being added to third party lists but somehow those third parties always get your email address. i am very careful about checking the opt in/out boxes. is there a way to password getting onto the webpage so it is accessible to only the fuzzpack? just asking as i work with computers but now in the way you do.

Deb said...

Count me in for the directory. What can I do to help? Rose, thank you so much for the updates! I love the way you write, I can just see the Royals at play. Queen Emily will start playing with the tiny Royals soon. Brutus falling the trash can...yep, that's Brutus! Kisses to them from me!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh no, this wasn't to be published online, just for our own personal use, each of us would have a copy. If it could be accessed online -- and that's a big IF -- it would have to be very restricted access. No, that's all we would need -- more spam!

Just get any ideas you have about it, such as what should be included, what kind of format...things like that.

I was a dbase programmer for years and years, so I know what is possible. Got some good ideas, too. But want to start with a simple (ahem) list.

Guess everyone could just send their info to me...of course, we must first figure out what info we need.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Another idea was to put the info into an Outlook Express (or Outlook) address book, then email everyone a copy to use on their own computer.

Don't know about Express, but Outlook allows photos included in the address book.

Cecilia said...

It might be useful to use Catster in our Directory. I'm not sure how many Fuzzers use Catster, but if we made a simple list with everybody's name, location, webpage/blog URL, e-mail, and cat names with link to Catster page, that might be nice.

Then we don't need to put pictures in the list and everybody can add as much info about every cat as they want.It would make it possible for everybody to add pictures and cats to their "family" without having to send out a new list everytime.

If you are not familiar with Catster here is my page for Bubbles.
What do you guys think?

Karen C. said...

Mrs. B has a couple of my favorite qualities - white whiskers on a dark face, and really green eyes. I remember admiring her on Cecilia's site when Crinckle was posted and I went in search of more pictures. I'd love to watch Animal Planet with her, and I promise not to bug her, pick her up, or touch her tummy!

I got home about 8PM PST, but had to put things away, run a couple errands, and start laundry. It's almost midnight, but I had to read everything and catch up. I drove a total of just over 900 miles, but it was a problem free drive the entire way up and back. Cairo behaved so well on the trip, though she was still sneezing and didn't look like she felt 100%. Kathleen is a very sweet person who makes a wonderful kitty mom, and her boyfriend was great too. It was just lovely to meet both of them. Also, I got to meet Rosie the Rose, who is just adorable and oh so soft! She has those extra furry paws and enormous fluffy tail that I love, plus the cutest little face! When she saw Cairo, she gave a few of the longest meows (or yowls) that I've ever heard. It was funny because it sounded like my kids when they were younger and didn't want to do something "Mom, do I haaaaaaaave to?" She was just too cute! Cairo gave a couple hisses and some low growls, but mostly tried to avoid the cute little fluff. I bet they'll be fine as soon as Cairo gets adjusted. She was put in the shelter June 6th, and had been stuck in the little cage all that time. In the past week, she went from the shelter to an adoption event, back to the shelter, to my house full of kids and cats, to the vet, on a very long drive, and to her new home with another new cat and more new people. Plus, she's got a cold and is on medication. Poor kitty! I'm so glad she is finally settled in a loving home where she can get the attention she wants and deserves. Thank you Kathleen, and bless you!

Deb said...

Karen, I'm so glad that you had a safe trip. I can't beieve that Cairo was so good in the car. Whenever Seaborne has to go to the vet, 10 minute drive, he just complains the whole way! Anyway, bless you for going to so much trouble and bless Kathleen for the wonderful forevery home for Cairo!

DEBRA said...

Mrs B look just like my Boo...but she has the cattiude of my Abby (also a tuxie). Abby won't take anything off me either and like Mrs B she has a tendency to nip.