Saturday, June 24, 2006


Attached is a photo of my baby, Tammy. Tammy is about 4 years old. We found her as a stray and immediately fell in love with her! She is a crazy little girl--sweetest cat in the world, but she's got attitude. -Jill K.


Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! And what an exciting morning! Cairo goes home and the kits!! I'm sorry Cairo has a cold, but that's common in shelters and she'll get rid of it quick w/her meds.

Well, this picture of Tammy is too funny! I love her dark charcoal grey coloring! Wish we could see her eyes! I'll be willing to bet they are green! Jill, if you see your baby, send me another pic and I'll post it! She looks like a very laid back kitty...haha literally! lol Oh, I crack myself up. J/K! She does look like she's a mellow kitty. Did she get into this position by herself? Or w/mom's help?

Rose - You're not excited are you?! You're probably so excited, you probably won't even come on this morning!

Kathleen - I know you're excited too. Cairo is so beautiful w/her green eyes! And all her fluffiness!

Keep us updated! We're all anxious to hear when kitties arrive and all! :: big permagrin ::

LOA said...

O my god she is so beautifull and a big Lady i hope it is ok to use the word big around her look at her nose is it velvetteen? i just want to squeexe her lol can i have her for my George she is his twinn lol send in more photos of her or to me at

Kim said...

Good Morning All!

I LOVE BLUE CATS!!! Upon close up she appears to be saying "I'm stuck!" I love when cats sit this way. She must be a real character! She's very beautiful and cuddley!

I'm so excited today!!! Cairo and the twins go home!!! I'm anxiously waiting for news!!!! Deb, I know you're sad, they've been such a huge part of your life. You've done something so wonderful for Grace and her kittens and now for Rose and Emily. You will be repaid many times over. You are such a special person!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What a beautiful cat -- think her eyes are a stunning emerald??? You can see the "cattitude". And her soft fur. Yum.

I emailed (all the addresses I had) on how to access Flight View. This will show you, in real time, the flight of Lord Brutus and Lady Marigold. The easiest to use would be the USA Today version, it will run on more systems:

You can quickly "search by flight number" by selecting CO (Continental) from the first drop box, then fill in the flight number: 510. Press the "GO" button to the right of that line.

The next page will show additional info about the flight. If the flight is airborne, a tracking map showing the altitude, groundspeed and actual route will be displayed.

The original FlightView link is at:

If you need any help, or just want a current map emailed, let me know. I'll try to stay put for the flight...! So exciting.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Now if Karen C just had a GPS in her car, we could also track her...!

donna said...

Morning everyone,

Hello Tammy. I agree with Loa's description: velveteen--but just not her nose. And of course she has attitude...she's a cat :-)

Awaiting news of our in-transport kitties...

Kim said...

ML, my email address is OR I would love to see what's going on!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Kim, just sent you the two emails. Oh, gotta go check, they should be taking off now.

katnippia said...

tammy, is a very beautiful Grey (Blue) baby. Shamy, is meewing who is that beautiful girl? Hopefully Sia didn't hear that. Jill thanks for sharing your baby with us.
Kitty Prayers and kisses for Cairo, Lady Marigold, and Lord Brutus for a safe trip.

momsbusy said...

so much happening today!

tammy you look so soft and cuddly. is that your "i'm comfortable leave me alone or else" look? you have an inviting belly. is it rubbable????

can't wait to see pics of cairo, brutus & marigold w/ their forever families. hint hint

hope everyone is well today. glad to hear you're doing better deb. you did have a triple whammy going there. i'm sure brutus & marigold helped you recover.

i have finally finished my anitbiotics but i still have a bit of a cough. thought i was losing my voice yesterday. it seems fine today except i have to keep clearing my throat. got a bad feeling about this.

hoping to go spend some time w/ my daughter today. gonna TRY to buy me a bathing suit. since i am self conscience (more like modest) about my body this is always a major challenge. wonder if i can find one of those suits like they wore in the 20's?? (jk lol) probably won't post again until late. hope everyone has a great weekend!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Fuzz Pack, IMPT *****
Marilynn just sent an email suggesting Continental Airline's site: Go to the "Check Flight Status" box (middle near bottom of page) and enter the flight number (510). There is the flightview map and everything, so simple. Just noticed it is in flight at 9:01 a.m Central Time.
Many many thanks to Marilynn -- this is Gracie's new mom and her grandson adopted Pete and Foster.

Cecilia said...

Tammy, what a pretty cat you are. And I love your blue velvet coloring. And your cattitude.

Rose said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!

**yawn** another lazy Saturday...
would've slept in, since I was up intil about 4:00 this morning, just @@@@@ THINKING AT WARPED SPEED!!! @@@@@@. I've been clock watching this morning, thinking, "ok, Deb is probably bringing the carrier out. Ok, Deb is probably placing the FuZZettes in. Ok, Deb and the girls are probably heading out the door. etc,etc!! Deb just called me a few minutes ago. There was a glitch at the a/p. Seems there was a slow moving line at check in, and by the time they got to the desk, they were notified the flight was closed, and the next flight out was flight 40, that departs at 10:40 and arr at 3:35. ML, I've got to check that site out! I was going on Continental's site, and signed up for e-mail alerts in 1 hour increments as to the progress of the flight. So far, the stats look like they are expecting a tailwind, because at the moment they post an est of 3:20, which would be nice! That can change say, if Newark does what they were doing last night and put a "ground hold" on arr flights. That just means they anticipate storms in the area at the arrival time of a flight, and will notify the origin a/p to delay the flight until the weather system clears. On the FAA site, both Huoston and Newark have the "Green Light"! Deb said Lord and Lady Taylor-Myres were sleeping like good ol' seasoned jetsetters! Paris Hilton, eat your heart out!

Ohhh, poor Cairo has a headcold?! I'm with you Karen, I'd have to get her to the vet too. It was probably a good thing so the cold will not get a good foothold now. I can't get over Cairo's temperment! She just LOVES LIFE! I'm serious, she's a FuZZy Inspiration! She seems to be full of gratitude, like she knows she is blessed with some of the Best Hearts on the planet taking care and loooovving her for everythng she's worth!

Tammy is too funny! I love to see cats sitting up! Meatloaf, a ginger cat that owned me and my mother when I was in H.S. was somewhat routund (sp?) and in the process of grooming himself, sometimes he'd have to take a break, and he'd be in the position Tammy's in while he had his "breather"! At first i thought she was black, but now I can see she's a nice soft plush gray (blue-gray?). I'd like to see her eyes, too, unless she just carries that expression as the CoolFuZZ that she knows she is!

I gotta go check ML's tracking site!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Are you saying the royalty is NOT on Flight 510??????

Rose said...

MOMSBUSY !! What kind of "bad feeling" do you have about clearing your throat?? Do you think your bronchitis is coming back? Call the Doc now, maybe you need to switch meds to avert a rebound...feelings shouldn't be ignored. Whenever I neglect that first little whisper that says, "heads up, Daughter", I find myself trying to take the reins and make a horrible mess of something that would have been such a simple thing to fix.
So, do as I say and ot as I do, but am trying not to do in future...get it?!

Karen C. said...

Furrrst of all, Tammy is the most beautiful color ever! Such a cute expression!!

Second, I may not have a GPS, but I do have a cell phone with unlimited weekends - 310-347-7321. Feel free to call :)

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Karen C., when are you leaving? How is Ms. Cairo doing this morning? Hope she is feeling better. Glad you got her started on meds early.

Moms, please listen to Rose (and me). Bronchitis is nothing to fool around with. Hard to get over completely, take care.

Jill, would love to see more pictures of Tammy (not so subtle hint), she is a beauty. Never seen anything like her fur. Looks soooo sooooft.

Rose said...

ML and fellow FuZZ Packers!

Their Royal Highnesses are now scheduled on CO 40, departing Houston at 10:40a and arriving Gate C 70, Terminal C, and will be
expecting Their Humble Servant to claim them at the Baggage Service area. Emily, Princess of Middlesex is anticipating meeting her distant kin with great pleasure.

I LOVE that in-flight picture on was it USA tracking site?!

There is another Continental flight 40...leaves Newark at 7:29p to arrive in ROME,ITALY at 8:23a!
The flight confusion could have taken a more exotic turn!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I saw that also, Humble Servant had better grab the Royal Highnesses FAST or they'll be on their way to Rome. Ha-ha.

I'll check on the map, went through a zillion of 'em. Think it is the Flightview LIVE, takes a few minutes to load (using a single processor computer right now).

I liked your sites, too, the FAA and also signed up for flight status, except for the WRONG FLIGHT.

Well, they should be taking off very soon now....! Godspeed, Lord Brutus and Lady Marigold.

Rose said...

...uhhhh..have any of you noticed that when I post, there seems to be a little image of a Garbage Can at the lower left corner???

Is that some kind of Blogger-Hint??!!!!

I must take exception to that!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

No, Rose, you have made an amazing discovery. It is merely an icon visible to the poster only. Click it and your post is TRASH. Get it?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

From what I can tell, 40 is scheduled to depart at 11:16 Houston time. Newark must be having some weather, they are having a lot of delays. What's it like there, Rose?
Those are gonna be some tired out little kits. Do you think Emily suspects? Of course she does, cats are brilliant. Can't wait until you see them, they are gorgeous. And remember, they have also seen Bear and Missy.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Okay, the continental site is saying there is a delay due to plane change. Does anyone know what that is -- is it what it sounds like????

Mumma in Tucson said...

I'm so excited for all our travellers, and those waiting for them; if I were a dog, I'd have two tails, and I'd be wagging both of them.

Karen C.--you may regret giving out your cell phone number!! It may be a busier drive than you think it will be. I hope Miss Cairo feels better.

As for Their Royal Highnesses, sleep like good kittens, and the plane WILL fly "Shiny Side Up, Rubber Side Down." Your forever mommy will be bouncing up and down, and waiting for you. BTW, ROSE, from your description, you and I share the same height and build; when I bounce, I REALLY bounce!!

Someone, maybe ML, was asking about natural cat litter. My sister uses Swheat Scoop. It is made from wheat, and claims to be All Natural. It really helps with "Cat-box stink" and it clumps like a champ. I think she gets it at Petsmart.

Huggles to all--

Mumma in Tucson said...

OOPS!! Tammy, you are a pretty girl. You look like you might be mostly Russian Blue. My sister Kitty has been owned by two Blues, both were lovers!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Thanks mumma, I'll try it. So glad to have a personal recommendation.

Tammy is the most beautiful Russian Blue I have ever seen. Been around a bunch of them, too... all my friends in Dallas have Blues. But Tammy is just so beautiful, her fur is so lucious and thick.

Rose said...

Just checked on the link ML provided-flightview-the Flyng FuZZ are at an altitude of 12,400'!!!!!!!
That's not even cruising altitude yet!
OMGosh, it's really happening!!!

Yeah, Deb, I when I bounce, there's a siesmic reading somewhere!!!

~~~Gotta go look again!!!~~~

I tried to click onto the live button, but the window opens than closes on me, like one of the ad-blockers on my machine is stopping it. I've had it happen on other sites before...foes that mean I have to click on something to enable that site?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Yes, it's probably an ad blocker. If the ad blocker icon is on your tool bar, click it and you can de-select block pop-ups on this page. Then it should work.

I'll send you a picture of the live, it's really not much better. Pre-911, there was a great real-time website, more like an air traffic controller view.

But they are airborne. Have you talked to Deb again? My hubby has a commercial pilot license and I had a private license a few years ago. Alot has happened to us physically since then, but it was FUN. Almost as good as cats and computers.

Today I had dreams of us flying Deb and the Royalty up to you.

Rose said...

ooops! I meant mumma---Hi Mumma!!!!! I love the comment about if you were a dog with 2 tails...that's too funny!!!
The Jetsetting FuZZ are now at an altitude of 31,000'! About 2hrs, 15 minutes from destination...someone pinch me!
maybe I'll go aggrivate Emily, that's usually good for a quick non-flesh-piercing nip...

Rose said...

Hi ML! THAT's how one would delete an obscene comment one had made under the influence...I wondered when I saw messages like "post deleted by sender" or something.

You know, I did notice the delay in departure, but I didn't notice a reason. Delay due to plane change...I REALLY hope that meant the pilot didn't like his inspection, and asked for a different aircraft, and that they didn't have any thing on board at the time. The Animal service is supposed to place the kittens when the call goes out for passengers to board, something like 30 minuted before departure. Methinks I would like to call and talk to a rep at the Animal Help Desk...
It's sooo upsetting, to think that the U.S. was still so inocent pre 9/11, and now really so many little freedoms have been taken from us...It's like, they've won a significant battle by taking a good sized ortion of American's freedom away from there.

No, none of that...
gotta check the flight progress again!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, Rose, you will have them in about 2 hours. Three hours tops, for everything. Wish we could all be with you. Looks like they are following a storm line all the way in.

Has anyone heard from Kathleen today?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Rose, you are too funny. Yes, that's exactly what the trashcan is for, deleting obscene comments made under the influence. Too cute.

When are you going to the airport? Or are you? Tell us your plans! You've got under 2 hours now until Kitty Royalty happens.

Rose said...

Well, when I spoke to the Limo guy, he suggested that even though the flight is due in at 3:35, that in his estimation, off loading takes about 20-30 minutes, which I remember that's about right. So, since there's 20 minutes free wait time, the driver will pick me up at 3:30, so I'll be at the a/p at about 3:55 or so. It's not currently raining, but I saw the line of scattered storms too! There is a ground delay at EWR now, but it happened after the flight left. I just checked in, and the Flight Royal just entered western Tennessee! It seems to be on time, so far. The storms around the area seem offshore now, but the wx system stuck over NJ is unstable, so there could be a storm or at least rain when the flight is making it's approach.
estimate eta shows 3:27. They're travelling at 493 knots (forget what that translates to...knew once upon a time) and they are at an altitude of 33,000'. This is just all too awesome!

Kathleen said...

Hi all,
Waiting anxiously for Karen and Cairo. Rosie seems to know there is something up...
Be careful with that cough, I've been sick for weeks and was finally diagnosed with pneumonia.

Emma's Kat said...

This is so exciting!

I too was wondering if anyone had heard from Kathleen. I'm sure she's busy getting ready for Cairo's arrival. Anyone talked to Karen? Maybe I'll call her in a minute.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

A knot is about 1.15 miles, so 493 mph would be about 567.33 kph.

The trip looks pretty good, it's those storms up by the airport that may create delays.

You've got a limo to the airport. How very cool. You remember, we expect a full report. You can slide until tomorrow, maybe, but we want to know all about it.

The Flight Royal. Cute.

Emma's Kat said...

Oh, hi Kathleen! What is Karen's estimated time of arrival!?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Kathleen, we were just wondering where you were. You're going to take some pictures, too, aren't you?

Cairo is just beautiful, inside and out. And I can't wait to see Rosie as well. You have a lovely cat family.

Keep us posted...!

Rose said...

Hey guys, the Flight Royal is over the DC/Maryland area; about 25 minutes out....ohhh!

I had to look at somethng else, and I found something in my Sunday newspaper circulars that for whatever reason the carrier puts in today's paper. I found something very interesting and useful to KIM! Hi Kim! Did I say hi yet to you KIM? I have to say hi to KAT TOO, but I want to make sure I have BOTH KIM AND KAT covered!! ok, anyway, as I was saying, there's this new item, that is said to "Prevent Bra Damage" while machine washing and drying, "Keeps your bras looking new". It is called the Bra Baby. It's sold by a company called, and is so new it's not on the website yet BUT I CAN MAIL YOU THE ADVERT!!
It looks like a plastic cantaloupe skeleton ( if they had a skeletal system ) and inside, there's a smaller, grapefruit size skeletal looking thing. So, the object is to insert bra cups to conform to the cantaloupe thingy, than put the apple sized thingy to support the inside of the cups, snap shut, and off to the washer/dryer you go.
It's price is $9.95 plus s&h. This is for real. Honest. I have 15 minutes before I leave for the airport, I would not jest!
(well, I am teasing you, Kim, because I'm jealous of your newfound perkiness...) There is such a product. Actually, it's a good idea, I hate to hand wash anything...

I love this site, we can talk about all sorts of things aside from our FuZZy Owners...Oh, that reminds me, a la Rosie ---
Where the hell is Larry?!
Just jump right in, dude! We're family, after all!

Gotta go get my shoes on (*deep breath*) EST now only 12 minutes!


Chat later, you bet I will!

Rose said...


The Bra Baby

Buy stocks NOW!

ok, I'm off.....

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Fuzz Pack, the Flight Royal landed at 3:23 p.m. Yeah. Royalty Fuzz on the ground.

Mumma in Tucson said...

Last Larry Sight--at PDJ, fussing(not fuzzing) about the trivia question. I agree with Deb!

BTW- "to fuzz" is now a verb at our house. Paul will hear me cackling or cooing and just sigh and say "Are you fuzzing?"

Rose said...

The're Heeeerrrrrreeeeeeeeee!!!!

I'll post a lot more later - gotta go take some pics!

Oh you guys, they are SO Beautiful!!!!

Deb, I'll never be able to thank you enough!


Oh! Brutus just did caca-popo, and I just showed him where the litter was minutes ago! They're casing the joint, it's so cute!

Has anyone heard from Karen? Has she found Kathleen's house ok?
I'll check back later!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hey Rose, you think you wanna keep 'em???? j/k!

Deb said...

ATTENTION FUZZ FAMILY: MARIGOLD & BRUTUS ARE OFFICIALLY WITH ROSE! CONFETTI DROPPING ALL AROUND! I just talked to Rose & the babies are finally with her. Yippee!! Alas, I do miss them, but they are where they were meant to be!

Emma's Kat said...

Yeahhhhh!! I had to break out a tissue! I'm so happy for you Rose! Now if we could just hear something from Karen or Kathleen!!

donna said...

This is so wonderful. I feel all warm & fuzzy, just like Rose will feel with M&B near her. Sigh.

Now *this* is a happy ending. Another one to come soon I hope, for Cairo.

casper's mom (Monica) said...

Yea!!! The royal puddy tats are on the ground and in their new home. Have a royal funtime Rose!!

Sorry Tammy, but you look like you were a naugty kitty and are sitting in the corner. Did Momma tell you to go sit in the corner?? Just tell her to pet your velvet fuzz and Momma will get over what ever you did.

We will all be checking in until Kathleen or Karen C will be checking in.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Has anyone talked to Karen C? Think it is about an 8 hour drive, not positive.

Just so happy for Rose and the royal kitties. And for Deb, because without here rescue of the beautiful cat family, none of this would have happened.

Now I can't wait to hear about Cairo.

It's been a great Saturday.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....Tammy looks beautiful, but i can't see her eyes! LOL! i bet she's a soft and furry sweetheart.

Kim said...

"OH HAPPY DAY!" The twins are with their Momma!!! I can't believe how happy and excited I am! The two little kittens have brought so many people together. Actually, it all started with a Mommy cat named Grace and her little kittens! B and M were the last chapter of an incredible story! And now to close out our extraordinary day, Kathleen and Rose will be joining with their new family member, Cairo!

Rose, thank you and yes, I would like the flyer. That bra thingy sounds pretty neat! I still have big boobs, YUCK, but at least now they're where they should be and I want to keep the bras responsible, in tip top shape!!! LOL!!! Ok, blushing like crazy!!!!

Emma's Kat said...

Kim- You're so silly! :P

OK - Cairo update!! I just spoke w/Karen and she is at Kathleen's w/Cairo, safe and sound!! Yeah! Rosie let Cairo know who's boss w/one of those long drawn out howl/growls. You know the one I'm talkin' about! But, they have calmed down and are keeping their distances. Cairo is also feeling better now w/her cold. So yeah for Cairo. I know Rosie and her will adjust and get along just fine! Be back later!

Larry said...

Hi All,

A wonderful day for the new kitty members and their happy humans. I really admire and respect all the time, effort, and energy you women put into pulling this off. Congratulations! Tammy is stunning!

This is my last post as I feel uncomfortable being the only male on here. The sentiment from my playful post on PDJ is that men shouldn't be allowed.

I agree. This way if you women want to talk about men, anatomy, bras, etc, you won't have a man around to comment.

Off to feed some feral cats.

Take care of yourselves, Larry

Larry said...

One last tip for your cats. The best quality dry food I've found is here:

Free samples too, as well as a pic of a kitten with blue fur!

Aloha, Larry

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the update on Cairo. Glad to hear Karen C made the trip, must have been a long drive.

Guess sometimes with cats it's not "love at first sight". I personally can't wait to see how they adjust -- Rosie & Cairo -- thinking about Missy getting a little snugglebunny brother or sister for me! Yeah!

Kim said...

LARRY! Please don't feel that way! We never talk about body parts and bras. It all started the other day on a Venters website and I made the comment about my, um, upper body. That's really all there was to that. Rose was just offering something she thought I might need. We're all honored that you're on the site. You've given great insight and helpful tips! It's good to get your input and hopefully more men will join our site. Please don't feel uncomfortable. We've been chatting together for months and so know each other. You'll feel more comfortable as you get to know us too. I'm sorry if I've driven you away with my distasteful comment.

Mumma in Tucson said...

KIM--It wasn't you-it was my flippant comment on PDJ...and then another one here.

LARRY--if I offended you, I am truly sorry. There is no excuse for my rudeness!

THREE CHEERS FOR THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES, and THEIR HUMBLE SERVANT; THE LADY CAIRO, and HER DRIVER and NEW HUMBLE SERVANT. This is a great day for the kitties, their "forever moms" and all of us. Pat yourselves on the back, ladies and gentleman!!

Emma's Kat said...

ML - What's this I hear about a brother or sister for Missy??!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

You know I still want another cat. I want my snugglebunny lap purr kitty! I'm going back and forth considering an older cat or a special needs cat (like Cairo) or a kitten. Maybe, since was a Momma Cat when she was found, she would take more kindly to a kitten. I dunno, but I can't quit thinking about it. Missy is and always will be Charley's cat. I WANT ONE, TOO.

Emma's Kat said...

Larry - Like my momma says, "If you can't take the heat, get your butt out of the kitchen!" No, for real though, I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable.

Kim - That is funny that we talked about boobs and um...willies in the same couple of days! LOL! But I wouldn't worry to much about Larry. I'm sure he's a big boy and if he can't handle the conversaion, well...he can refer to the statement above! :)

Larry - I'm not trying to be rude, sorry if it sounds that way, but hey!

Emma's Kat said...

Being that Missy was a momma once, she might really enjoy a kitten! I'm excited for you! It's always fun getting a new addition! I wish you were closer to me, my foster boy Zeblin is a dream! He is so lovey and sweet! He's a talker too. He sleeps w/me, enjoys tummy rubs...I could go on and on! Oh well!

Deb said...

Larry -- you are welcome on this site -- you just need a sense of humor & adventure :) !! Sorry if I scared you off! I love a man who loves cats!!!


Hey: Wanta do it again? My vet (ATTENTION ML) has the cutest kittens (about 8 weeks old) that need homes. I'm going to go and take pictures on Monday.


Deb said...

GOOD GRIEF -- I completely forgot to compliment Tammy! She is beautiful. What color are her eyes? Sorry I was so self-involved! Gotta love a girl with "cattitude"!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, my gosh, look at this. Kittens with an "attention ML". And Kat and I just talking about maybe me getting a cat of my own. Oh, if I could only believe.
As for the adoptions, I'm so ready to do this again. We have all those people out looking for homes, why let them go to waste?

rosie(insomniac) said...

....schnoort....WHAT A BUSY DAY ON THIS SITE!!!........I had to work this morning and I've been working so hard, I came home and slept from 3pm to 2am...yes, dear readers you have read that now I want to hear of all of the louche goings-on at Emilyrose's house...duzzaduzz......

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I wish we'd hear from Rose, bet she's having too much fun to stop and post.

And Kathleen. Where is Kathleen. Karen C?

I love Happy Endings!!!!

Larry said...

Sense of humor? I was voted funniest and best personality in the coolest, most diverse high school in LA. As a former virgin once said to me "Where do I begin?"

Visualise this. You're the only woman on a rock music site where the men are all friends who email and talk with each other . You do a tongue in cheek post on a sister site where all the same men are. The first man replies that perhaps we shouldn't have women post here. The second man chimes in "I agree.'

Would you feel a little uncomfortable
posting again? I'm the new tomcat on the block feeling my way around.

I had a break from work and was able to post this week. I'll post sporadically from now on. I'm a therapist and I've facilitated men's only and women's only groups. Taking the Heat Kat? Those groups got soooo Hot that clothes were coming off.

I'm also putting together my Man Detective seminars for women only. It's probaly 1 year away from launch and I hope to get on Oprah when it's rolling.

Cheers, Larry

casper's mom (Monica) said...

Actually Larry, I am glad you posted as I would not have known about the web site on cat care. Haven't had the chance to search it thoroughly, but found some interesting stuff. Thanks.

Emma's Kat said...

Rosie! Where the hell are ya when we need ya! lol

Kathleen said...

Cairo is here and everything is going okay so far. Thanks for all your good thoughts.

Deb said...

OMG! Larry, you know what they say about men with big egos? Big ego, small....well, I'll let you finish the thought! It is quite apparent that you are overcompensating for some shortcoming!

Rose said...

Hey everyone!

ohmygosh, I'm partly to blame, making comments that may have offended Larry. Hey Guy, really, I'm just like that. I should hook you up with my friend David, he'll tell you! I don't know WHAT he thought of me at first! I was "partially raised" by a brother I adored who is gay, and I'm so used to speaking with an acid tongue and in a saucy way that I forget straight men may think "What?!" Once I explained it to Dave, I think I STILL may have embarrassed him at times, but now he laughs and feels free to make remarks back to me! We have the best laughs sparring like that! I think it's great, your a therapist! I actually have a psych Dx of my own...My first and always will be favorite LCSW was a man, and I find I can NOT relate or get any work done with a woman! I NEED a male's feedback...I feel like we're all doing what Emily and Their Royal Highnesses and Rosie the Rose and Cairo are doing right now...getting used to each we think and post. Trust me, we wont post to embarrass you, that's not what we're about. And I don't think anything you want to post from a man's perspective could shock or offend the rest of us...I'm glad you've reconsidered and will still post occasionally, and the programs you mentioned you were working on sound great. A lot of us have brothers...lets all just be sibling-like! Dude, I was thinking of you this morning, I was thinking "I could really use a shot of Calms Forte!!"

So, onto things FuZZaduzz...
Nothing too Louche ( louche, as in douche, not louch and in couch...did I pass the pop qizz, Rosie? ;}...) has occured as of yet, even tho Brutus finds himself outnumbered by the fairer FuZZ (sound familiar, Larry?!). Emily was all fussed when I first placed the carrier down on the floor. I figured she couldn't possibly have made the kits out yet, it must've been all the scents coming off the carrier. There may have been canines aboard, as I heard pups vocalizing when I went in to claim my babies. I opened the door, thinking the kits would make their way out in their own time...Brutus was out like shot! Walked straight up to Emily who quite rudely spit in his face. He backed off as if to say, "Woah, chill my sister!" He proceeds to go off almost bouncing around checking everything out, then Marigold caught on that Brutus was out exploring, and came out to greet Emily, who also was spat at. I think marigold thought she was playing, cause she sat up and lifted a paw as if to swat Emily on the nose with it, than thought better of it and began following her brother around. They found Em's toys and quickly set about amusing themselves with them. Emily had a really pissy cattatude with me for about an hour, but we're cool now. The kittens are giving Emily her space now, but since we all woke up from our nap, seems Emily's gotten more interested in Marigold, and I can see them playing and friends by Monday. Em's attitude towards Brutus may take a little longer. Maybe because he has a strong puursonality. Won't be long, I expect, when I can try to snap a picture in time to capture a large black and white FuZZ being chased by two teensy ginger Fuzzes!

So, Danielle, are you learning from She of the Long and Multiple Postings?!!!

ML, what about one or two of those Kittens Deb mentioned?! Sounds like Providence may have opened yet another door...;P...GO FOR IT!!

Okay, want to go check on the felines, as it's become a little quiet...may post later...oh, SNL is on! Let's check that out!
If not tonight, than, Manana everyone!


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