Friday, June 23, 2006


Hi and Good Morning, well what can I say about the little (well not so brat.....he's probably about a year old and he adopted us when I found him outside one nite just about this time last year. He was just a scrawny little thing, and David was afraid that he had feline lukemia (don't think that's the right spelling but you know what I mean), but as you can see he has grown into a very big, healthy kit. His favorite thing to do is hide under the afghans that are on the bottom of our bed and think he's hiding (david calls him "cave kitty" or "troglodite"..LOL) He'll wait for you to walk past the bed and then lunge out at you, forgetting he's under the afghans and take one of them flying off the bed with him. It's just too funny to see this afghan running across the bedroom floor...I'll try to get a pic of him under them....especially when he has just his head and shoulders under, his butt is still sticking out, but he says "you still can't see me" I'm sure you know he rules the roost( well in his mind anyway). -Kathy from VA


Kim said...

OK, I have this really funny image of Onyx hiding, or so he thinks, with his butt sticking up in the air!!! How funny, I just love it!!!! He's very handsome and has very shiny black fur. That's the beauty of a black cat, that shiny fur! He sounds very fun and interactive. So cool that he chose you for his humans. I sometimes think that God will put these animals in place on the ground and then ring our inner doorbell! Do you get what I mean? How else is it that these babies know just where to look for us?!

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!!

momsbusy said...

kathy please get a pic of onyx with his head and hiney sticking out of the covers. i bet it is way too cute. he looks like he would be fun and mischievious kitty. he's so dark it is hard to tell much more than the outline of his body in the pic.

rosie(enters 'the zone') said...'s as if his FB's and his whole MZ* have come out of a mold.....PERFECT..............duzza...........

(*mouth zone)

momsbusy said...

i agree w/ rosie! perfect!

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! Onyx is a cutie! He looks like he's just been busted doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing! lol

Well, how's everyone doing? Everyone's ok here. Benji just walked into the room and he says "meow". My foster kitty Zeblin or Zebby as I've been calling him is adjusting so well. He came and layed next to me on the couch last night. Didn't want to be in my lap, just next to me. He rolled over on his back and he likes tummy rubs! And he has a fluffy tummy! Benji even came and layed in my lap while Zeb was laying right next me! Emma came over and they sniffed each other nose to nose and then Emma raised her paw like she was gonna pop him and hissed. Stinker! So I let her know it was okay and then she went and layed next to my hubby. Then! In a few minutes, Zebby got up jumped to the floor and went right to my hubby, meowed and jumped up and on his lap, got pets for a second and then layed right next to Emma! I thought sure she was gonna pop him and get up, because Zeb was facing her and only like a foot away from her! But she stayed and acted like she liked him being there! Btw, Zeb and Benji just caming barreling up the stairs...Benji chasing Zeb and around the room and back down the stairs again! So cute! That's the first time they've played! I should be able to get pictures of him tonight. The Hubby said he'd bring the camera in tonight! :)

Deb said...

Hi! Sorry that I have been incommunicado. Had to have the final touches done to my teeth yesterday. Four hours in the dental chair. Not Fun. Finally getting the feeling back in my mouth. Still sound like Daffy Duck when I talk! I am going to get all the details "ironed out" regarding the kittens' big trip tomorrow! Love this kitty, kiss the little "troglodite" for me!

Emma's Kat said...

Deb - I'm so excited for the kits...and Rose! Lucky duck! So, do they fly out today or tomorrow? They will be in my prayers for a safe and stress-free trip!! I know they'll do just fine! How's the head Deb? And foot!?

danielle said...

This guy is cute he belongs in the midnight club. Is that what you call it? I would love to see him doing his thing.

Yeah for the kitties gooing home tomorrow. I will have them in thought and prayer for a safe flight.

Good for Zeb Emma and Benji. Thats good it works out like that.

Deb finally over? Hope it goes fast and painless for you.

Good morning Fuzz Family.

Kim said...

I too, will be thinking of you, Rose, and the kittens. Hope your mouth is feeling better today Deb!

Hey, speaking of Rose, I didn't see her here yesterday. Anyone hear from her? I know she must just be beside herself, waiting for tomorrow to get here! And Kathleen gets Cairo tomorrow, too!! What a great day, we'll have lots to talk about over the next few days!!!!

Kat, it really sounds like Zeb is making himself part of your family! Of course I've told you what I think! Seems like Zeb knows what he's doing too, he's going for the tough eggs to crack, Lloyd, Emma girl! HEE HEE!!! He knows a good forever home when he sees one!!! So you know I have to say it again, you have your next new family member!

momsbusy said...

kat - have you noticed that for the last 3 of 5 days there have been black cats?

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!!!!

Onxy, ah, what a very handsome black kitty. he does look like he got doing something he wasn't suppost to be doing.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Kim said...

OMG!!! There are two pictures that y'all HAVE to see!! The first is on Cute Overload! What an amazing shot!! Scroll down to the duckling that is jumping out of the water to catch a fly. Truly an amazing photographer! Next, and I know many don't like this site, but go to Stuff on my Cat and look at the first picture of Duncan! What an adorable picture!!! These photos will really make you smile!

Loa said...

He is so cuite and not a BRAT just a baby i just love black cat's so give him a squeeze for me

donna said...

Morning all,

Hi Onyx! Another wonderful, beautiful, black kitty. Sigh, black kitty heaven.

Onyx sounds so mischevious, I love it. I've seen Wiley try to hide under the bed but her "hiney" is still right on the edge for all to see. It is quite cute.

Like y'all, I'm looking forward to hearing about the new kitties going to their forever homes this weekend.

riquel said...

Onyx is beautiful!
It looks like you caught him in the middle of doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. He has that "Who me?" look on his face. Too cute!

Good morning Fuzz Pack!

Gheeri's Servant said...

oh, that's such a great story! What a little imp!
Of COURSE he has to be part of our Midnight Club! We are QUITE partial to the blackies!

I hope you CAN get a pic of him doing that... what a clown!

Good Morning everyone!

casper's mom (Monica) said...

I have noticed a lot of you in the fuzz pack have black cats. Like Kim said I bet it's the nice shiny fur. Actually, I think they all look like black velvet, just like Onyx here. Most of them feel like black velvet. Our son has an all black cat and that's the way he feels. So nice to pet.

I have a picture of Captain Casper's butt hanging out from under a rug, probably thinking he's hiding. Also have a picture of Cleo peeking out from the same rug. They sure like to play with that rug when it's down. I usually have it down by the back door during the rainy season. Onyx, it sounds like you are a real character, keep up on the funny stuff.

danielle said...

Monica you MUST send me that picture!

Emma's Kat said...

Yes, Monica, we'd like to see it!!

momsbusy said...

kat, i just ck'd out the pics on the flicker link for junku. love the aerial cat photos. some of his cats are japanese bobtail mix. that's the reason for the shorter tails. full blood bobtails have the cutest tails. i keep hoping someday to be owned by one. *sigh*

Mumma in Tucson said...

"Who, me? It wasn't ME. The dog did it!"

Onyx is a very handsome boy, and looks like there is brat-cat in him. We have The Thing Under The Bed. Meepsie loves to attack our ankles from behind the dust ruffle.

Well, we finally got a little break in the weather-- it only got to 95 yesterday! I am having fun, running around with Mother and visiting with old friends.

Karen C.--have a safe trip with Cairo, and congrats to you, Kathleen.

Deb, Rose, Brutus and Marigold--my thoughts and prayers will be with all of you, also, for a safe flight and a happy homecoming. I am SO excited for these kitties and their forever humans and new sisters!!

Rose said...

Hello FuZZ Family!!

Hey Kathy, Onyx is really a handsome dude! A bit of a clown, but I'll bet in another 8 months or so, he'll just get "Too Sexy for his own self"! Black cats strike me as very sensual...I'm always reminded of Jaguars when I see one. His coat does look like plush velvet. Give his Butt a pat for me next time it's stickin' out from the afghans!!

I've been taking note of how many of my FuZZ family have been "found by their CATS"'s like the cat/kitten had some sort of GPS for Good Souls!

I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! *sigh* no, my radio station didn't give me a key to a car and movie tix...(remember Danielle, I get your old car WHEN you win your new one, right?! :P What make is your new car again? SO not teasing!) Let's see, it's 11:45a EST as I write, so that means in roughly 24 hours my Jetsetting FuZZ should be making their final approach to New York-Newark Int'l Airport...
I e-mailed Deb last night...I was monitoring the weather reports and flight delays on the FAA site and worrying myself into a lather. Seems there's something of a stationary front forming that extends from Mass. down through NJ and through the southeast to HOUSTON! I'm so worried Lady Marigold and Brutus (Rosie, my copy of Burke's a bit outdated...what's Brutus' title?)
will have a "bumpy ride" all the way up. I'm worried about delays.
I'm worried about what the pilot's middle name is. I'M WORRIED! Thank you for your prayers for their safe journey! It's comforting to me knowing you all have us and Cairo and Karen and Kathleen in mind! Poor Deb, though: migraine, foot with stitches, extensive dental work AND travel agent to the FuZZ, then there's mom to 2 beautiful young women and add'l "odds and ends"!
Deb, you are a very gracious Lady
and I'm thankful to know you!

Caught Emily doing something strange this morning. The A/C in my bedroom is installed in the wall, and actually blows right into the bed (LOVE it!). Anyway, I noticed she was sitting very erect (like Onyx is in the pic) facing the A/C. She would open her mouth than lick, repeatedly each time her head would inch upward, than when her face was looking up at the ceiling, she would yawn...then repeat the whole process!?! I watched her do this for about 5 minutes, and I had to start laughing at her. She turned her head and looked at me, like "wassamattawichu?".
Her life is about to be enriched in a little over 24 hours from now... aaaaaHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Who was it that apologised for having a long post yesterday, and , like I think it was a paragraph and a half? Was it you, Danielle? Well, observe the Queen of the Long Post !! Rosie is actually the Queen of all things Fuzzaduzz, but long posts? It's me and GS, neck to neck!

Okay, I have more, but I'm gonna look at the Faa and Noaa sites again...

WILL Chat later!!

Expectant FuZZmother Rose

p.s. found the site Larry mentioned, it's GREAT! will DISCUSS next post!

Karen C. said...! The pilot's middle name? You're too funny! Are you going to be at the gate with one of those signs that says WELCOME BRUTUS AND MARIGOLD? When my daughter came back from England last summer, I was going to make a cardboard sign saying LAFAWNDUH and hold it up, but then I thought she might be embarrassed, so I didn't (anyone else like Napoleon Dynamite?).

Onyx, you're gorgeous. You look like a boy version of my Midnight, who's also a one year old attack kitty. I'm glad you found such a good home!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, things are getting so exciting here. Just think about tomorrow! Yeah.

Deb, what is this about foot and stitches, did I miss something. I was still on the migraines and root canals.

I want pictures of Captain Casper's of all people, with Missy and all...! Thanks Danielle, Jake is absolutely adorable.

And Onyx is just stunning. I love black cats anyway. Look at that face, with those chiseled features. I'll bet he's a little rascal, though.

Rose (waiting impatiently and worrying -- the pilot's middle name???), I think almost all of us were picked out by our cats. Isn't that neat?

Okay, what are the plans for tomorrow? Karen? Deb? Rose? We (me!) want to know the details.

Larry said...

Hi Fuzzlovers,

Onyx is a very cool, funny, beauty.

I was last to post yesterday so no one saw it. Here's the jist:

When your pet is stressed or has to go traveling to the ignorant vet, then give him/her WALNUT FROM BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. Put 10 drops in the water dish, and if possible 2 drops in the mouth twice daily. The stress will now be minimal. Our cats were able to travel across states without any problems.
This site will get you headed in the positive/healthy direction for your kitty. Thankls Rose for checking it out. I hope the rest of you Fuzzpackers will too. Go Ladies!

Cheers, Larry

momsbusy said...

larry - fyi most of us check the posts we missed from the day before. thanks for thinking about us though.

Emma's Kat said...

Larry, Do you have kitties now? And names and descriptions if you do, please? :)

momsbusy said...

don't forget pics!!!! if you mention them you must send pics of them.

danielle said...

Welcome back Larry! Or should that be Kotter?

Rose you are too funny. Yes that was me about the long comment. I see nw I have nothing compared to you. I have to go surf now I'll be back.

Deb said...

Hello Fuzz Family. Onyx is beautiful. Okay, Marigold and Brutus are set to fly out tomorrow via Continental Flight #052…Departs 7:55a Arr 12:35p Boeing 767. They will be hand carried on the flight and hand carried off to meet Rose. First Class all the way! Rose is picking them up at the airport via a towncar. Spoiling them? OF COURSE WE ARE! I'm sending a camera with them so that Rose can take pictures for us. I'm so excited that they will be with their Forever Family! I will miss them, but they belong with Rose & Emily :)! As to my health, I'm better today. Dentistry all finished -- thank goodness. Stitches from foot removed -- thank goodness. Migraine much improved -- thank goodness. BOY AM I A MESS OR WHAT :) !! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes! I'll let you know when the babies reach Rose! Prayers for a safe trip!

danielle said...

All that good news!!!!! So glad for everyone.

Make sure every picture that can be taken is. OK?

Emma's Kat said...

GS - I found another site called cats and music It is , I believe. All need to check it out! There is a beautiful black kitty as the header of the page to boot!! And, if you hadn't already guessed it's about kitties! I just thought everyone would be interested in the stunning, I must say, picture!

Emma's Kat said...

I figured I had it backwards!! It's !! Sorry!

Rose said...

Hi Guys!

Okay, the latest weather reports seem kinder, and I'm not stressing TOO much at the moment. I believe the power of good wishes, thoughts and prayers will follow that Continental flight all the way from Houston to Newark, really! I am a "Weather Bug" and love exciting weather systems. Normally, I'd be wishing for a "nice storm"!! It's like God's Special Effects for a Celestial Rock Concert! But, I want a smooth as chiffon pie ride for my babies. They're going to get that, too. Even if I don't find out the pilot's middle name! I've heard that pilot's always say God's their co-pilot - He's in the union, y'see ;)
I called the limo service to make the appointment earlier today. I'd been calling this company with all sorts of questions for the past 3 days or so. He remembered me straight away when I called, gee, wonder why...!

Sent David an e-mail to let him know that by the time he gets back from his mini-vacation weekend, he'll have a new FuZZ niece and nephew! Emily LOOOOOVES her "Uncle Davy". Last summer, Emily was greeting him in her usual walk-under-his-chin-keeping-tail-in-his-face fashion, when she detected something interesting about his right armpit. She started licking his arm, working up to his armpit. David didn't flinch. I said "that looks like it tickles" and with a straight face, he said "it does"! He figured it may have been his new brand of deodorant. Maybe it had pheremones in it?! Strange.

I think Emily definately knows now that "something's up". I've been going around trying to place throw pillows around for Brutus and Marigold to play around and/or sleep on, getting their dishes out, just buzzing around...I organized her toy box to make it welcoming to the FuZZies to look in. Everything I touch, Emily's inspecting!

I was on the cats/about/com site last night, and wondered where I might be able to get a better selection of Bach's herbal remedies, so I did a search. On the side where the "sponsors" usually have ads, one said "you can find it on eBay". I once misspelled a word doing a search, got a "not found" message yet I could find it on eBay! go figure. But, darn it, if you can't! Books, too. I've imposed a self-embargo on eBay until the fall. Got my electric bill, and it literally DOUBLED from the last 6 month's average! I did get an energy assistance check yesterday, just in time!

Has anyone come across the 2006 Catolympics.blogspot yet? Kinda cute!

I'm sorry I missed GS's trivia question! Glad Deb won, tho...who'd a thunk it, barnacles...;D.

Chat later!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Deb, ohmygosh, that is wonderful. What an iternary (sp?).
So glad to hear you are better, didn't know about your foot.
Are you going to take pictures of them right before they leave??? This is so exciting, they are going to their forever home the same day Cairo is going.

Karen C. said...

I was checking up on the Catolympics - it was really cute. My kitties want to go next year. Grr is hoping there's a catagory for Most Ferocious Growl While Destroying A Feather Toy.

Deb said...

Boeing 737
C 510…Departs 8:55a Arriving 1:35p

Sorry Rose, didn't mean to confuse you!

momsbusy said...

traveling mercies to all kitties & friends flying or riding to their forever homes tomorrow. *head bowed in prayer*

just remember we want lots of pics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very handsome boy! i'd love to see the pix of him hiding out under covers too...LOL!

casper's mom (Monica) said...

This really ticks me off. Every time I go to send a picture I can't find it. I will send Casper's behind as soon as I can find it. I guess I took the pictures with a camera as I have been all through the digital pictures. I promised GS a picture of a fawn by our bird bath getting a drink.............I can't find it. So I told her I would send a picture of a fox by the bird bath in it's place.................I can't find it and I just saw it when I was looking for the fawn picture. Disgusting. Oh well, when I find them I will send them.

I will be thinking about all the kitties and Karen C as they make their trekk tomorrow. Prayers going up. Also prayers for you Deb that you will feel real good and soon.

Mumma, Hope your nice weather holds out. It was 112 in Red Bluff today. Thank the Lord for A/C

Karen C. said...

Cairo update (almost midnight, but I'm waiting for my dryer to stop):
A couple of the kitties at the shelter had been sneezing, but Cairo was fine till today. She started sneezing and sometimes breathing with her mouth open, like her little pink nose was stuffy. I didn't know whether to take her to the vet here, or wait till we got to Kathleen's, but I finally couldn't take it anymore. She looked unhappy, so I took her in. Cairo was the best behaved kitty I've ever taken to a vet. She liked everybody and cooperated with the whole thing, even the thermometer. The gave me pills to take care of her cold and prevent a respiratory infection. When I got home, I set her in my lap, got out a pill, opened her mouth, put the pill in and she swallowed. As easy as that. Kathleen is adopting an absolute angel!

rosie(puritan) said...

......what sort of depraved people are visiting this site?......requesting pictures of Liptits' butt?.......disgraceful.......duzza......duzzduzz..........

Anonymous said...

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