Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is Blackie, our only girl cat. We call her our Halloween cat since she's totally black with not a speck of white on her and has big golden eyes. She was a very friendly stray cat and had at least 2 litters before she was caught and spayed by my sister. It seems like we've had her forever since she's outlived 6 other cats since we've had her and our best guess is that she's 17-years-old. She's still very healthy for a senior citizen and though she wants nothing to do with Bebe, Tiger and Pumpkin, she'll play by herself with her catnip toys and every once in a while will run full speed all over the room bouncing off the furniture "chasing fairies." She LOVES grass and Tiger and Pumpkin will wait and let her have first crack at the cat grass we grow for them. -Linda W./Honolulu, Hawaii


Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! Linda, I love the look on Blackie's face as she stares into the camera. Such a pretty girl too! And the picture of her eating grass w/Tiger and BeBe patiently waiting is priceless!! :)

Queen Blackie Fuzz

Kim said...

Oh Linda, she is so sweet! I love your description of her and your other cats. The picture on the right is also one of the sweetest pictures I've seen! She's the queen and is treated like such! You know, Oscar is the same way. He likes to be left alone by Simon and really doesn't play much, but he'll get going and chase "space invaders" through the house! How funny our fuzzies can be! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet girl with us!

Good Morning my fuzz family friends!

danielle said...

Good morning Fuzz Family!!!!

Welcome Larry! Glad to have you aboard.

I am very glad to hear about Amber and Kona. Please let us know if there are anymore details. Jake yet again drinking from the toilet. What can I do? I left him a bowl of water. He of course did not touch it. He is drinking though guess I can't complain. Still eating. He doesn't venture much out of the bedroom. Maybe a little depressed. I have a vet appt. Friday. I think I will also look into what Larry was saying. You have to see my venting site today. (pics)

That is so nice of the others to let Blackie go first. That gaze she is giving the camera is wonderful. She should be the spokes-cat for toys, food, really anything. Does her turn a brownish color in the light? The other kitties are also very cute.

Sorry for taking up soooo much space. Just in a talkative mood I guess.

riquel said...

Good morning Fuzz pack!
Blackie is a very pretty girl. I like the picture on the right wher the other two are waiting for her to finish so they can eat. That's how it is at our house, Munchkin is the queen and everyone has to wait for her. She is so bossy that if someone else is eating, she will nose right in and get hers, and the other one will usually walk off, and sit and wait until she is done. Talk about spoiled!

danielle said...

A friend of Oreo's mom is having surgury today. Check her out on his site. You can connect from one of my sites just look for Oreo.

donna said...

Morning everyone,

Hello Blackie! My, she looks so much like Maddie and Gheeri's sister.

Linda, how does the grass work? Do they keep trimming it down and it grows back up? Or once it's ready, is that it? They eat it and then you throw out the container and start over?

She's beautiful!

momsbusy said...

blackie is queen of her house and it seems everyone knows it by the pic on the right. love the facial shot of her. really nice. shows off how pretty she it. funny how royalty can seem so aloof at times but have such a silly streak when they want to. guess you gotta loosen up once in a while.

kimiko got a shot yesterday for her allergy. also antibiotics. way too many sores. gotta go back in 10-14 days for another shot (if necessary). she doesn't like the antibiotic. it's kitty versiion of amoxicillian.

LOA said...

LINDA Now this is love i love the black one she is a senior so she is #1 in the house i just love the respect they ar givinh her lol

katnippia said...

I just love Blackie in the photo on the left. With that look she is giving, how queen like. Well, atleast she has her household under control, hehe. Linda W. tanks for sharing your pics with us.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Linda, Your cats are beautiful. Blackie is so regal and stunning. Love the close up of her beautiful face and huge eyes. And the "kitty grass" photo is priceless, the other two cats "bowing" to her highness.
I grow grass everyday for Missy. Order it online, it's organic, left a link a while back for free samples.
I plant it twice a week: one for munching, one for backup. That way she always has beautiful fresh grass. The bigger the pot, the longer it will last. I use small pots and plant (usually) on Sunday and Wednesday.
Here's the link: to get a free sample (generous). He also has lots of photos and step by step instructions.

Cecilia said...

Blackie, what a sweet senior citizen you are. And you seem to enjoy you glass salad. Maybe that is the secret to your long life.

Emma's Kat said...

::pin dropping::

Emma's Kat said...

Did you'all hear that? It's so quiet! :)

danielle said...

I can only speak for myself I have lots of work. I will be on later. I did hear the pin.

casper's mom (Monica) said...

So cute that Tiger and Pumpkin waiting patiently for Blackie to finish first. Such a beautiful Queen of the home. You have a nice little family there Linda.

Casper started drinking water from the toilet for some darn reason. The lid is down at all times now. I heard from somewhere else besides Larry that dogs or cats drinking from the toilet is not good for them. Makes it hard for you Danielle since that's the only source that Jake gets his water from right now.

Right now it sounds like all our fuzzy friends are hanging in there. I guess that's all we can hope for and let the meds and prayers do their job. Moms, hope Kimiko gets better real soon. You too Jake, drink that water out of the bowl, O.K. Kona, how's it going for you today?? Amber is being a mystery for now, but at least she's holding her own, and things aren't as bad as they seemed before. Gotta go get my allergy shots, so will be back later. Have a Great Day fuzz pack.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Ha-ha, that's what that noise was, Kat's pin! Wondered about that.

I'm salvaging data off a crashed system, it's slow but important.

See you all later.

Am still so happy about Cairo, Brutus and Marigold making their treks to their forever homes. Nothing like that feeling.

Gheeri's Servant said...

lol, Kat... sorry I haven't been around. Got in trouble at work again. All my internet time is cracking into "work"time, whatever that is, lol....

What a great girl! I'm so glad she's still enjoying life at that age. LOVE the face she's giving you-same face my Gheeri gives me when I take pics...unlike Toby, who is a ham for the camera. I hope you have many more years with her!

donna said...

Kona is doing just fine. His appetite seems just fine. Dunno.

Mary Lynn, I did take note of that poopsiecat web site. I just haven't gotten around to sending off a self-addressed stamped envelope. I'll try to do that tonight.

Hi Blackie!

alohahelper said...

It's Blackie! Thanks for all the wonderful comments about her. She really IS queen of the household, though it's pretty funny when a toy mousie will go flying through the air and it's Blackie playing by herself! The boys will usually leave her alone but occassionally she will have a confrontation with Tiger. It's usually one trying to pass the other that turns into a staring match. Then a HUGE howl from Blackie brings everyone running to see what's going on.

And yes, Danielle, she DOES turn brown in the light. More so as she's gotten older. Cats REALLY don't show their age like dogs do if they're healthy.


danielle said...

I ask because Jake turns brown in the light and I was just curious if all black cats do that and why?

danielle said...

Hey Kat,
I have pins dropping at my site too. Both of them. I guess no one wants to try trivia.

Ella's Mom said...

Hi Everyone,

Blackie is a real cutie, she has such a cute face! That's so sweet how the other cats give her respect by letting her go first. She certainly doesn't look like a senior citizen.

Mary Lynn I'm going to send off for some of that cat grass, I bet Ella will love it, she's always trying to get to the grass when we go outside. Someone told me once that cats eat grass when they are sick. I thought it would make them throw up more too, so I've always been hesistant to let my cats eat it. But since all of your cats approve, I know it'll be fine for Ella.

alohahelper said...

Blackie LOVES her grass. When my mom is in the back watering her plants, the cats will wait at the door hoping that she'll bring in the pots of cat grass. And we DO have to clean up the occasional pile of thrown up grass. Ew!

Linda (Still getting ready to go to work. It's only 8:20 here.)

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Check out some of the articles on Poopsie Cat's website about the grass. Missy throws up, with or without kitty grass. Must be hairballs????
The reason I got the kitty grass was because she was eating my houseplants. I know certain plants are poisonous, so I quickly moved everything outdoors and found Poopsie Cat on the internet. Walmart sells containers of kitty grass for $4 each, but it is so expensive to buy like that. Missy uses about two per week. I have two clay pots, a bag of potting soil and my seeds -- a one pound bag.
With Poopsie Cat, if you buy a 1 pound bag you get extras free. Works out well.
I also bought one of the double litter boxes with the screen. Love it. Had a Rubbermaid auto box. Didn't leave it on, had heard scare stories about cats getting stuck, etc. Ran it about three -four times a day. But you couldn't throw it in the tub and scrub it out. Also, Missy is so large she overhung the box and sometimes went astray, if you get my drift here.
Does anyone use a type of organic litter? I am really into natural stuff for myself and pets. Lived on steriods for years due to allergies and sensitive skin, found some organic products and never looked back. The litter has perfumes and such in it, am wondering if there is something more natural to use????
Well, guess I made up for not posting so much it all is at once. Sorry, fuzz pack.

Emma's Kat said...

ML, There are a at least one if not more, types of organic litter. Check out PetsMart. I don't remember what they're called, but I know I saw them there. Well, going back to finish watching 8 Below and folding clothes! My son is not feeling well, so we're watching a movie. Be back later! :)

LOA said...

i know one thing that it save to give to your babys it is ROSE BUDS MY STEPPA LOVE THEM so i just my Roses for her lol

rosie(twisted tongue) said...



Karen C. said...

Blackie is lovely. She should be the Queen - I'm glad the others recognize that. The picture with the other cats waiting for grass is adorable!

donna said...

Well, our office is moving to a new location so I won't have access to the sites unless I'm at home tonight and tomorrow.

I'll drop in when I can!

Anonymous said...

The group pic is great-the practice of patience. Glad to hear that pretty Blackie is in good health.

For those who missed it please go to

This is the gospel for car info on all health care issues. Great cat photos too!

If you're cat is having physical/emotional problems, then they can be resolved quickly and naturally.
But you'll need to visit
and read, read, read.

Here's a concrete tip.
When your pet is stressed or has to go traveling to the ignorant vet, then give him/her WALNUT FROM BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. Put 10 drops in the water dish, and if possible 2 drops in the mouth twice daily. The stress will now be minimal. Our cats were able to travel across states without any problems.
This site will get you headed in the right/healthy direction for your kitty.

I've had 3 male cats and have experienced that males make wonderful cats. Unlike most men, they're emotionally available. LOL

Take care all, Larry

Anonymous said...

Blackie is a beautiful cat! and her "brothers" are pretty cute too. love the pic of them patiently waiting while the queen of the house gets first dibs on the grass...LOL!