Monday, July 10, 2006


Emily was found with 2 brothers in a dumpster at approximately 2 weeks of age, by the husband of her “foster mommy”. She was bottle fed with her siblings. I found her through a grocery store “bulletin board” flier. She was about 6 weeks old when I adopted her in 2004. She comes when called, plays fetch, hunts bugs, is a “faucet drinker”, and is adjusting to the addition of The Young Royals, Princess Marigold and Prince Brutus, quite nicely! She likes them the best when THEY chase HER! -Rose


Claire said...

Rose, your Emily is a beautiful girl. I'm glad she has adjusted so well to the Young Royals. A family of cats are so much fun to watch at play. Marigold and Brutus will certainly spice up Emily's life quite a bit.

Riquel said...

Aaaww. She is cute! I love her little black nose...she looks like Charlie Chaplin! She is so cute. I am glad she is getting along with her new friends.

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! I too love her little black nose. It lookes like a heart or a piece of kitty kibble, lol! She is beautiful Rose!

How is everyone this Monday, start of the new week? I'm still not feeling well. Gonna call the good ole doctor back again.

Riquel said...

I just read that you won't be doing the posts on the weekends anymore, and I am kinda glad. I harldy ever get on the computer on the weekends, so I don't check on the weekend babies until Monday, and then I feel bad cause they don't get as many comments as the babies during the week do. So now I can relax. HA HA.

Claire said...

I agree with Riquel, I don't check on the weekends either but truly appreciate the posts during the week, make the workday go by with lovely pictures and comments from the group. Kat, sure hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Emily. Yea. And I see you included her "louche" photo as well...note the tomcat on the porch. Hrrr-hmmp [clears throat for emphasis]. Note Emily's -- shall we say, pose?

Seriously, Rose, Emily is so cute and well worth waiting to see.

Know the Tiny Royals are bringing new life into your lives.

Kat, hope you feel better.

BTW, I also like the arrangement of the "free forum" on weekends. I too felt sorry for the cats posted, 'cause most of the time, they didn't get as many comments.

If you didn't see yesterday's post, I contacted the blogger support with detailed info on our problems. They should get back to me soon with a good answer.

Kim said...

It's OK now, I'm here! Sorry, I just had to do that. It's actually from an audible on Instand Messanger. Anyway, Good Morning Fuzzies!

Emily, you are so beautiful! And yes, she does remind me of Charlie Chaplin too, good one Riquel! Her pose to the Tom on the porch is tooo cute! I'm so happy to see her as the featured cat of the day!

Kat, so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well. I hope your throat stops hurting so much very soon.

DEBRA said...

Emily is absolutely stunning! She has real star power.

Kat I hope you feel better soon! Let us know what the doctor says. You always have your little kittys around to purr on you and make you feel better!

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

ROSE- HM, The Queen is just beautiful. I too love her little black nose. I'm so glad for all of you that she is getting used to The Young Royals! Wouldn't it be great if they all came with a "Pause" button? I love watching the Bathtub Racing Series. I haven't yet had a cat who didn't like playing in the tub.

Judging by the amount of "chat" yesterday, it doesn't appear that we need a new picture to get us going. Kat, you deserve the time off, especially now, when you are feeling so puny. Listen to Dr. Deb, and maybe your own doc too. My doc says that I know enough medicine to be a pain in the butt to him and a menace to the general population(LOL)!! I come by it honestly, grandfather and 2 stepbrothers are doctors; granny, aunt and stepsister are nurses, and I'm the family care-giver!

ML-if you are including snail-mail addresses on the roster, Kat has mine now. I'm with Kim, I don't mind the Fuzz Family having it, via e-mail, but I would rather not see it posted anywhere! I love watching your website coaching via blog, and I REALLY like the range of talents we have among us all! Damn, we're good!!

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Emily, you are a very beautiful kitty queen. I just love your lil balck nose. I hope you love your new lil young royals.

Kat- I hope you start feeling better soon.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What a nice surprise this morning! Queen Emily! She is so beautiful! I just love her markings & her eyes. I'm sure that Marigold & Brutus are keeping her on her "paws". Kisses to all the Royals!

GS: Need some info if ML & I are going to do our covert mission.

ML: Still game to play secret agent?

KAT: You need to go & see your doctor again. Strepp would have reacted to the antibiotics by now. What antibiotic are you on?
Take care!

I enjoyed the weekend free forum too -- but as always -- kitty pictures are the best!

danielle said...

I feel left out because I only checked on Sat sometime. I fell lost. Like stitch inh the movie lilo and stitch. When he says I'm lost while in the forest. Well anyway.

Good Morning Fuzz Family!!!!!!!

You are a beautiful kitty there miss queen Emily. You are allowed to do whatever you want because you ARE the queen. Very happy to hear you are letting the kittens become family members in your kingdom.

Jake has got to go to the vet for a (fingers crossed) final check up. He might have to have blood work done one last time. Maybe get food that is for all his problems. He is eating urinary food now. He is back to his old self when it comes to feeding time. YEAH.

Well I have to go for now. See ya soon.

Emma's Kat said...

I love the louche behavior in the one photo. I just had to post that one for Rosie! As far as the weekend goes, I think what I'll do, is start posting a new Kat's Korner on Saturday, instead of Sunday too. Wished I had done this sooner. Oh well!

Deb - Haven't called the doc, yet, but, yeh...don't ya think I would feel better than I do by now?! I'm taking Cephalexin which is generic for Keflex. I mean I woke this morning at about 4am and I was laying there, trying not to swallow, and my throat would like contract and release and involuntariy make this little noise!! Weird! So I got up and took some advil, cause my throat was so raw feeling. My throat feels better now, but I'm thinking it might still be the advil. Coughing like crazy too. I'm done being sick. Not trying to whine, just want your opinion Deb. Do you think I should call the doc, don't you think I should feel better than I do. I started taking the meds, Friday night. And yesterday I ran a low grade (99.6) fever all day.

Claire said...

Kat,I don't know about Deb, but I say, call and see what the doctor says, that is too long to feel that bad. At least that is what I would do.

Also, Danielle, glad to hear Jake is doing better, yeah!!!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Well, Kat, I'm not Dr. Deb, but I have heard that an antibiotic works in about 24 hours. If it's not better in a couple of days, you should definitely get back to the doctor. You might try calling them, talk to the nurse. They may just call something else into your pharmacy for you. They used to have some gargle, it was novacaine or something, RX only. It was in a real thick ucky base (glycerine, I think). Boy, did it work.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Here it comes...another MPD episode...

Danielle, so glad to hear Jake is better. Keep us posted today after the vet!!! Missy said she has some great purrs going for Jake.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

KAT: You definitely need to call your doctor. Keflex is a very good antibiotic, how many mgs. are you taking? The advil will help your throat feel better -- anti-inflammaroty, but with a temp, you should at least talk to your doctor. Did he suggest a antibiotic shot -- works faster than pills.


Rose said...

Hello My FuZZ Friends!

"Virginia, there IS an Emily..."

I loved her louche postering for her street punk! I tried to get on the floor and crawl like a Marine to get closer shots, and I missed one of Emily laid out flat on her back. :{ She MUST have some Tabby in her somewhere! HM The Queen would like to thank her loyal subjects for their admiration.

Last night when I went to bed, for once the kittens didn't wake up to follow me, and Emily hopped on the bed. I was sitting on the side of the bed putting my compression garments on, and Emily got closer and closer and let me pet her the longest time. At one point, I think she wanted to crawl into my lap, which I didn't have at that moment, sitting side saddle on the bed. She started to purr and seemed to be really enjoying herself, and then I tried to scratch behind her left ear (her right side was against me) and she growled real quick and bit me lightening fast! I don't know if she does that because she gets over emotional or what?! The spot on her nose, to me up close, looks like a heart-it covers her entire nose.

One day she was playing tag with the Young Royals, and the young'uns were on my couch, Emily on the foor swatting at Brutus. Instead of Brutus swatting back, MARIGOLD was batting Emily quite hard- 'yknow, where you can hear "thump". Four or five times this went on! I thought it was hilarious!

Kat, I'm concerned about your sore throat, too. I used to get a lot of strep in College. Great thing for a Voice Major...anyway, there was this one time when I dreaded swallowing because of the pain, too. I would start worrying about the airway becoming infected too. Strep is such a hard thing for the body to rid itself of. Until you talk to the doc, my voice teacher Suzanne would tell me to use honey-just let a spoonful drizzle down, it's a natural anesthetic (sp?), have extra in tea, not too hot, though, and use baking soda in a gargle instead of salt because she said baking soda was less abrasive, I guess she was speaking as an Opera Singer...also, she always told me to have Ricola Herbal drops around, and to keep my throat covered...that wouldn't draw TOO much attention in July, right?! But y'know, all that WAS soothing. HOWEVER, you need to check with the doc or pharmacist about the antibiotic you're on, because advil is great for dulling the pain, but when it wears off, your pain comes back and that's the body's signal it's not happy. Not to scare you or anyone else who might get strep throat, but when I was in 4th grade, I had a strep throat as school was letting out for Thanksgiving break. I got Rheumatic Fever within days, and didn't return to school until Easter. In my 20's, I had a great PCP who wanted an ultrasound with my history of Rheumatic Fever, and they did find MVP. Now, the docs can hear it w/a stethoscope (sp??)
I'm not sick from it, but I have to get a yearly ultrasound. Moral of the story-CALL THE DOC! Like Mary Lynn said, the nurse may just call something in and it'll work better for you. FEEL GOOD!

Oh jeez, I am on a roll today. Haven't posted much in days, have a lot backed up!

Hi Kim! How's Sean? Hope he's feelin' good today. For some reason, I got a copy of "Elle" magazine in the mail-have to look for the invoice to write cancel on, last thing I need is a fashion magazine. But I thought of you. On the cover, one of the featured articles is "Perky Breasts...The Latest Breakthrough"...Why didn't you tell us Elle interviewed you??!
You sly one, you!!!
So, tentatively our First Ever FuZZ Family Reunion is slated for July, 2007, right? I'm looking forward to a trail ride! We've GOT to go on a trail ride! Oh please, please, please????!!

Sorry, too much coffee...

Okay, allow me to form more opinions and commentary, and I shall be back...

Kat, THANK YOU for posting Emily!!

Ella's Mom said...

Had a few minutes before I leave work so I thought I'd post. Emily is adorable! Thats great she's getting along well with the other royals. I was hoping to have my computer set up by now so I could update Ella's site, but no such luck! I finally got everything I needed (so I thought) and spent most of the weekend trying to get it going and now it won't work at all, I can't get any power! I am so frustrated. Guess that's what I get for buying a used pc.
Anyway I have a Smokey update: I went to visit with him Friday, he's still as sweet as ever and he'll be coming home with me tomorrow! I'm so excited! They haven't tested him for FELV though, they will before I come pick him up. He's got a clean bill of health otherwise, so he should be fine I hope. My mom wasn't very pleased, she still doesn't think I can get the two to get along, but I'm sure I can if I take it slow. Well I gotta go finish making preparations for my new arrival *LOL*
Kat take care of yourself and I hope you feel better.

Karen C. said...

Emily is so cute! I love the little black nose. What is she wearing in the picture on the left? What a pretty kitty!

Kat - I used to have strep about 3 times a year, and the antibiotics ALWAYS kicked in by day 2 - and I have the metabolism of a slug. Call the doctor and get something that works for you. I've heard that if you don't take care of strep throat, it can adversely effect your heart. Is that right, Dr. Deb?

Karen C. said...

Lisa and Ella - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And yay for Smokey getting a real home!!!!!!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Emma's Kat, I fink the disappearing text is only wif this template from Blogger. I've seen it at ofur sites, all wif this template. Also, if you use Firefox insteada Explorer, it works right. So, you might try a different template if it's not too much hassle. We haven't tried changin our whole template.
An Emily is a cutey. So lucky she was saved!

jess said...

Emily is gorgeous! i'm glad you rescued her!

that's funny how she fetches and drinks from the faucet. i have a few that do that too.

and great that she is getting along with the other kitties. anything is possible with love and patience.

Claire said...

Lisa and Ella, I'm so excited for you. Glad Smokey is coming home with you. Good idea to take is slow and let the scent of each cat be sniffed by the other-they are less strange then.

Kat, hope you got through to the doctor or nurse. All this advice is very good.

Rose said...

Hi again!
Just a quickie...
Karen, I meant to explain what Emily ws "wearing" in the first picture. I'd just gotten a coffee grinder from eBay, and it had this circle of bubble wrap around it. It didn't look dangerous and I was in the room, so I let her play with it. She slipped it on somehow, and was going around the Apt. with it's good she didn't panic, but I had to get it off of her, there was no way she was going to slip it off herself!

Ella's Mom- Congratulations on adding to your FuZZ family! I think it was Deb who told me that once Emily realizes the little Royals were STAYING, she'd get used to it! I'm sure the same for Ella. I would imagine if Ella has too strong an opinion it may be because she smells the vet's office on him.

Since this IS Queen Emily's Day, I am obligated to add further comments today...wonder if that absolves me from MPD?!

chat later

danielle said...

Did you call the doctor yet????????
I am fortunate never get strep. I can be around it but just won't get it. I get stuff like bronchitit, kidney stones and my fav. blood clots.

LOA said...

NO POST ON WEEKENDS THANKS IT LEAVES ME LONELY W MY COFFEE HAHAAHAH love this littel kitty and her nose i want to squeeze her and i can see she likes plastic

Kim said...

Kat, ditto everyone else! Get your butt to the Doc! Take it from someone who knows, if you feel like something is not working and that maybe you should revisit the doctor, THEN YOU SHOULD!!! That's your inner voice saying that you need to seek more medical attention.

Ella's new sib will be home soon! That's so great!

Rose, most people have expressed a need to set the reunion for sometime around 2008. Sorry about that, and my FF gathering site is almost finished, but at least more people can come this way. I want to meet ALL of you!!!

Rose said...


Oh, Okay Kim, actually 2008 sounds better...get to save for more decadent spa treatments...I wonder what they mean by "two simultaneous 90 minute massages"? And it's only $5.00 extra for Aromatherapy..The Campfire Wagon Tour sounds great! All sorts of activities for the kids! And under "complimentary activities" they mention "animal croquet"

It'll be worth the wait!

Karen C. said...

Loa - If you and your coffee are lonely and in need of weekend pictures, I could e-mail you new pictures of my kitties every Friday night!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I want Friday Night Kitty Pictures, Karen C.

Did you all read Victor Tabbycat's post above...the the problem with the disappearing text is the template. Something I suspected and questioned in my "letter" to support. I really trust (and appreciate) a thoughtful tabby's perspective on this problem. Thanks, Victor.

Karen C. said...

Kim - What length of time are you thinking? Weekend? Weekdays? Several days? See, I can't take a vacation from work - not at all. I could possibly fly in for one day, but only if it was Saturday.

Karen C. said...

I think Victor is a very purrceptive feline!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

You are right, Karen C. Victor is very purrceptive, much more so than the blog's tech support! Again, we thank you Victor.

Kat, have you called the doctor yet?

Emma's Kat said...

Well, since taking the Advil this morning, my throat is still feeling pretty darn good! A little scratchy, but I'm assuming it's from the coughing. So sick of coughing. And, my low-grade fever hasn't come back either, so...::knock on wood:: I'm feeling much better! Maybe it just took longer for the meds to kick in.

ML & V. Tabbycat - I'm just afraid to change my template! I'm wondering if it would affect my links etc.?! Going to go check things out on blogger now.

Karen C. said...

Psssst! ML - do you think Kat's ignoring our advice? Should we call in reinforcements? Dr. De-eb, Dr. De-eb....what do you think of this situation?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I've got a testsite set up still, I'm going to select this template, add some junk to it and see if it changes. I've been afraid to change Missy's template as well, know you [Kat] are scared to mess around with this one.

BTW, Kat, is that a NO answer to our question???? If it is, you leave us no choice -- paging Dr. Deb -- Dr. Deb, Stat.

Emma's Kat said...

ML - I just went to change my template and it gave me a warning message that all customizations would be lost if I chose to change the template. I can deal w/the disappearing words until hopefully blogger figures it out!

Yes, Karen & ML! The answer is no, I didn't call the doctor. But, honestly, I'm feeling much better, except for the cough. Honest!

Karen C. said...

Kat - The question is this...How do you feel when the Advil totally wears off?

Emma's Kat said...

The last I took was 3 Advil at 4am. Honest! :)

rosie(la louche!) said...

....lalalalalala....Emilylalouche! last the 'honourary' Louch Tabby!.....I can almost see she has PTP's*.................I agree, 2008 is more realistic..especially with Bagheera loosing her job....she will have to take time to get settled again and we all have to save etc......

*puffy toe pads

Cecilia said...

Emily you are so sweet and a nice lady to allow the royals to share your home.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi! Sorry, I've been out running errands in the lovely Houston weather today -- only 104 degrees!

KAT: Please answer the following questions:

1. Are you running a fever?
2. When did you last take Advil/Motrin & what mg.?
3. What is your pain on a scale of 1-10?

If you are still running ANY fever and your pain is above a 6, CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!!! He might need to change your antibiotics. What mg. of Keflex are you taking? How many times a day?

Worried about you---get back to me asap!

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

Emily may be sweet and nice, but I think the picture is the best evidence as to whether she is a "lady" or not!!

Yipee--Rosie is coming too!?! Somehow, I don't think the Ozarks will EVER be the same after this gathering.

Sorry to zap and run, Paul has a doc's appt. this afternoon. Nothing wrong, just a checkup, but I like to go with him. He can't remember what the doc said long enough to get home and tell me about it. Serious CRS* syndrome-- mine is a much milder case!

*Can't Remember S--t

Emma's Kat said...

Jan - You are too funny! I like that...CRSS. We need to make a list of our Fuzz pack abbreviations too, don't we?!

Deb - Answers to your questions:

1. No
2. I too Target brand Advil at 4am this morning.
3. 1/2 My throat is just kinda scratchy now from the coughing. Think I might have a touch of asthma that's making me cough. So, honestly, I'm much better. Thanks to everyone for all the good advice and concern. Love ya!

Btw, I too agree w/not having the reunion till 2008! Kim, let us know when your site is ready for commenting!

Kim said...

OK LADIES, the site is now ready for comments. Just click on my name for my blog site. I think I set it up right. Let me know if you have any trouble and I will run and hide! No seriously, I will get it fixed, with ML's help of course!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Kat: Okay, I'll back off. It sounds like you are doing better. But, I do suggest that you keep taking the ibuprofen for the rest of the day. Remember to drink plenty of fluids & rest. Sorry to be such a "worrywart", but the FUZZ FAMILY takes care of its members! :)

Yeah Kim! You did it. ML is wonderful isn't she?!

Queen Mother Rose: You are hereby absolved of any and all MPD's in honor of Queen Emily Day! Kisses to the Royals.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Uh oh...MPD coming...I wanted to make sure that the Fuzz Family knew that Sean had to have emergency surgery today -- shunt malfunction. Apparently, he is doing fine now. I know that everyone will have Kim & her family in their prayers -- they are certainly in mine!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Victor's mom here: This other cat blog, Animal Family of Singapore, has the same template and you can see her message in the upper right about the disappearing text problem. I think I'd try saving the blog to my hard drive, finding another template, then copying the customizations from one to the other. But I haven't tried it myself!
And Victor *is* a purrceptive and trustworthy tabby. His 'sister' Bonnie, on the other paw... Come visit us!

Emma's Kat said...

Thanks Victor T.!! You are such a sweet kitty! Gonna go check the site in Singapore out now!

Deb - Sean had his surgery last Friday. Not today!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Kat, I found some info on this problem in the Blogger help groups. It's not a lot of help, but confirms the IE vs Firefox theory. No solution, unfortunately. I've been using Firefox just because I'm learning to like it better.
Also, I love Animal Family just because there are SO MANY CATS! And they get along! My Bonnie could learn a thing or two from them.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi, Victor's Mom, Thanks to you and Victor for the wonderful research. I had seen the topic about problems in IE (but not on Goggle). Had no idea anyone would offer something that malfunctioned when used in a Microsoft product, which is pretty much the industry standard. I want to try Firefox, just like I have Linux running on a "test computer", but it's not something I think most people would do.
The task of porting a blog like Kat's over to a different template is daunting. I'll check with Microsoft and see if they have any mention of this in their KB. Again, thanks, you've saved me a lot of time digging around in the Blogger Help.
And I did check out Victor Tabbycat and Bonnie Underfoot's blog; the tale of the uprooted plant was too funny. To think I used to scan CNN and MSN News to relax. Ha!

caspersmom said...

Hi Queen Emily. You really shouldn't be like Cleo and bite your Momma. It doesn't feel good. It was really nice that you went to her purring though. So glad you are getting along with the young royals. You are a pretty one.

Kat glad that you might be feeling better. Although with shat has been said on in the comments. Sounds like a draw in how you should feel.

Dannielle, sure hope Jake comes back with a clean slate.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Kat: I'm confused. I got an email from Kim today & pics. Sorry about the mistake. I thought poor Sean had to have surgery again today. Sorry if I worried anyone! Did anyone else get to see the pics of this wonderful family? Sean, Duncan & Casey are beautiful children with an equally beautiful mommy! Kat, I'm so glad that you are feeling better. Just don't do too much too fast -- that is always my mistake!

Kim said...

Deb, sorry about the confusion. Thankfully, Friday was the only shunt surgery. He's doing very well so I'm not really concerned about a shunt infection. I think we're good to go. I finally got pics downloaded today and sent today.

Everyone, don't forget to post your comments about our Fuzz Family Gathering.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Okay, Fuzz Pack, with Victor Tabbycat's help, think I've got it.

The problem is in Internet Explorer nicknamed the "Peekaboo Bug".

Kat, if you are interested, I'll email you the fix I used.

Used it on Missy's blog. It did eliminate the disappearing-reappearing text problem. That's the good news. Ahem.

What's the bad news you ask? (Why must there always be a trade off?) The bad news is you are disabling the auto-positioning portion of the template, the part that "decides" how to arrange the pictures. You must do that manually!

Take a look at Missy blog, I just applied my "patch". The pictures are sort of askew. Won't be difficult to clean them up, just irritates me that I should have to do that.

Maybe Karen C's dad knows something about this, being a web designer. Guess we are all going to turn into web designers during our "blog experiences", at least if we continue to use IE6. Sigh.

Still, hey, we are CAT PEOPLE. As someone, think it was Rose pointed out, we are a bit smarter than the average bear. We'll tackle this in stride, won't we!

And again, many, many thanks & kudos to that astute and clever cat, Victor Tabbycat, for his (and his mom's) invaluable assistance.

Now if Victor (or VM) will share with us his stealth-like kitty secrets to embedding URL links in blogger posts, I will be extremely happy!!! Hint, hint, hint. I couldn't find a hack to get this blogger to accept anything other than the basic minimal bold, italic...think that was it!!!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Okay, check out my latest entry on Missy's blog and let me know if you have any display problems. Thanks.

Emma's Kat said...

ML - Left you a comment at Missy's site. Still disappearing! argh!

Karen S. said...

Queen Emily is just precious! She was so lucky to find such a good home. Glad to hear she is adjusting to the young ones. They will be inseparable soon. I love it that she plays fetch like a dog!

Kat-glad to hear you are feeling better. Being sick is never any fun, but being sick in the summer really stinks!

GS-sorry to hear about your job, Aren't you in accounting also? You'll find something soon--people always need accountants. Sorry to see PDJ go. Perhaps Deb and ML will be successful in recovering your property! I could email you my Sammy's picture again, if I had another email address for you.

Kim--good to hear Sean is doing well.

If the rest of my work week shapes up the way today did, I may have some trouble keeping up with reading all the posts this week. I will try to catch up in the evenings.

Rose said...

Greetings, One and All...

Queen Emily has had a most enjoyable day, and wishes to thank her humble subject, Emma's Kat, for providing a forum in which her loyal subjects could express their praise, as is their duty.

QEIII's humble servant, Rose, also would like to thank everyone for all the kind comments.

Goodnight, y'all and have a Blessed Day tomorrow!

Karen C. said...

ML - I'll be happy to ask my dad for his advice on this. He was out of town but just got back and e-mailed me asking if I could get them some Avon Skin-So-Soft, which Kat sells. Kat - Be on the lookout for my order.

I left work, went to the store, drove home, unloaded the groceries, then went to move my car (which had been running really well since its last repair) and it wouldn't start. Sounds like the fuel pump (or something fuel related) from the noises it's making. I then had to push it out from behind the building to the street and call the tow truck. I'm wondering which to do to get to work tomorrow - rental car, or 2 hours on 3 buses. Hmmmm. Such great choices.

I also read all about poor Victor and the plant. It was a great story! I've been reading lots of the cat bloggers' entries - they're great!