Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Hey! Beau here. By now all of you should know how I came to live with mom. She heard me, finally saw me annd took me. etc., so I won't bore you again with my story. I will tell you that I will be 7 years old on Nov. 5, and my gotcha day is approximately 3 weeks before that. I like blogging. I've made tons of new friends. I'm also an accomplished blogger now. I started out with just my blog, then added a separate blog for my archives and for mom. Now I am a contributing writer to at least 7 blogs! My latest is that I am doing a Sunday Sermon on the Pet Prayer & Praise blog. This keeps me very busy and tires mom out! LOL!! I feel VERY honored to be a Kat's Kat of the Day! Love, Beau

~Emma's Blog: Tuesday Trio Updates


Kim said...

Beau, you are one handsome devil! You sound very smart and I bet you keep everyone in line. Wow, 7 blogs, you're one accomplished writer! Maybe you should host the evening news, goodness knows we need better and more interesting reporters! LOL! It's been very nice meeting you, you beautiful boy!

Hello Everyone!

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning! I love Beau's kitten picture...those cute ears! And then the picture at the bottom...looks like he's humming the tune, "I'm too sexy for my fuzz"...lol! Beau, you are one handsome boy and a very good writer! Thank you so much for starting the Sunday Sermon on the PP&PB!! It's a great addition to the blog!

Btw, sorry about the jumbled pictures. I'm not thrilled about the arrangement, but Blogger doesn't make it so easy to arrange them. I just had to add the picture on the right though. For our DOF UK, Rosie, of course!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I second the motion of Beau for the Evening News.

He would far more interesting, much better looking, superior intellect, could do his own writing, and he would actually have something worthwhile to say!

That is a great picture, too.

jess said...

hey Beau! you are a very handsome guy. i love your baby pic... and like all kittens, you grew into your ears! you sound like a very smart guy too. the ladies love that! LOL! good luck with all your blogging.

i particularly love your nose! and your poses.....very cute!

Holly said...

What a handsome boy! Love that last pic. Pretty kitty!

Linda T. said...

Beau, your name certainly is appropriate for you are very handsome!! Love your Sunday Sermons - keep up the good work!

Hot(M)BC said...

Hey, it's our buddy Beau! Hi Beau!
Beau looks so handsum in his pikshurs. :)

The tummy slide is great! You'd mentioned ideas for a new slide sometime -- maybe Ears to You with cute ear pix? Or Pawsing to peek -- paws! those pink paw pads are particularly cute that some cats have. hehehe Kind of the Jungle pix? That's off the top of my head, but maybe someone else will have better ideas. But I had tos top and think about it so I could procrastinate from working. LOL
Have a super day!

Emma's Kat said...

Thanks for the great ideas Robyn. I am making note of them! I love the Ears to You idea!! That's great! Now...Back to work! Just kiddin'!

DEBRA said...

Hello efurryone!

Goodness it is good to see my good furfriend Beau! Isn't he a cutie? Beau you are so good to your Momma and she loves you so. We all love you Little Beau!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beau. I love the black spot on your nose. You are a cutie.

Rose said...

Our Dear Beau,
You are quite the intelligent, handsome fellow! We admire your skill at the Bean's English very much. We were wondering, would you consider being the Queen's Consort?

HM Queen Emily
The Royal House of Myres

Rose said...

postscript to Our entry above...We, too have a black nose...perhaps we are of distant relation?

HM Queen Emily

Kim said...

ROSE, that's a great idea! He would make the perfect Consort for HRM Queen Emily! OH,if they weren't fixed, the kittens the would have!!!

Beau, I really have to mention that I love your unusual stipe pattern. It's so eye catching and makes you so unique and memorable!

momsbusy said...

nose is oh so cute! love the bottom pic. what a striking pose!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beau,

I don't think we've met yet, but I just want to say you look like one cool cat!


Karen C. said...

Wow! I've seen little pictures of Beau before, but nothing like that bottom one - what a unique and strikingly handsome boy he is!