Friday, February 09, 2007

Clay Aiken Petty

This is the most handsome and gorgeous Clay Aiken Petty. As most of you may know, he is one of the Rhode Island kitties that Danielle rescued. With a lot of hard work on Danielle's part, and the generosity of many cat bloggers, Clay came here to Florida to live. His brother, Taylor Hicks, is not happy about this, but, we're hoping that one day they will become friends. Clay is just the sweetest cat ever. His fur is so soft and fluffy, and he has beautiful markings. He is so easy going, and laid back. Believe it or not, he never causes any trouble or gets into any trouble. He's quite happy just playing with his catnip mouse or catnip-filled socks. He also just loves the laser pen that Danielle sent to him. He chases that red light all over the place. He's so funny to watch because he can't get any traction and his feet are going about a hundred miles an hour, but his body isn't going When he finally makes it to a carpeted room, he can chase it much easier, and he's much happier. Clay loves to eat and isn't fussy at all. Taylor only licks the gravy off his food, and I used to have to throw the food away. But Clay is so good, he finishes up Taylor's food. Clay also loves Temptations. Any flavor will do. But I try to stick to the hairball ones and the dentabite ones. Clay is a joy to have here with us, and I'm so thankful to Danielle and all the others for making it possible to adopt him and make this his forever home. -BarbieLou

*Thank you Robyn for all that you do!!*


Kim said...

Good morning all!

Well hello Clay! You sure are a beautiful boy! It sounds like you have such a loving Momma and wonderful home! Isn't Danielle one of the best?!

Hooray for Robyn!

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning all! Clay looks so cuddley fluffy and soft and sweet! I love his eyes, especially in the photo of him on the purple blanket!

How's things going BarbieLou? Any progress yet?

Kim - Young lady, I have a bone to pick with you! ;)

jess said...


Clay Aiken Petty sure is a gorgeous fluffy kitty! and of course, i love his name as Clay is my fave singer! LOL! does your Clay have a great voice too?!
sorry to hear Taylor isn't happy about the scene...but hopefully in time they will get along. and at least Clay doesn't seem to be bothered by it, so that's a little less stress, right?!

thanks for sharing him with us. i loved reading about him!

katnippia said...

Good Morning Fuzz Family!

Clay Aiken you looks just to cute laying in front of the windows on the counter. He's a very handsome boy.

HEHE, Kim your in trouble, hehehe

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Momma maded a speshul graphic for Mom Robyn cuz we all love her.


Becky said...

oh my goodness what a stunningly handsome kitty! and what a great name!! clay is also my fave singer (can you tell jess and i are sisters ;) this gorgeous kitty looks so relaxed and happy! i love his story... thanks for sharing!

Karen S. said...

Clay is such a cutie with all of that fluffy floofy fur. I have to ask the same question I always ask about the fluffy ones. Does he like tummy rubs?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I love Clay! He's such a gorgeous and sweet big fluffy boy. I'm so glad he got a great home with you, Barbie-Lou. I wish I could have a lap full of Clay for a big cuddle.
Karen C.

Kim said...

Uh-Oh, me thinks me's in trouble. I better run and hide!

Shirley, you, too? My goodness, guess I some splainin' to do.

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally have a chance to get on my computer and post a comment. It's been a long, long time.
And there's my Clay in all his glory. Thanks for all the nice comments about him. He isn't trusting enough yet to allow tummy rubs, unfortunately. But he will sit on a lap and purr and knead. He is really soft and floofy. Glad you all got a chance to see what a handsome boy he is.

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

OOH, He looks like Flumpy!!! Clay is just beautiful--and I love all the floof. When he gets more trusting, those tummy rasberries will be fun.

Hooray for you, Barbie-Lou, you got a real keeper there.

KIMMMM--you got some 'splanin to do, girl!

Hot(M)BC said...

I'm slowly getting around to all the wonderful posts. Thank you so much :) :) It really means so much to me.
Thanks thanks thank you!
Love n "Purrs"