Wednesday, December 26, 2007


-cattitude calendar 2007


Parker said...

HaHaHaHaHa! Cute!!!!!!

Christine and FAZ said...

That kitty looks shocked by their own behaviour. FAZ

p.s. hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Artsy Catsy said...

Ooh, look at those big eyes!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

How cute, what big eyes.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Gina you are very cute!

momsbusy said...

oh my, caught red pawed!

emilyrose said...

OH! Gina!! Do Behave!! Have we been chatting with Our Louche Tabby, lately, hmmm?!

So how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was cancelled...and not by me!
My friend David made the usual Hughes Home for the Holidays invite that he does on all holidays, only now he has a *ahem* fiancee who makes plans for them. My first e-mail from him said "We'll meet at my mom's house about oneish, then head down to my Aunt Cubby's (I don't call her that, btw). I answer him, apologising I have no hostess gift or gifts for him or the faminy this year, because I'm beyond broke (does "borrowing" toilet paper give any hints?! My check doesn't come until 1/3. He shot back an e-mail profusely exclaming I don't have any admission to pay and that he hoped that wouldn't stop me from coming, BUT! BIIIGGG BUT!! Jo went and made plans to be with her cousins for the holiday and told them they'd be there at 2:30. Her cousin's house is an hour's drive from Dave's Aunt Cubby. Do you know, she's NEVER spent a holiday with his family, and it's beginning to vex Momma Hughes big time! Well, I wrote back I didn't want him spread out like - well, like horse manure and since he had about 20 minutes per stop at HIS families, I wasn't comfortable in going.
So, I took NyQuil and slept with my Fuzz all day. They didn't mind...I stumbled to get their Stinky Goodness on time, they were happy.
December '07 really sucked, and for ALL our sakes, 08 HAS to be better!
Oh, I was going to delete my blog before the NyQuil hit, so today, I'm thinking to revamp it - or as they used to say about Madonna, "Reinvent" it!
Well, thank you all for letting me vent...felt good! The last person I spoke to was my neighbor Maria when she loaned me a cup of milk (seriously!)
Hey! The Long Poster has returned!
Sorry, Kat!

emilyrose said...

pee ess: Kat, mistress of all things Bloglike...any suggestions of how to change the blog without losing too much? Maybe just change the title, template and start posting under the new identity???


Just like My Chemical Romance officially flatlined "The Black Parade", I'm about to officially flatline "Rose and the Royals"
........Good Riddance!........

michico*Adan said...

Wowww... That is super adorable~!