Monday, April 17, 2006

Danny Boy

Good morning all! This is my sweet angel kitty, Danny. This June will be 2 yrs. since he went to the rainbow bridge. He was diagnosed w/an aggressive cancer in January and by June this marble sized knot had grown to almost a tennis ball in size! A week after he stopped sleeping w/me, I knew he had had enough. One of the hardest things I've ever done! Anyways, he was a scrawny little thing, not quite 9 lbs. He always slept w/me,usually on my chest, gave me licks on my cheek/neck/hand/arm, loved to go for walks on his leash...I could go on and on. I loved him so. BTW, that is Marley as a kitten w/him. I will post Marley at a later date. -Kat


danielle said...

Good Morning everyone,
OMG he is beautiful!!!! I am sorry about the loss. He looks like he was lots of fun. I tried to get Jake and Spot on a leash but they just run under the car. Jake sleeps on me as well. It is so nice to know they love you as you love them.

I found out yesterday that if I didn't get Jake to the vet when I did he would have died. On the lighter side his catheter is coming out today and if he goes to the bathroom by himself he will come home tomorrow.

I posted this on yesterdays cat. (this morning I did)

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Good Morning All!

Kat, Danny was so beautiful! These are great pictures of him. He looks like a real character. The one of him and Marley is precious. The one of him in his "pose" is tops! What great memories you must have. He was lucky to have a human like you and you were equally lucky to have a baby like him. You'll see him again one day! :)

Danielle, I'm so happy that things are looking up. It't great that you got him to the vet when you did. Your update sounds optimistic. I'm sure he's sick of being away from home and will do what he needs to do to get out of that place! Cats are funny that way. We're all still thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

Danny was a handsome boy and you have some very loving memories of him, which was his gift to you.

Danielle, I'm so glad to hear that Jake is doing better. I know how much you love him. Please continue to let us know about his recovery.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Good morning.
That photo of Danny and Marley is just too cute...looks like they were conspiring about something before they were interrupted!!! You can just see that personality coming through in the pictures. Know you miss him, he was a beautiful boy.
Danielle, thanks for the posting about Jake. He was on my mind all weekend. Sounds like he has good care and will be home soon. Sure would like to see a photo of him.

Mom said...

Danny could be my Hagrid's identical twin. Don't need to send a picture

Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy he was. It is always hard to see them go. We have an old female Ainge who is now 19 and she is showing her age. It will be hard to see her go. She has outlived her son who was diabetic by about 5 years. She isn't in bad health. Just getting older. Sorry for your loss Kat.

Mom said...

During Hagrid's recovery from his bladder problems I gave him extra distilled water through a bulb dropper several times a day to make sure he got enough . It holds 2.0 ml

Emma's Kat said...

Morning, is all I'll say...I'll just leave it at that. It's just been one of those mornings. As my grandmother says "That's life!" lol

Anyway, ML, I'll be posting Jake in a couple of weeks. He's in line on my list to be posted! You can go to Pets Du'Jour and he is posted there.

mom, we would still like to see your Hagrid baby!!

And last but not least, thanks to everyone for the sweet comments on my Danny Boy. He's definately missed but we have lots of great and funny memories!

Anonymous said...

Kat so glad you have many fond memories of Danny Boy and I can understand why he is so missed. He is so handsome and he looks like he has a lot of personality. Love the picture of the two together. Also sorry to hear that it's just morning and not a good morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better morning.

So glad to hear the good update on Jake. Am still wondering how Oscar is doing? Is he completely himself once again?

Anonymous said...

Danny Boy looks so adorable. What a lover.

Hi Danny Boy!

That's also good news about Jake. My first cat also had urinary problems: crystals formed and blocked his ureter(sp?). Is that what Jake has? Apparently it is not uncommon in male kitties.

Even though Danny Boy is no longer physically here, we all know that he is still, in some ways, always here.

After my Hobo died, I had several dreams about him. But the dreams were like he was coming to visit me and then he would leave. They were not like "normal" dreams. Am I weird or something? A couple of years after he died, they stopped. As if maybe he thought I was OK then.


Meowmepurr's Mumma said...

Sweet Danny Boy! The great grace, I think, is knowing that we will see all our little friends again. Until then, it is sooo good to have all the fun memories.

It is good news that Jake is getting better. I join Casper's Mom in wanting an update on Oscar.

Meepsie's dog, Shep is getting old, and now spends his nights in the laundry room, complete with bed, blanket and pillow. The laundry room has a pocket sliding door. This morning(at about 2am), there was a mighty WOOF!! from downstairs. Since, like many of us, he can't always make it through the night without a potty trip, I went down to see what was happening. Well--there was Meepsie, squatted in front of the door.

"I didn't wake him up, Mumma. Just because I had my hanny-paws under the door rattling it shouldn't wake him up. He's old and deaf, Mumma."

As Kat said--Good morning all--

Gheeri's Servant said...

Hola everyone! Sorry I haven't been around here for so long. I have soooo many other sites to tend to ( I only have my PDJ and my website, but I have profiles and such on MANY sites that need to be updated, and messages to read) :::sigh::: Anyone else know what its like to just want to push it all away, then want it back as soon as you do??? Such is the life of an internet junkie. Too many kitties and InuYasha....::sigh:: I've been sighing a lot latey-I think I need a vacation.

Kat, are you having any probs? Why is it always only me? For some reason blogger is having a hard time picking up my pic for today....

BTW, the poor ginger cat! I love the pic of him sitting pretty. And what a pretty white cat! I hope to see more of him/her!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hello All! With Jake feeling so poorly I really didn't want to bring up Oscar. He's doing MUCH better! He is 100% his old self again, with one great exception, he likes his tummy rubbed a little. That's a first! He's back to going out back, watching birds and squirls (not chasing yet), and sleeping with me. He follows me around the house most of the time. The only thing is he sleeps a lot still. Yes, I know that cats sleep a lot. But Oscar would always sleep in whatever room the family happened to be in. He has decided to sleep under my bed during the day. He's eating, though not as much, and using his litterbox again. Our new nickname for him is ScarButt. I know that sounds mean but if you could see his fanny you would agree.

Thank you everyone for your concern! I appreciate everyone on this site. Thank you kitty family!

Anonymous said...

Once again.... I know how it feels to lose a loved one! I lost my aunt and tons of cats. Like my family lost this adorable kitten, Fiyero. He was hit by a car... it was his first time on the road and his last! He loved to cuddle! Well anyway I'm sorry about your Danny Boy ,Kat!

Anonymous said...

Puzzle Ring FUZZ.

Anonymous said...

Kim-- ScarButt? :-) I think we need to see this. Photo?

Kat1, we thank you and Rita for providing a place for our "ex-kittens" to be posted.

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures of a very sweet looking kitty. I especially like the one where he's sitting with all the legs in all directions!

I'm so glad Oscar is better and Jake is on the way to recovery. I love all the little fur babies!

Gheeri's Servant said...

Wow, I feel like the Easter weekend has made everyone so grateful and loving! What happened to everyone?!?! LOL It's gotta be those Peeps. Theres something in the Peeps that makes everyone mushy and gushy .... haha, [huggles to fur-family]

momsbusy said...

kat1 i know how you feel about the loss. somedays are good and somedays you can only cry. perhaps your danny boy had the same type of cancer as my mako. perhaps it is better not to suffer so long. it really makes you realize you must enjoy what is here and now. whether it is your pets or your human family. thank you for posting mako's pic.

i didn't get to log on yesterday as we had out of state grandbabies visiting and i had to enjoy them while i could. i almost cried when i saw mako's pic had posted and i had missed it.

i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your wonderful comments about mako. mako is the name my mom gave him after he wandered into our lives. it is japanese. but i don't know what it means. my mom had a problem with trying to explain it to me. sorry. as for his breed. we think he is/was a flame point himalayan. i found some pics of that breed and he looks almost like everyone i found. and yes that is a bag of popcorn. oh, his eyes were the lightest shade of blue i have ever seen. he walked like john wayne as a cowboy. exact same lope. LOL

glad to hear oscar is almost back to his old self. i, too, would like to see why you now call him scarbutt.

glad to hear about jakes recovery. i know you will be so happy to have him home. that was too close a call.

sorry this is so long.

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hi Momsbusy. I wish I knew your name. That was such a heartfelt comment and I am left speechless. I think you're a wonderful person and I'm so glad that Mako had you as a Momma! You're the special kind of someone who made his life worth living. I'm sorry that you missed seeing him yesterday but you had your Grandkids with you. You're right enjoy them while they're visiting. My parents get to see my kids 4 times a year if we're lucky. We live in Arkansas and they live in Southern Louisiana. We do our best to make sure they spend time with Grandma and Grandpa! Anyway, we loved the pictures of Mako and are so happy to have shared in his wonderful life.

Long comments aren't bad on Kat's site. We're all family and can relate. Thank you for sharing and being our friend!

momsbusy said...

hi kim,

my real name is shirley. i am glad you could relate to my comment. just so you know, kat1 posted my girl yuki awhile back. i am hoping she will get to post two of my other babies soon. one has crossed over the rainbow bridge but i still have the other.

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hi Shirley. I remember Yuki. The pretty white cat! I guess I didn't realize or wasn't paying close attention to the connection. Your kitty family is a beautiful one! Thanks again!
I'm off to bed but I wish you a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...