Friday, January 12, 2007

Kat's Korner >^..^<

*You can see more of the totally handsome and adorable Sugar Baby as he has his very own blog! Click here to check him out!*

Cats never strike a pose that isn't photogenic.

~Lillian Jackson Braun

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Anonymous said...

This is so true! Who's the kitty?

Good Morning and Good Weekend!

Emma's Kat said...

Good morning!

I'm not sure Kim. I give ya one guess who sent it to me! I'll have to ask her if she knows who this kitty is. The picture is looking familiar to me, but I can't place the kitty. Looks sorta like Luna, but I don't think it is. But he or she is very comfy!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

Now that cat is most definitely comfy-cozy. One of the many things that cats can do really good is get totally comfortable. The picture looks familiar to me, too. And it does look sorta like Luna.
Everyone have a great weekend. I'm still working on getting Taylor and Clay to get better acquainted. Not going so well, yet!!!

Emma's Kat said...

Barbie-Lou - I'm sure they'll get used to each other. It's just gonna take some time. Just keep taking it slow. Clay hasn't been there but a few days. Maybe try some of that spray stuff...oh darn! What's it called?! Feliway? It's supposed to calm kitties when they are in stressful situations. I've heard both sides, that it works and sometimes doesn't. It's worth a try. Maybe some catnip, although sometimes that makes my guys kinda snippy with each other. Like they don't want to share, lol. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, let me guess! LOL! Rosie would be my first and only guess. Hey, where has she been lately? She always makes me laugh or blush, either way, she keeps me guessing!

Barbie-Lou, it will get better! Just hang in there!

Emma's Kat said...

Kim - Rosie is having major problems when trying to log on to Kat's Cat!! Everytime she does she gets an IE error and when she clicks on the OK buttons, she get's booted off the internet! Robyn (hot(m)bc) is giving advice, but suggests that Rosie get in touch via phone w/her internet carrier. Weird, huh?!

Anonymous said...

And they say computers are suppose to make our life easier! So far they've managed to make my life more frustrating! Especially because I can't live without them!!! LOL!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

That is such a cute picture, good for a weekend, all relaxed. The cat does look so familiar...! Hmmm.

Barbie-Lou, you won't remember this, but everyone knows when we brought KC home how Missy threw a Big Hissy Fit. Literally. They are now finally sleeping on the bed together, Missy at my side, KC over by her Daddie Charley. They have even inadvertently (I think) backed into each other and slept that way.

Last night, Missy tried to groom KC's ears! From what I've learned here, that is a huge step.

Ask anyone around here, if Missy will make friends with another cat, there is hope for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I sure do hope that Clay and Taylor will get along well soon. Plus, I'd love to see a picture of both of them cuddled together - two big black and white fluffs!
Karen C.